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Bill & Melinda Gates Died in 2013 According to Ancestry.com After Having Dissappeared for 7 Years| Compare Pre-2005 to Pre-2013 to the Present[UPDATED 6-28]

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th3inn3rlight.net gets all the credit for this, and a spot on my rss feed. Great alt news blog and love the innuendo about the different frequencies….

From the looks of it, someone[likely some scumbag intel agency]apparently replaced Bill & Melinda Gates with subservient-to-the-Cabal imposters, around 2005, and kept it under wraps until 2013, when the banks likely figured out what was up, stepped in, and took over as the puppeteers.

That’s my theory.

They did a very good job modifying whoever they replaced Bill with, as far as emulating the facial features. Both the original and current appear to be biological women. While Melinda appeared much more like a biological woman back in the day. I can’t even believe they are trying to pass that guy off as Melinda now.

The differences in Melinda are stark. They were essentially a lesbian couple back then. The man they used to replace Melinda with is outright embarrassing.

This was in 2003. She seems to be expressing the emotion of a human being, while Billy looks like a lizard-king fighting back the urge to tear the child into edible shreds.

This makes you wonder just how many other celebrities have been replaced. Should I rattle off a few? Gucci Mane, Dave Chapelle, Johnny Depp, Taylor Swift, Kanye West, and even Maria Abramovich herself. The deception is deep and the cloning is rampant, and if you believe Donald Marshall, which I tend to, then you know all the sick things they do with these clones at the center and they especially have no quams about snuffing you out if you get out of line and replacing you with a subservient clone. Just ask Mike Pence, wherever they have him locked up or buried & disposed of. Or take Yeezy for example. God only knows how many times they were forced to replace him.

Bill and Melinda Gates Died in 2013!

The Inner Light | th3inn3rlight.net | 6-27-20

You are not going to believe what we have discovered… looks like the Gates decreased in 2013. This is from Ancestry.com and it gives us enough info to start digging deeper. Thanks to a lively discussion in the Conclave today with an invited guest to get us looking into this matter – which isn’t really what we are looking for, but this was staring at us!

melinda gates afi

Melinda Gates’ maiden name is French. Her full name is Melinda Ann Gates (née French).

Born in Dallas on Aug. 15, 1964.

Her father’s name is Raymond Joseph French, Jr.

Melinda’s biographies across the web only tell us that her father Raymond was “an [Apollo] aerospace engineer, and her mother Elaine Agnes Amerland was a housewife.”

We can find no other background on Raymond French. Given Bill and Melinda Gates’ prominence in world healthcare, technology and politics, not to mention their commitment to depopulation, her silence about her father are suspicious. He was a contemporary of Robert I. Lieber, indicted Harvard nano-scientist Charles M. Lieber’s father who was also involved in radar, satellite and missile engineering for RCA/NBC and David Sarnoff.


We request your assistance in cracking the silence about Raymond French, his work, education, family heritage, etc. The Gates family is certainly hiding/censoring information about Melinda’s father Raymond Joseph French, Jr.

Some notes on Bill Gates. We are not drawing conclusions here, just pointing out some interesting timelines and videos for your consideration.

Perhaps this was the date of death on the certificate that was issued after Bill had gone missing for 7 years, after which he was pronounced dead. So we went back to July 29, 2005, and searched what was going on with Microsoft and Bill Gates at that time. This video (below) came up with a message in the description box:

“A presentation believed to have been made 2005/6 to DOD officials by a ‘scientist’ looking a bit like Bill Gates(!), claiming that research is being done to create a ‘vaccine’ that alters ‘Religious Fundamentalist’ behaviour.”

The lecturer in the video, claims the person who posted this on YouTube in 2011, is not Bill Gates, but his gestures, stature, voice, etc. surely resemble the Bill Gates persona that appears in today’s media. Could this man be a double for Bill and Melinda Gates, stepping in for Bill when needed… then becoming a permanent replacement for Bill when he disappeared?

