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Hillary Let’s Off Evil Laugh as she Tells Amy Schumer How Much she Likes PIZZA! 🍕 #PizzaGate #PedoWood #Adrenogate

This was not easy to re-locate. This clip of bobble-head CGI Killary talking with Schumer over Zoom and letting out a cartoonish evil cackle while exclaiming how much she likes PIZZA🍕. But I found it. Nice try again WordPress.

Yeah. This really happened. And yes, they are trying to claim that to be her. That extremely bizzare imposter/CGI manifestation using their “Beast-tech” quantum computing software.

I love Amy Schumers nervous/sarcastic response, “well that’s what you have available on the road”. It was as diversionary as it was tactically un-funny.


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  1. fight4freedom7

    She is probably dead, news – wrongly? reported that she has already died before elections, its on youtube. Same with soros kissingers and rest, they are able to do digital cgi when you see them on the screen. Tthey keep them alive to manipulate public and move their wealth.

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