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The Emerging Light & “The Great Awakening” | Biblical Perspective: “New Age” Prophecy, Anti-Christ, Signs of the End Times | How Does Qanon, Cult of Kek Fit-in?


The passage below is via Goddess Light Published on Jun 29, 2020

(ABOVE: Emerging Light Syllabus): Could it get more spot on? Its like they(white wizard Kabbalists)are using a script. The light is emerging and enveloping us, the darkness is leaving?……. A new matrix? What??!! “[sic]Around you and even all inside you?”. Sounds like some gene/dna modification to me…… Expect lots of changes until it’s all a “new light”??

It’s as if they are swapping something out or replacing something. New fabric of space time or transition to a new ether substrate? Or maybe its just as easy as a software reprogramming for them.?…… They assure you they will try making it “[sic]as pleasant as possible??”. Why would it be unpleasant? Steve Quayle has been trying to warn us for quite some time now regarding the “Transhumanism” agenda and what would happen to those who gave their souls away to this “Great Awakening” and decide to go the Transhumanist route and attempt to become immortal. These poor souls would end up “stuck” and “[sic]yearning for death, but death wouldn’t find them”.

We don’t want to get stuck in some kind of trans humanist virtual reality horror show. Stuck there for eternity all because some emotionally unbalanced and socially inept Silicon valley genius promises you the safe capability of uploading your consciousness into a virtual world, cementing your “immortality”, subsequently leaving you trapped in some cyberscape of horrors that you could never get out of(Vanilla Sky). Finding yourself stuck in an impossible situation, yearning for the ability to die, if you even could die after the horrific, unnatural, and only partially alive construct of technology and spirit that you had now “transcended” into.

I’m not saying that all these “New Age” movements(this “Emerging Light” movement included), are down with any of the top demonic forces out there, or members of powerful esoteric-minded sects, representing the elite wielders of occult magic. But they likely do communicate with these demonic forces, and we see that they are being given the exact same set of instructions and themes they are communicating and channeling to everybody. The whole damn new age community.

The rhetoric is stenzil/prototypical to the “New Ages’ ” deceptive, demonic, light-being narrative. A narrative that’s all about letting in all this “light” and “transformation”. I am becoming growingly terrified that this New Age movement is the “New Age” that we need to be worrying about being ushered-in, as the Bible warns. They are calling it, “The Great Awakening”.

There have been signs in the sun 🌞 & moon 🌙 via Rose Hannah’s Gematria decodes and observations. As well as the clearest signs of the Anti-Christ we’ve ever had with Gregory Hallett, who came out of nowhere. I never bought the Obama Anti-Christ claim. Akehnaten, yes. But not the Anti-Christ. A Anti-Christ, but not the. But this whole Gregory Hallett sich scares me, and he seems to have his paperwork in order to back his claims. And we can’t forget about JFK Jrs’ candidacy for the Anti-Christ. I’m waiting for some hardcore deception still.

Hallett is from New Zealand 🇳🇿, not exactly in line with the out of the Holy Roman/Byzantine empire prophecy, but whatever. He is claiming “Messiah Sangrail”, or that he’s of the “Christ” bloodline. That was part of the Bible prophecy. No one has ever presented themselves as such an obvious candidate before.


With the talk and credibility of NESARA swelling each day, its gets more and more intense, the more time goes by. Add that in with the whole “JFK Jr. might actually be alive and poised for an unprecedented return to politics”-narrative, and it gets pretty shocking. Then, add in all the King John III/Gregory Hallett talk, and the Biblical vibes start becoming exponential. The thought of that guy being given a freaking 👑, (just like the Bible said), and claiming Christ ✝️,(just like the Bible said the Anti-Christ would) is overwhelming.

We’ve yet to see him make an entrance on white horses 🐎 , but I’m betting on it. Shit is getting real kid.

Despite the apparent claims by “Kek” enthusiasts that the below hieroglyphics are authentic. They’re not. You can see the actual depictions of the Egyptian god(little “g”) “Kek” above. Very scary looking dude. *That doesn’t mean that I don’t think “Chaos Magick” is real and had something to do with all this. It clearly did/does.