Did the original Melinda also disappear in 2005?

If you find any videos of Melinda prior to 2005, please post them below.

If you have comments, information, links that are relevant, please leave in the comment box or send directly to us.

Leaked Pentagon / DOD Presentation For a ‘Vaccine’ (“FUNVAX”) Against Religious Fundamentalism(!)

To compare the men, here is Bill Gates on Tuesday, November 15th at the keynote speech. This date would be seven before his Ancestry.com recorded death date of July 29, 2013. Notice the similarities of this Bill Gates to the one pictured in the DoD presentation?

PDC 2005 Keynote with Bill Gates

This is Bill in 2004, prior to the Ancestry.com death date:

Bill Gates on Software Breakthroughs & Computer Science Education – MIT 2004

What else was going on with Bill in 2005 that is noteworthy?

Here we have Bill receiving his honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth.

“Gates said he was proud of what he called Microsoft’s “special relationship” with Britain.”

On June 20, 2020, our Cat Report included this:

A while back, we busted the Corbett Report as a propaganda site; hence we do not post his material without an explanation. (See this article on Corbett.) Apparently the Bill Gates video we posted the other day is creating quite a stir in the internet world.

Why would James Corbett be freaking out about this?

We agree with James that the man pictured is NOT Bill Gates, but have questioned whether it could be a Bill Gates proxy “practising” his role. We found it odd that Ancestry.com listed Bill and Melinda Gates as deceased in 2013. We wondered if this person who looks like Bill Gates, but is not, could be the Bill Gates that we have seen in the news since 2005?

Others are looking at what the lecture topic is about and think James is trying to distract you from what is going on in the lecture. Listen for yourself. Later B & T will be giving you an audio analysis.

Bill and Melinda Gates Died in 2013 according to Ancestry.com

This video is the expression of one patriot about Bill and Melinda Gates. Take what you need from it, or not.


Today, June 21, 2020, we are adding these notes:

These are not the same people. Similar but different. We realize that plastic surgery can be used, but why would you ADD a bump or acne scar that was not there previously?

  1. Forehead furrows are different.
  2. Forehead bump on one, not on the other
  3. Glasses are similar but different, not dispositive, but notable
  4. Acne pockmarks on one, not on the other; esp. neck, chin and cheeks
  5. Chin and mouth furrows are different
  6. Droopy eyelids on one, not the other
  7. Earlobes similar but different bumps
  8. Hair cowlick on the left guy, not on the right guy
  9. Left guy hiding his teeth
  10. The two chins are different shapes
  11. One does not acquire acne damage later in life
  12. Smile furrows different

Bill has no teeth in this picture:

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Bill Gates through the years

Michel Gangn, Getty Images  05.26.2010


Microsoft president Bill Gates demonstrates Microsoft’s Windows 95 program from his automobile prior to a press conference in Paris. Gates was also to meet 500 top computer executives as part of his campaign to launch the company’s new software.Michel Gangn / Getty Images


President Bill Clinton (L) reaches out to Bill Gates, president and CEO of Microsoft Corporation, during a roundtable discussion on job retraining . The two men and several student participants spoke at Shoreline Community College, north of Seattle.Luke Frazza / Gety Images


Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates gives the keynote address at the unveiling of the Chinese version of Microsoft Project 98 software at a company infrastructure summit in Beijing.Robyn Beck / Getty Images


Microsoft Chairman, Bill Gates, speaks about the Digital Nervous System to Taiwan’s information industry people during a 24-hour visit promoting Window 98.Tao-Chuan Yeh / Getty Images


Bill Gates, chairman and chief software architect of Microsoft, makes a point during his keynote presentation at the Tech-Ed 2000 conference in Orlando.Jeff Christensen / Getty Images


Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates speaks on March 8, 2001 at the Microsoft MSDN Conference in New York City.Spencer Platt / Getty Images


