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More Horrible News For Biden Campaign – Trump Is Up In Wisconsin and Biden Can Barely Win a Primary with No Competition

More Horrible News For Biden Campaign – Trump Is Up In Wisconsin and Biden Can Barely Win a Primary with No Competition

 Source — 29.06.2020 19:23 The Gateway Pundit

The Biden campaign is in major trouble.  The Democrat front runner can barely win a primary yet he is the only remaining candidate in the race.  Also, a key state, Wisconsin, has President Trump in the lead by a reputable pollster. 

It’s inevitable.  The Biden campaign is in a horrible spot.  Their candidate couldn’t hold a job in the US doing anything due to his horrible decline in health and increasing dementia.  He can’t afford to hold a rally because he’ll mess up and say something crazy.  He looks weak and feeble and so he stays in his basement where he at least won’t misstate something again.  Now the reality of of the Biden situation has appeared.

For one, Biden can barely win a Democrat primary, despite being the only candidate in the field.

Joe Biden has an enthusiasm problem.

In 19 primaries since Sanders dropped out, Biden sometimes failed to crack 60% even while being the only active candidate. @realDonaldTrump’s voters are the ones fired up.

The enthusiasm gap is real & it is wide.https://t.co/U0EMgPIzgM

— Brad Parscale (@parscale) June 28, 2020

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The situation for Biden was the opposite for candidate Trump in 2016.  In 2016 the future President Trump set numerous primary records.  Despite running against 17 other qualified candidates, candidate Trump had more state wins (37) than any candidate from either party. Hillary only won 28 states while Bernie won 22.

President Trump received more votes in a primary than any Republican candidate ever.  Candidate Trump had the most state wins of any candidate, the most primary wins of any candidate, the highest percent of state and primary wins of any candidate and the most delegates above the number of delegates needed. (Hillary and Bernie were very close and Hillary was only able to seal the win through her absconding of Democrat super-delegates from Bernie.)

After numerous Presidential campaigns, Joe Biden didn’t win a primary until the South Carolina campaign on February 29th, 2020.  Unfortunately there aren’t any more February 29ths this year.

Now, this weekend, one of the only pollsters to predict a Trump win in 2016 reports that President Trump is up on Biden in Wisconsin.  Newsmax reports:

President Donald Trump leads presumptive Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden by a slim margin in swing-state Wisconsin, according to a Trafalgar Group poll released Sunday.

Georgia-based political strategist Robert Cahaly, who owns the Trafalgar Group, was the only pollster in 2016 to predict Trump’s upset victory over Hillary Clinton. Trump beat Clinton in Wisconsin, 47.2% to 46.5% in 2016.

Trump leads Biden, 45.5% to 44.6%. The poll also shows 7.5% voting for “other candidates” and 2.4% as undecided.

As horrible as Biden is, there are still lunatics in the media who are either really stupid or are being paid large sums of money to disregard any personal integrity and make crazy accusations and projections about the current Presidential race. 

BREAKING— (thread)GOP operatives are for the first time raising the possibility that @realDonaldTrump could drop out of the race if his poll numbers don’t rebound. Over the weekend I spoke to a sample of major players; one described Trumps current psyche as “fragile.” I’m

— Charles Gasparino (@CGasparino) June 28, 2020

Don’t listen to the anti-Trump nutjobs.  The Biden campaign is in the tank.  They have a horrible candidate.  He is very sick and old.  He is already behind in important state races to President Trump and the President hasn’t even started to hammer ‘Sleepy Joe’.

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