#enemyofthepeople, #LiberalismIsADisease, #ThesePeopleAreSick, #WalkAway, Biased Left Media

#WalkAway ! #WALKAWAY !! YES PEOPLE! Girl Goes HARD on Hypocritical Left & Lamestream News Media

I think what we are seeing are the last of the remaining few who will come to their senses and #WalkAway before its too late. Finally taking the leap and abandoning the left and their accomplices in the press. And most importantly, for our sake, they stop being complicit agent actors. They[deranged leftists]use their equally deranged followers to blackmail the rest of us into compliance. We need to thin-out their army of brain dead “woke” soldiers. There are still a few left with the IQ’s necessary to make the jump, this young lady likely saved a few more souls.

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