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More Claims From New York State that the Elderly are Being Intentionally Infected with CV-19 | Are you mad yet?

Cuomo & his Globalist,  Marxist indoctrinated accomplices embedded within New York, turned New York City hospitals into virtual death camps. Administering outrageous & inexplicable treatment protocols, while also treating CV-19 patients as guinea pigs to train their residents with. They were seen ordering unnecessary, highly invasive procedures that these medical students had zero experience with, all for patients who had zero need for them. DNR orders were appearing out of thin air, CV-19 negative patients were ALL being switched to “positive”, patients were going brain dead from unnecessary, heavy sedation drips, and that’s only scratching the surface. Cuomo needs to have his nipple rings torn out in front of everyone, then put on death row.

Perspectives on the Pandemic | The (Undercover) Epicenter Nurse: Episode Nine

Are you mad yet?

I’m not sure how much more evidence of clear, intentional malfeasance from the state of New York we need to see in order to get the public to realize that they are indeed intentionally trying to infect the elderly with their engineered little package of Kabbalistically scrambled genetic material, injected with with demonically-inspired esoteric enchantments, then encased in a “virus-like” lipid-protein membrane, and calling it the “Coronavirus”, or “Coronation” virus.  This has all been carefully planned out.

Those who engineered this diabolical plan were certainly brilliant and cunning, however those tasked with actually executing this plan, aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer. Hence how we have leaks like this one, where this dumbass just carelessly blurted out his sarcastic intention of ensuring that the elderly in that nursing home would be infected, whether the staff at the home liked it or not. She then described how state health officials literally muscled their way into the nursing home to administer the testing. Testing kits that ended up infecting and killing off an entire unit of residents.

This is why you DO NOT LET ANYONE TEST YOU. The Bill of Rights is strong enough for you to cling onto if state officials try to threaten and bully their way into forcing compliance. I could not be any more adamant in my explicit instruction/recommendation to EVERYONE, to do absolutely everything in their power to stop any agency, Federal, State or even town, from forcibly testing or vaccinating you or your family.  

And make sure to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves, especially the elderly. They are being directly targeted as part of an apparent culling of the herd & padding of statistics to further justify their Orwellian measures and restrictions.

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