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Latest Despicabile Act from the Left is One of the Most Hateful & Racist Things I’ve ever Heard | “Just astonishing. Please watch. We are in a civil war.” @RealJamesWoods

Some of the things white Seattle city workers were told they would hand to give up: comfort, guaranteed physical safety & time with their families. This is not a parody. This was real training that was carried out by the city of Seattle.


This is not some parity from an onion article. This was real HR training done in Seattle at the behest of state Democrat leaders.

I know that I’ve stated I was unwilling to get caught up in this kind of race baiting, further fanning the flames of the Civil War that they have been eagerly enticing us into, but this is straight atrocious and I have to speak up.

The rhetoric that’s been streaming out of the Marxist backed “Black Lives Matter” & “ANTIFA” movement is nothing more than primal, seething animace being directed towards an entire race of people. Visceral hatred, all over the melanin levels of a human beings skin. What the fuck happened to “… the content of their character”-MLK Jr. ???

When state leaders implement training programs, like this “eyepopingly” hateful one, that took place in Seattle, they are doing nothing but institutionalizing race-shaming & provoking genocidal rhetoric.

I never thought I’d see the day that grown adults, State officials, would actually decide to take things this far and shatter the norms of decency to this extent. All for political clout and the acquiescence of more power for themselves. They don’t give a lick about the lives of black people. Cmon now.

Watch: African Immigrant to BLM Protesters: ‘Black Lives Matter Is a Joke’

I’ve already warned all my black friends to be cognizant of antagonizing actor-agents lurking about on social media, who lay in wait on forums and comment sections to strategically interject and rile up sentiment towards their anti-white agenda by saying outrageous things like,

Yall blacks ain’t never gonna be able to take my guns away from me. I’d like to see you try

Intel Agency Actor-agent shill posing as “alt-right” white person on Facebook in a predominantly black Facebook group

While I can warn them about the clowns and the hired help who lurk in the shadows, there’s not much I can do to stop deranged liberal state officials from ordering up more hateful training seminars like the one we saw in Seattle, right in our faces, out in the open. If they are really going to try to forcibly indoctrinate us, our kids especially, then we all need to step up and start drawing lines in the sand and boldly & confidently stand up to these unhinged lunatics!

I’ve been butting heads with these people for years, I could use a little help. If enough of the power-weilding members of these various communities got together in unified condemnation of crap like this, we would inevitably garner enough clout & implied authority to enact some kind of consequence on those who use the guise of official state business in an attempt to thrust this hateful ideology on the public, and on our impressionable children especially.

Don’t resort to blackmail like they do… actually, screw them, this is serious, blackmail the fuck out these people, this needs to be nipped in the butt.. There are many ways to exert your influence and impose social/psychological consequences upon someone or something.

I hate to resort to such tactics but WE ARE NOT INSTITUTIONALIZING RACISM. We are not going to have a repeat of what’s recently happened in South Africa, with absolutely unfathomable violence that’s been unleashed upon the white population. Fully endorsed by the recently authorized far left governing body. I hear about a new farm massacre every day. Their latest state issued policy/mandate states that if you happen to be white you’re not even allowed to go purchase food for yourself or your family if you’re starving. That’s what the radical left wing militant government decided to do with their newfound power in South Africa.

We saw these BLM leaders brag about their Marxist training when they first came on the scene. These radical commies in no way reflect the overall sentiment of the average black American, who have overwhelmingly condemned much of the hate and violence that has that has spurned from the movement and the insideous influence of the DemonRat leadership. But the mainstream media simply refuses to cover any dissenting opinions.

Pew Analysis Shows Only 1 In 6 BLM Protesters Are Black

Plus some of these “protestors” are even hired CHINESE NATIONALS!

ANTIFAS demographics are 47% white, remember. Like this guy.


These Masonic white Jewish liberals, the exact kind Malcom X warned about, are hijacking “the culture” and ya’lls ethnicity for a fucking politically motivated Marxist Bolshevickian Socialist insurrection designed to destroy the fabric of America.

Malcolm X on White Guilt and the Exploitation of Black Lives

These are the same cats who ran the transatlantic slave trade that they now conveniently weaponize in modern times to slander the Caucasian general population with. A population who’s ancestors mostly came in the 40’s, and the chances of actually running into anyone with Colonial “slavemaster” roots would be a rare occurence, as less than 5% of the population owned slaves in the U.S.

Their arguments suck. Their approach is even worse. And the facts, along with the majority of the black population, is not on their side. So this can, and will be stopped. They’re spreading hate and malice in its purest form. Unprovoked, ill-conceived, and led by Globalists who don’t have ANYONE’S best interests in mind. All this chaos, death & destruction over the melanin content of a person’s skin and the hatred of an Orange man? Oh, and don’t forget their explicitly stated desire to bring about the destruction of America.