Microsoft Corp. chairman Bill Gates introduces its Xbox home video game console during a press conference at Shibuya shopping district in Tokyo.Toru Yamanaka / Getty Images


Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates holds a tablet PC as he speaks about newspapers and technology at the annual Newspaper Association of America’s convention April 29, 2003 in Seattle, Washington. Gates said that advances in technology such as better note-taking software and online newspaper design programs could help papers evolve and attract new readership.Ron Wurzer / Getty Images


Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates delivers a speech to unveil the new Microsoft Office System during a presentation in New York. Microsoft calls the new software one of the most important updates in the company’s history.Timothy A. Clary / Getty Images


Microsoft Chairman and Chief Technology Architect Bill Gates attends the ‘Digital Entertainment Anywhere’ launch at the Shrine Auditorium on October 12, 2004 in Los Angeles, California.Mark Mainz / Getty Images


Bill Gates delivers his keynote speech at the Mobile and Embedded DevCon (MEDC) 2005 conference on in Las Vegas, Nevada. Gates introduced the new Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system for wireless devices in his presentation.David McNew / Getty Images


Denny Strigl, President and CEO of Verizon Wireless, Bill Gates, Chairman and chief software architect of Micorsoft Corporation and Ed Colligan, President and CEO of Palm, Inc announce an alliance of the three companies with a new TREO smart phone during a media conference at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, California.David Paul Morris / Getty Images


Microsoft founder Bill Gates gestures during a press conference about Windows Vista, Microsoft’s next generation operating system (OS), in Tokyo.Yoshikazu Tsuno / Getty Images


Microsoft founder Bill Gates speaks during the press conference at the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system launch in New York.Timothy A. Clary / Getty Images


Microsoft chairman Bill Gates (R) watches as musician Slash plays a Gibson Les Paul electric guitar during the opening keynote address at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show at the Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada.David Paul Morris / Getty Images


Bill Gates, the former Microsoft chairman, arrives to attend a meeting with French president Nicolas Sarkozy at the Elysee presidential Palace, on January 28, 2009 in Paris.Gerard Cerles / Getty Images


Bill Gates, co-chairman of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee full committee hearing on ‘Building on Success: New 

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The turning point: Our first trip to Africa

By Bill Gates | September 21, 2012

We went to Africa for a vacation to see the animals, but it was during this trip that we had our first encounter with deep poverty and it had a profound impact on us.

Melinda on our first trip to Africa in 1993

It was a phenomenal trip. Not long after we returned from this trip, Melinda and I read that millions of poor children in Africa were dying every year from diseases that nobody dies from in the U.S: measles, hepatitis B, yellow fever. Rotavirus, a disease I had never even heard of, was killing half a million kids each year. We thought if millions of children were dying, there would be a massive worldwide effort to save them. But we were wrong.

Over the years, Melinda and I have returned to Africa many times. There’s actually no substitute for going and seeing what is happening. While the private sector does a phenomenal job meeting human needs among those who can pay, there are billions of people who have no way to express their needs in ways that matter to markets.

September 2003 in Mozambique

Philanthropy’s role is to get things started. We used foundation funds to set up a system to make market forces work in favor of the poor, guaranteeing purchases so drug companies could make a little bit of money. As the value of this approach became clearer, governments put in money to add to the market incentives, and some drug companies began to factor poor-world diseases into their business model.

Melinda and I inspecting a child’s vaccination record while visiting with mothers at the Manhica Health Research Center, September 2003 in Manhica, Mozambique

Most of us can take for granted that our children won’t die from diseases like polio or malaria. But that should be true for every parent, not just those in the wealthy world. It should never be too expensive or too inconvenient to give the poorest a chance to survive. Whether your resource is volunteer-time or hard earned dollars, for a relatively small investment, philanthropy can make a big impact. For me, it’s proven the best job in the world: as thrilling and humbling as anything I’ve ever done.

Melinda and I visiting a young patient suffering from malaria, September 2003 in Manhica, Mozambique

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