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John Podesta Talks About His “Evil Twin” Skippy

Podesta can be heard in the footage screaming at the child to call him “Skippy”, a nickname he freely admitted to during a sit down with the Washington Post. The WaPo, what a surprise.

This is a guy who was both Bill & Hillary Clintons Chief of Staff and was likely their handler as well. He most recently served in the Obama administration and is one of the top practitioners of the darks arts and occultists is the world, is as evil as he is ugly, and a purported Rothschild to top it all off.

I can only pray that he actually was taken out by his rivals in the U.S. Military, but I have a feeling we will be seeing his clones running around.

Nothing to see here folks, just the torturing of an innocent child for Blood Harvesting Activities at James Alephantis’ Comet Ping Pong Pizza located in Washington DC.

So there are some trying to claim that the above video has been debunked, but those are likely just cointelpro shills doing damage control… in my humble opinion. Titus Frost does good work but I also believe he is part of the Anonymous hivemind and can’t always be trusted to not be cointelpro disinfo’ing whatever subject he’s been summoned to work over. What’s the best way to discredit a topic? Hire someone like low-life con-artist Timothy Charles Holmseth to report on whatever you’re trying to discredit… with plenty of water-muddying bullshit built-in to the legitimate facets of the many child trafficking/torturing narratives he writes about.

Huffington Post Repost| Source: Washington Post | 12/26/2008 05:12 AM ET|Updated May 25, 2011

John Podesta Talks About His “Evil Twin” Skippy

The Washington Post profiles Obama transition leader John Podesta — and his evil twin Skippy.

To fully understand how John Podesta is managing the complex Democratic takeover of the federal government, you have to be familiar with Skippy, the evil twin.

Anyone who has worked for Podesta in the past decade knows Skippy, who first appeared during Podesta’s eventful years as chief of staff in the Clinton White House. As scandal rocked the end of that presidency, staffers knew they had better come prepared to meetings. Otherwise, nurturing mentor John would be replaced by Skippy — Podesta’s quick-tempered, edgy and sarcastic alter ego.

“You haven’t seen him in this meeting, have you?” the transition co-chairman for Barack Obama says with a laugh, noting that many a reporter has met Skippy.

“I’m half Greek and half Italian, and you would expect that I would have a hot temper,” he says in an interview at the downtown transition office, where the tightly wound, wiry operative is building a government. “I like people to perform at a high level.” He likens his operating style to a loud, ethnic family dinner. “Sometimes our emotions get expressed, but we all love each other and we all are trying to help each other succeed.”

That sentiment is pretty much echoed by those who have worked with and for Podesta over his three decades in Washington — most of whom are now lining up for jobs. “Let’s say my in-box is filled,” he says with a wide grin.

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