Show this to your black friends. I guarantee they won’t be down that shit. We need the help of the 90% of blacks who would be horrified upon hearing about something like this. That is not the society they envisioned for their kids.

Reenactor portraying the freed slave who gave the first $5 donation to build the Lincoln statue in DC says it shows the promise of Emancipation and slams protesters who want to tear it down

Its only a small percentage that’s been successfully radicalized by these left wing extremists. They needed footsoldiers for an insurgency like this and we’ve seen that most of the foot soldiers in this movement have been young black college students.

The irate commuters(who are also black)in this video(ABOVE), comment on their observation that most, if not all of these protestors are college students with too much free time on their hands.

These kids have been indoctrinated to hate whites by the worst kind of “out-of-touch”, ultra-pretentious, self-loathing, granola-breathed, radical liberals there are. The American post-modern, Liberal Arts college professor. These kids have been ideologically poisoned and brainwashed by these witches of academia AND they’re also bored out of their minds from all the asinine CV-19 related restrictions and mandates that happen to have been imposed by the close friends of these same libatrded college professors, who coincidentally serve in the state legislature. It’s a recipe for disaster. Our disaster. By their design.

They further rub it in with Satanically inspired masking policies that elicit submission and affords these kids the luxury of being able to legally mask their identity everywhere they go, as they “protest”(commit crimes and acts of violence). This anonymity encourages even more abnormally risky & violent behavior. Exacerbating the situation beyond measure. Again, by design.

Any attempt to engage in useful discourse with anyone representing this movement/fascist insurgency, will result in hearing the phrases: white privilege, implicit bias, toxic masculinity white-supremacy and the words: colonialism, patriarchy, and reparations, belligerently recited and repeated at nauseam, with no attempted articulation or understanding past a very basic point of general comprehension.

It’s not just whiteness they’re going after. It’s Western culture, it’s idea of a traditional family and the influence of Christianity in general that is being sought out for destruction. 👇


And they screech. Boy do they screech.👇

Watch: BLM Protestor Has an Absolute Meltdown and It’s Everything Wrong With Their Movement

We will easily have a catastrophe on our hands, much like the human rights disaster that is still taking place in South Africa, if we allow this torrent of political correctness and radical leftism to rage on unchecked in the U.S. The resulting societal norm will be as hideous as it is unstable, and that’s exactly where we are headed if this kind of institutionalized white-hate is incubated by the mainstream any further than it already has been.

Fuck you Joe Scarborough. Fuck you Mika Brzezinski, Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, Stephanie Ruhle, Jim Acosta, THE ENTIRE STAFF OF THE NEW YORK TIMES, and Matt Drudge, FUCK YOU TOO. Your a ho-ass sellout. Did you murder an intern or something? Is that why you switched sides? At least Scarborough had a reason. Bitch…STOP USING YOUR RADICAL LEFT WING MILITIA ON INNOCENT AMERICANS.


I was promised arrests. ALL them☝️ need to be arrested and muzzled. What the fuck is up Q? That frog Pepe needs to start delivering something tangible here. I feel like I’m pissin in the wind sometimes, going all out against the left, only for a meek, and diluted response from the White House.

Q, if you’ve secretly arrested a lot of these people supposedly, only to have one of their clones step up to assume their identity, for whatever litany of other reasons ya’ll elite might have, and plan to allow that clone to resume that persons life, it’s not going to have any affect. I think you know that and don’t give a shit. Barely anyone even believes in that kind of stuff anyway, despite Kanye flat-out whistleblowing his face off in his “Famous” video when he revealed footage of these hibernating “spare” clones. What? Did you think he got ALL those celebrities together, including Donald Trump, in a room, naked, to pose sleeping for Yeezy’s music video? Cmon now.


Let’s shut down BLM, ANTIFA and the radical left once and for all. They have no ground to stand on. They are easy to dislodge. I do think Q “is real”, but so what. They haven’t delivered on shit yet. I understand that things needed to be reset in anticipation of NESARA, and the “gutting out” of the supposed “Cabal”. But I feel like an idiot for even believing/conceding that that was even necessary to begin with. They haven’t done that much to earn the amount of trust they are afforded by Anons.

Too many innocent people are getting hurt and the left is wildly careening out of control, causing unprecedented damage all over the place. To say I’ve been disappointed with the lack of response from Trump would be an understatement.

I don’t wanna see anymore handwritten notes released by the F.B.I. We know what they did by now. DO SOMETHING. Round em ALL up. The seditious media included.

And watch out for Bill Barr. He’s always been a mole. Are you even vetting these people? I mean, Fiona Hill had been doing all the hiring at the state department until recently. What are they doing?

Cmon bro.

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    Snopes says the above quote is false because nobody would openly announce their intention to bring down the United States. That’s how you know it’s true, because Snopes is a lying, dog-faced, pony soldier.

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