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Master Demagogue Chris Cuomo is as Obnoxious as he is Infuriating. Claims Trump Retweet of Photo of Couple Standing w/Guns in Defense of their Home was Intended as a Symbol of “White Resistance”

Where do they come up with this nonsense? Cuomo obviously has some shrieking intern in his ear piece narrating the mornings rhetoric and correcting him, since he apparently couldn’t even get their slander straight for their morning bash session against Trump. Confusing tweets and getting their lies mixed up with their other lies, from other tweets.

I was agasp listening to his liberal mouth diarrhea and pathetic, but predictable attempt to circumvent basic logic and reason and “infer”, (based on his expertise in pattern analysis protocols apparently)that Trump was signaling his white supporters to take up arms in resistance. He concluded all this from Trumps retweet of the picture.

These are the kind of people we are dealing with. They’re going ALL out.

Go lather up your brothers nipple rings with antiseptic and fake some more shitty news stories Chris. Your like a stale canoli that no one wants, filled with race bait and virtue signal flavored ricotta. Are there actually individuals out there who take Chris Cuomo, or anyone at CNN for that matter, seriously?

Way’ta push another lifelong Democrat away from the party and into the outstretched arms of the G.O.P. That man will be proceeding to briskly #WalkAway after all this.

What a low functioning prick. I thought you had the juice now Chris? Since big bro may be snitching.

#EnemyOfThePeople. This is nothing more than elaborate ritualistic suicide by the DemonRat party.

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