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Reddit Says It Will Allow Hate Speech Against “People Who Are in the Majority”

The Twitter user below, “Christopher Green” is using what we now know to be a blatant pedophile symbol. So we see what kind of people we are dealing with here.

Source: By. Paul Joseph Watson | summit.news | 29 June, 2020

Reddit Says It Will Allow Hate Speech Against “People Who Are in the Majority”

Published on 29 June, 2020 by Paul Joseph Watson

After The Donald subreddit was banned by Reddit, users drew attention to the site’s policy on hate speech, which explicitly does not protect “people who are in the majority.”

Although it had been largely inactive for months after the owners set up TheDonald.win, Reddit banned the forum which was home to over 800,000 Trump supporters.

This occurred on the same day that streaming site Twitch temporarily suspended President Trump’s channel for “hate speech”.

An interesting caveat to emerge out of Reddit’s censorship is that the site’s section on Promoting Hate Based on Identity or Vulnerability explicitly states that hate speech is still permitted towards “people who are in the majority.”

This is presumably a reference to white people, who are still a majority in America but represent only 10-12 per cent of the global population.

“Marginalized or vulnerable groups include, but are not limited to, groups based on their actual and perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, immigration status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy, or disability. These include victims of a major violent event and their families,” states Reddit’s policy.

“While the rule on hate protects such groups, it does not protect all groups or all forms of identity. For example, the rule does not protect groups of people who are in the majority or who promote such attacks of hate.”

In other words, Reddit is giving the green light to its users to engage in a list of behaviors it lists, including “harassment, bullying, and threats of violence,” so long as the target is “people who are in the majority.”

In an entirely expected development, media hit pieces against pro-free speech social network Parler began after the site attracted a ton of new followers.

The website’s engagement levels have skyrocketed in recent weeks as many more people choose to transition away from Twitter, which has become a cesspit of censorship and a platform for left-wing extremists to engage in the mob harassment and doxxing of conservatives.

Numerous members of Congress in the United States and Conservative MPs in the UK have also started signing up to the network, prompting anxiety amongst Silicon Valley that Parler could eventually become a genuine competitor.

The site also hosts popular figures banned by Big Tech, including Congressional candidate Laura Loomer and Katie Hopkins.

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, which have become notorious for banning users and removing content at the behest of organized left-wing mobs, Parler’s terms of service are in line with the FCC’s definition of obscene content, which allows for “offensive” posts so long as they’re of literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.

This has panicked the mainstream media, who have worked in concert with Big Tech over the last few years to deplatform prominent voices who dare to dissent against the current takeover of society by ‘woke’ radicals.

A hit piece in the UK Independent tries to connect Parler to Gab, using guilt by association by suggesting Gab was responsible for mass shootings (a charge never leveled against Facebook despite numerous mass shootings being live streamed on there).

The story also quotes another source as claiming Parler is “full of fury, fear and conspiracy theories” (citing zero evidence), while also suggesting the site is a hotbed of KKK discussion because they found two posts referring to the late Senator Robert Byrd (a Democrat and close friend of Hillary Clinton).

Another hit piece in Yahoo News expressed concern that Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif touted the network to his 1.1 million Twitter followers, while also charging that the network is a conservative echo chamber (apparently it’s fine for Twitter to be a far-left echo chamber though).

The story also complains that many threads on Parler “mock Black Lives Matter protesters” (boo hoo).

Another Twitter user in the UK is already trying to get Parler banned.

Ban Parler App due to the growing Hate Speech & Radicalisation on that Platform

We’d like a full review and possible action to ban the Social Media Platform Parler. Click this link to sign the petition:https://t.co/9Cs2R0fEf7

— Christopher Green 🍥 (@MiddletonLoiner) June 22, 2020

Big Tech is clearly frightened at Parler’s sudden growth. There are also signs that leftists are creating accounts to combat conservative talking points (a good thing as it will massively grow the user base).

Now all we need is for President Trump to start a Parler account and begin posting exclusive messages there that don’t appear on Twitter.

If that happens, Parler could actually defy all the odds and begin the long journey to becoming a genuine competitor to Facebook and Twitter, only without the relentless bias, algorithmic manipulation and mob mentality that has come to define the two big social media platforms.

All the more reason to sign up now at Parler.com.


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