#pedowood, Celebrity, Pedophilia

So Jenna Jamison Followed me on Twitter…nice

Fuck yes. Didn’t see that coming as my first big-wig follower, but I couldn’t have asked for a better one. I know I am a very Christian oriented at times, but that is moot. Jenna is clearly up to bat for the good guys, and makes it known with her rhetoric and has been nothing short of a straight badass slinger of truth firebombs that she’s been lighting Twitter the fuck up with. The fact that she noticed and appreciated my tweet just goes to even further validate her authenticity. I look up to her, WAY up, not down on.

She’s dropped more truth and done more good than most of these con-artist ordained, non true Bible believing, blasphemous Christian ministries out here, spewing New Age crap.

I am a big fan, but not in the way most others are and most have been historically.

Keep slaying these hypocritical, liar-ass low-lifes Jenna. Your doing a service for humanity that few others have the guts to!

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