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The DemonRat Party Needs to be Stopped | Dan Bongino Warns of Catastrophe if Democrats Seize Power in D.C. | Joe Biden Wants to Get Rid of the Suburbs Now

Watch Bongino below before reading for proper context:

This blog is me doing my part to stand up to the despicable Democrat party, and liberalism in general. I cannot stand the societal environment that progressives have forced upon the public. But beyond the annoying P.C. culture they have forcefully installed into our culture norms, there is something far more harrowing and dangerous that accompanies lefty ideology. THEIR SEETHING CONTEMPT & HATRED FOR WHITES, CHRISTIANS & ANYONE WITH MONEY AND THEIR PROPENSITY TO PUNISH AND HARM THEIR PERCEIVED ENEMIES.

Standard Democrat ideology calls for:

  • Redistribution of the personal wealth of American citizens
  • Taxing citizens to no end, with policies that closely resemble a 100% tax rate, aka Communism
  • Implementation of discriminatory policies & regulations against whites & Christians in the name of equality
  • Removal of any acknowledgment of gender, allowing biological men to simply claim they are females and subsequently be recognized as such. No questions asked.

Those are just some of their signature policies, I could go on and on. Their despicability levels know no end. So as we get closer to election time, and we see DemonRat leaders start making statements like this(BELOW), it’s time to perk up, get your head out of your ass, and realize that THESE PEOPLE NEED TO BE STOPPED!

This is taken from a satirical article on a satirical website: https://bustatroll.org/2019/08/07/kamala-harrisafter-we-impeach-we-round-up-the-trump-supporters/)

So if you think all those nightmarish policies, and jacking up of your taxes, is bad enough, just wait for the above promised retribution upon all those who dared oppose them and had the gall to vote for Trump.

These people are evil. Wake up.

Oh, and here’s their latest plan to destroy the suburbs. Warning: I threw the fuck up halfway through.

MUST READ: Joe Biden to Ramp Up Barack Obama’s Plan to Abolish and Transform America’s Suburbs


Published on May 22, 2017

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