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Tyler of SecureTeam10 Framed for Drugs & Domestic Battery After Refusing to Take Channel Down


The channel has no content at the moment, it looks like the asshole intel agency who did this to him got their way. Motherfuckers….

I am both embarrassed and incensed that I missed this and that this happened to begin with. Tyler is one of the OG’s in the UFO community, and has arguably one of the best put together and thoroughly researched vlogs out there when it comes to anything in the paranormal realm. SecureTeam10 has always been one of my go-to channels. I constantly find myself having to re-subscribe to his channel, as YouTube loves altering peoples subscriptions for channels like this.

I knew that he had been arrested for DUI, but I had been so busy with a litany of other topics & my own blogging that I completely missed this, and I AM PISSED.

What kind of police officer must you be, to go along with torture and extortion rackets like this? Soulless, boot-licking, fatherless pigs who think nothing of falsely imprisoning and beating a person who they don’t know at all, all because a superior ordered it.

I have no clue where the order came from to do this to Tyler, but pigs aren’t that smart and they likely very sloppily left clues that would help identify the source of the malevolent orders to frame & extort him.

As a fan of SecureTeam10, and harsh critic of law enforcement officials who abuse their power to carry out acts like this, I am upset with myself for not mentioning this sooner.

I am just gonna take a guess, but I suspect this may have had something to do with his theory that the recent wildfires in California were actually directed energy weapons.

If I were Tyler I would go on the offensive and start scheming something and seek recourse. But that’s just me. I don’t know if he has tried communicating on any other social media platforms. Going to look now…

On the flip side there are a lot of peeps out there saying he’s a fraud. IDK, I think he’s getting railroaded.


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  1. Darathen Aven Ayestel Akhen

    I’m not sure about this video. Unless the domestic abuser has a weapon on him, there is always the option to press charges and have the suspected abuser arrested.

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