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The Dragon Party & DemonRat-Party are Synonymous | What is “the Great Awakening”?TREY SMITH: “The TRUTH behind the RIOTS”

The first half of this post uses biblical perspective to analyze the current insurrection and annoints Trump as a savior. The 2nd half of the post is more biblical perspective having to do with “The Great Awakening” and NESARA, and not necessarily so pro Trumpish. You’ve been warned.

Part 1: The Truth About BLM & the Left

When Trey mentions how the riots in the U.S., and anti-white sentiment, are an exact carbon copy of what happened in South Africa, I immediately thought of Ruth Bader Ginsberg & Obama.

These Globalist scum are using built in racial aggression, that they purveyed to begin with, to rile up the black community and use them as pawns in their game.

It’s going to be such an awesome feeling finally snuffing out these vicious Marxist beasts. This is pure evil we are seeing on the streets of America. Its an absolute tragic & bizzare shit-show.

Part 2:”The Wave” – Christian vs New Age

I’ve been mad since I found out the truth about the trade towers. For me, this was 2006. It’s now June 2020, and we seem to have reached an inflection point of sorts. A point where the older conspiratorial narratives are about to be cashed-in & acknowledged by the lamestream as being mostly true(or forced upon the public if the lamestream continues to be as unwilling as they continue to be)and a new entourage of deceivers swoop in to take the reigns, armed with a blank slate, more discipline and experience.

This upcoming inevitable “great awakening” is still in its chaotic transformation stage. This creation period is like an accretion disk. Each morsel of evidence and revelation of truth that exposes the Cabal is like another chunk of orbiting celestial raw material, collecting around itself, and bunching up together with other fragments, until eventually a new body is formed. This still forming planetary body represents the creation of the new norm destined to be “the Great Awakening”. It will be ushered in and signaled as “ready”, as soon as the Cabal(the Harlot/dark Kabbalistic e.g.Illuminati) is bombastically destroyed by the “Beast”, or the “light bringers”, who are ALSO the *NESARA/GESARA military apparatus(bringers of false light/White Wizards, ALSO Kabbalistic),the stage will then be set. For the end.

Both factions are Luciferian, it’s the one thing they have in common…I don’t want to speculate any more past this point. We will see what happens first.

*I used this term instead of just saying “Trump” because I don’t feel that would have been an accurate characterization at all. If NESARA is enacted by Trump within his first 120 days of office(requirement), after he is presumably re-elected, he won’t even be allowed to fill any of the newly created power vacuum anyway. Therefore, what I speculate could possibly transpire, should in no way be attributed toDonald J Trump. It’s possible he has no idea what he’s about to allow to happen, though that would be a bit nieve to suggest that he only unknowingly unleashed the Beast, destroying the Harlot, and ended up bringing about the end of the world and the return of the king, aka Yeshua, aka Yahweh, aka Cristos Rex, the…Jesus Christ. Son of the Sun and of the God of the Universe.

If I bursted any bubbles, I’m not sorry…Except to Christina P. 😎

I’m really really hoping that I’m simply being delusional and unjustly distrustful. I promise that I’m not just trying to be one of the cool kids and not support “the movement”. I actually still do support Q very much, and will continue to disparage leftists and humiliate low-IQ, harmful influencers & punish the proponents of shameful, lamestream-programmed ideology. I am still as committed as ever to making my services available, pro-bono to the public sphere, to continue relentlessly fighting back against the influence of liberalism onto our society. I’d never expect anything for that. Rather, I’d only expect to be punished for not doing so.

But I’m not going to hide what I think the big picture is trying to show us. I hope I’m forgiven if I’m wrong. But I understand if I end up being castigated for my skepticism.

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