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MOON REVERSING COURSE? Is this What the CoronaScam/Riots Diversion is all about? – “Anyone care to explain why the Moon is going in reverse? The fake lunar satellite that’s up there… isn’t saying hello. It’s well in front of the house. Oh wait. Better yet. The ball stopped spinning. 🙃 ” – @janiszewski_q



A thread by Jason Q Janiszewski

Anyone care to explain why the Moon is going in reverse? The fake lunar satellite that’s up there… isn’t saying hello. It’s well in front of the house. Oh wait. Better yet. The ball stopped spinning. 🙃

“Why would NASA lie??? “. Magnetic pole shift……lol going from a vertical Axis to a Horizontal one.

Notice how the sun has been hotter lately?

Because that’s the real one.

Used maps, airline routes (it was in the drops. No Venezuela from Hong Kong direct flight), simple experiments, NASA docs,

Sometimes….. ya just gotta show em.

Did you know that if you wanted to fly from Hong Kong to Venezuela…. you can have layovers in Finland, Budapest, Madrid and then head to Venezuela.

People can’t parallel park, yet some flyboy can land a 747 on a ball spinning twice as fast as his plane’s top speed.

1040 mph “spin rate”

500 mph 747

Explain a hovering helicopter.

This one I gotta hear. Watch the water.

What does water do in ANY vessel that it’s placed in?

Look at the top.

Ball earth is Satanic worship.

Who was the one that declared this to be a scientific “fact”

The Vatican.

Are you gonna really still be this slow on it or you wanna wake up

POTUS even said it in his speech today.

Said globe twice

But he snuck in that we would go to the “ends of the Earth”

Where’s the ending point on a ball?

A picture tells you it’s round. It cannot show you it’s a sphere.

There are no breaks in it to show depth. Fly from LA to NYC. Should take 1:32 from NYC. Because you are flying right?

Are you on the spinning ball anymore? No

Now LA is coming at you doing 1040 mph. You are flying 500 mph toward it

Land flyboy. Land.. Fastest way between 2 points is???

A straight line.

Anyone read the Bible? Then you skipped the first chapter.

Even a Nazi will leave the truth
Verse mentions “Firmament”

NASA has an AWESOME pool. It’s nice.

If you lived in the Southern Hemisphere on a ball….wouldn’t your compass point due south?

You are trying to find the south “pole”.

All a compass does is point you to the center of the plane[T]

Oh this is Terra by the way.

Define plane. Looks like that just took Israel right out.

Took em both out at the same time.

Church of Satan for Law & Order (nicely played using Benson)
Krav Maga is the Mossad’s fighting discipline.
So by saying it in long form, you are symbolizing where they originate

Boom 💥

So get some popcorn for the 17th

Ever wonder why they say that?

Can’t eat popcorn when you’re wearing a stupid mask now can you.

Everything. Has. Meaning.


Looks like we know when NESARA kicks off.

And don’t have to change the date for a special election.

Made it Mathematically impossible to

July 17-November 3

110 days


With the name truth warrior, I believe you skipped the Patowan stage.

Because this whole George Floyd deal is a Masonic Satanic false flag, just like the rest.

There was no George floyd. He died a few years ago.

Smoke and mirrors. The grand deception.

But gonna have to see your work. We can engage in a healthy discussion to determine the truth.

Not catchin us slippin this time.

We are done with these Satanic pricks.

Just had to find the Secretary

Oh look. Back to heading slow to the right.

Looks a bit dirty though. Must have hit a “mud puddle” up there. Independence Day just isn’t from the English.

It’s from the whole Nazi Judaism Satanic Masonic Jesuit Construct

Sure did Sparky. Sure did

All about the Children. Right????

Infiltration over invasion.

Palestine was never Israel’s land.

It’s been an open air concentration. Camp. Yes and they have shot 5 year olds in the back of the head.

In the street. While playing.

See why some our Police force are violent? Where do they train???

Why do they call it State of Israel?

This is all the Hebrew Blood Allance and the Satanic Zionist Illuminati’s doing. Can’t wait til this one is exposed.

I’m sure the Ashkenazi Jews from west of the Rhine River could explain.

The Rhine is in Germany btw.

🤔🤔. Cute name. Funny how POTUS is throwing around “Indoctrination” now. Why did he close the schools?

What was the biggest bank in the US?

The Department of Education.

Hiring Erik Prince’s sister to dismantle it was ingenous.

Watch the water

How did you learn about the Earth and that it was a ball?

Symbolism will be their downfall

Used a “globe” in a classroom.
Lies hidden in plain view.

From then on. Lies

Seriously. A couple of them TEACH in Colleges!

Look em up.

Ya know sometimes they just drop in your lap. (beholdisrael.org/new-medical-te…) All comms. 10 and [10] Keystone is at the 2 position which is 10 minutes and to finish the peace sign off back to 10 o’clock.
One minute to midnight on the 2nd.

Keystone Montana where the 10 oclock points to.

RV time


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