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Biggest Coup In History Of The World In Progress Says Hidden King Of England

Great summary of insight into what’s really going with the British royal family. There is certainly a whole bunch of silliness going on behind the scenes at the moment.

I’m not exactly sure what this blogger was trying to say when implying that the people should have given their consent to this change. The entire point of “Royalty” as that the actual Royals are the true descendants of the original “divine” bloodline.  If Queen Elizabeth really is the daughter Winston Churchill, and a relative of the Bushes and other Cabal elites in that same, separate bloodline, then she has no business occupying Buckingham Palace and has got to go. The subjects of the British Empire should be ecstatic to get the rightful heir back into power.

Source: by. Indian in the machine | Posted in World Leadership Nudgings | June 28, 2020

Biggest Coup In History Of The World In Progress Says Hidden King Of England

I slowed down the footage to 80% speed, so that we can really soak in the message and energy… is this what the world wants? That the world gets pass around according to who is born to whom? What are you thoughts? What about what God chooses? Why not ask the people if this is what we want??

Donald Trump Drops Four Major Hints Queen E. Is Out, And The New King Of England Is In!

1. Stands in front of St. John’s with bible… new king is King John III.

2. Greg’s genes are good!

3. Walks in front of queen!

4.  Shakes hands instead of bowing!

donald trump queen elizabeth handshake

source https://www.insider.com/trump-meeting-queen-breaking-royal-protocol-2019-6#when-trump-met-the-queen-he-went-for-a-handshake-instead-of-the-traditional-bow-2

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