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INSANE BLM PROTESTORS KEEP GETTING THEMSELVES PURPOSEFULLYHIT BY CARS!!! | “An SUV just plowed through protesters on 42nd street in Manhattan”

You have no right to block traffic!!! I’ve seen half these kids out there trying to get hit anyway, even before the protests. So now it’s LEGAL for them to stand out in traffic and try to get hit??? Hell no.

One of these perplexed commuters made a great point that all the Black Lives Matter protestors are likely all college kids with absolutely nothing to do right now, especially since many colleges are doing online classes only. That’s very common theme you’ll end up noticing if you’ve been tracking these various protests across the country on a daily basis like I have.

These BLM protestors in no way represent the sentiment of the average black American. IN NO WAY. Watch how often black bystanders will confront and call out these virtue-signaling “activists” who’s mission in life is to keep the racial tensions in America wound up as tight as possible. What if we all suddenly forgot about race as a valid issue? Which is what would happen naturally without the constant interjection of divisive rhetoric from DemonRat media pundits and social media influencers. Plus, many of these left wing radicals are straight up paid cash to be there. In this case, it seemed more like screeching college girls who aren’t even through their first year and are likely taking classes like “Intersectionality and “The Theory of Queer Thought” and suddenly consider themselves all mighty, enlightened masters of the universe and proceed to thrust their pretentious, virtue signal drenched hatred of whites upon any and all who dare to question their defacto role as representatives of “the culture” and the questioning of anything will result in a race card being pulled out so fast it will cut you.

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