As far as Qanon relates in all this, we’ll see what they do. They haven’t really delivered on anything in a substantial public manner. Stuff did go down back in late March. Its undeniable that Hanx, Oprah, Ellen, Madonna, all got scooped up and outfitted with S.M.A.R.T. ankle monitors, while Celine Dion & Hanx were apparently executed right away for their failure to cooperate.

There was a brief period where a Twitter handle, that must have been Baron himself, was dropping 🔥 fire inside info and pictures, but was quickly banned/stopped. One of the cooler tweets was the dropping of the pics of the lethal injection chamber on the U.S.S. mercy. Something no commoner would have access to, or knowledge of. I can’t find this picture anymore.

That handle was also one of the first, if not the first to assert that Tom Hanks was dead, and has been executed. This was all while Celine Dion was putting out a creepy goodbye video for her fans. Madonna was in equal psychosis and despair(including the now famous “bathtub video” that practically broke social media). Ellen dropped something similar at the same time, while making clear references at them being forced to, “listen to their S.M.A.R.T. people”. While at the same time, there was a military Colonel(below)who coincidentally decided to pose in front of a white rabbit while giving these recently collared celebs instructions to, “[sic] make sure to go outside and get some sunlight”. Which I am inferring was so that their S.M.A.R.T devices could sync up with comms on the Naval ships/prisons parked nearby. (Also another “light” reference).

The Colonel posing in front of the giant white rabbit was both an esoteric & symbolic jab, and one of the first acknowledgments of Q’s legitimacy and nod to the notion that all these “secret arrests” may have to do with Adrenochrome. *Not sure how meaningful any arrests are when the elites seem to have cloning capabilities at their fingertips. Here’s a few being shown off at Cannes.

So they are doing something. Q has yet to do anything to earn straight up condemnation(minus their strange Jesus rhetoric), however that doesn’t mean there isn’t cause for concern. We will see what they end up doing with their ever-growing power and influence. It should be noted that the Bible seems to make clear reference to the looming deception of this “frogman”. If Q and the “Great Awakening” represent “the Beast”, and the Cabal & Illuminati represent “the Harlot”, then we have some serious prophecy unfolding right before our eyes if we see this “Beast” end up destroying this “Harlot”.

I acknowledged my suspicions about Q early on via the works of Probably Alexandra, FaceLikeTheSun & e511 Ministries(infinitely obliged to them, & Rose Hannah especially).

We’ll see what happens. I’m leaning towards us being an End Times generation. Deal with it…

Anyway, getting back to the whole New Age crap, here’s a supposed channeling or some shit. Its all very cheesy & predictable. It all leads in a similarly suspicious direction, with all this “light” flying at us from different directions, and this “children of the light & dark” innuendo. It’s kinda sketchy. Not good signs.

ULB’s & More: Clearing the Cabal, Higher Vibrations, What’s Next & More

Marjorie Hilliard: www.marjoriehilliard.com

This channel is a conversation where I am channeling the ULB’s (Universal Light Being)and they are feisty! Marjorie is a friend of mine who channels several light beings. There is so much happening in the world that we wanted to see what they had to say. I like it b/c her group and mine come up with different perspectives.

Some of the topics include: What is happening with Malanie & President Trump. They both share energy with their non-terrestrial selves and this is in large part why they can do what they can do. They are a direct source. They also spoke of President Putin and how he is also a part of this and he too is aligned with a non-terrestrial. The next huge disclosure will come through something he does.

They also spoke of programing that is affecting so many people. About how the media is so biased and there is so much sponsoring right now in social media. They said this is where the changes will come. Keep doing what you are doing, shining the light, and this will pass. In regards to the riots, we had a sense of an abrupt halt to them.

The spoke of the continued coronavirus and reaction. They said people will attempt another shutdown, but that nothing will be like what it was. They said it is not necessary and much of what is happening is political.

There were many other topics and it is a wonderful flow between the 3 of us!! Please share your perspective and any insights you may have.

Marjorie Hilliard: www.marjoriehilliard.com

Shelly Dressel: crystallinetransformations.com (soon to be published) www.goddesslight.net www.shellydressel.net Goddess Light LLC

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