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The Many RIDICULOUS Hillary Clinton Imposters

You’d have to be a regular visitor to dummyland to think that these were the same individual. I see at least 3, likely 4 versions of Hildog here. Even Glen Beck admitted she died years back after her public seizure after the 9/11 memorial event.

CREEPY – Hillary Clintons Eye Changes In A Weird Way – Demon Eye – Check It Out

I don’t understand why they aren’t using their fancy new Quantum processor-powered “Beast-tech” software they they’ve been using all over the place of late? Why throw this obtuse replica of the “Killarion” out there all sloppy like this? It’s starting to become more and more apparent that Killary did in fact in fact croak back in 2016, having not survived the night after she was famously filmed stumbling into her medical van back in 2016 after a 9/11 memorial event. Knowing what we know now, this could have been from Adrenochrome withdrawal.

Its embarrassing that they are both using this imposter and that they seem to need to keep deceiving us all with this disrespectful ruse.

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