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Can never get enough of these lists: “Arrests and executions” -SFAGI.GR as of 7/15/20

I know I said I was leery of sourcing anything from “Slaughter”, but they make such damn good lists, and there are likely European Cabal members in here that may been missed by my American “colleagues”. And remember, this is translated from Greek, so I don’t wanna hear any bullshit whining from ass-wipes looking for a reason to knock it. Bring it elsewhere…

Source: From Slaughter– 15/07/2020 | *TRANSLATED FROM GREEK

Arrests and executions

The war with Turkey and Mitsotakis!



Before you continue reading this article but also the new names from the new list “arrests and executions of surnames” , we must tell you that you should stop believing what you are told on TV.

The lie goes cloud. The misinformation is in full swing, because they try until the end to obey the orders of the bad guys.

So do local bodies, mayors, councilors, governors, regional councilors, vice-governors, as well as many lawyers, doctors, judges and others who have the supposed power.

Follow the commands of the finished Cabal.

A clique of people, which includes murderers, Satanists, pedophiles, * pedovores and others, who have been torturing humanity since ancient times!

Almost all of them in this clique have been arrested and many have been executed!

The rest continue to bully the common people.

As of March 2020, there is no government in any state. All prime ministers and kings have been deposed!

Many of them, of course, have been executed and in their places have put saviors or clones, just so as not to panic the people. These, of course, have been put on by the “good ones”, the White Hats, as many of you have heard!

The charges against them are for crimes against humanity, high treason, pedophilia and many other crimes.

All of them have been under surveillance by the US Secret Service and the federal police for several years. They watched everything, from where they were going, with whom they had meetings, what they did, but also their accounts and more, until of course that many who had been arrested, gave information about others. READ:   The rescue of children in New York is a fact!

Like Jeffrey Epstein and recently his mistress, Ghislaine Maxwell, who provide information for others, simply to lighten their position.

Of course, we should not forget the e-mails of Hillary Rodham Clinton, as well as many of the company of Bill Gates, which leaked and leaked a lot of information. Many of them came out through WikiLeaks.

So, today, we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground, and of course it’s hard to believe.

When many of them, have been arrested or executed and the television still shows their survivors or even through technology, videos with edited graphics, it is very easy to deceive the general public.

Even most social media profiles are not used by themselves, but by their press offices, or various managers, who publish various, on their behalf.

Do not eat their fairy tale !!!

Below are the new names of those who have been arrested or executed.

The previous list is here.

One key thing to understand is that THERE IS NO GOVERNMENT.

Greece is not governed. Parliament is empty. Several Members are missing, they have been arrested, but also from some reports that are circulating, some have been executed.







We are talking about an illegitimate government!

Journalists and channels should do the same!READ:   News from the “Storm” what is coming does not stop (VIDEO).

THE LESS THAT THEY SHOULD HAVE TO DO WOULD HAVE TO PROVE TO THE WORLD THAT NOTHING HAPPENS and not just show a savior prime minister and get some ministers out of the specially designed rooms.

America also has in the program to disgrace all of them. A shocking example, Adonis Georgiadis, who was shown dirty and unwashed on a TV show!

The government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who has been arrested, based on American sources.


The government team of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who has been arrested. All 52 members.

* Παιδοβόρος – οι (pedovore). “Something” that only children eat. In this sense, monsters are usually described in horror stories eaten by children.

Demertzis Giannis talks about:

The latest facts, conclusions and personal views on the subject of Hagia Sophia, the temple of Orthodoxy and the Faith, which they use to disorient us from the real facts.

The fires that have entered near children’s villages and buildings where children are housed and that no one has spoken about this issue.

The developments with the dirty politicians and their arrests, but also many more.
Anyone can subscribe to this channel dailynewsgr .

Video – Hillary Clinton Robot.

Let us also remember what happened in New York, with the rescue of children.

syllhpseis ekteleseis kyvernhsh fantasma 3 - Arrests and executions of famous people, Turkey and Mitsotakis.
The rescues of children from the tunnels of New York! The ships Comfort and Mercy!

The well-known calendar of events predicted by Q.

syllhpseis ekteleseis kyvernhsh fantasma 4 - Arrests and executions of famous people, Turkey and Mitsotakis.
The calendar of events. When are arrests and other events planned? The tenth week.
syllhpseis ekteleseis kyvernhsh fantasma 7 - Arrests and executions of famous people, Turkey and Mitsotakis.
Latest information and instructions on what people should do during the arrests.


Latest information

100% of people will have to stay at home to watch what the US military is broadcasting on their televisions worldwide.

It will be very painful, but it will have to be learned, so that the world is no longer divided. Around Sunday to Monday, the President of the United States will write on Twitter: “My American friends, the storm is upon us. We will implement a FULL MILITARY LAW “.READ:   Bill Gates retires from Microsoft board.

It will logically be through the presidential aircraft Air Force 1, when it will send 7 presidential messages to all telephones on televisions around the world via the emergency messaging system. From the world military forces, all media, internet, telephones and all television programs will be shut down. (ONLY URGENT MESSAGES WILL BE BROADCASTED), and the US military will broadcast, for 10 days, 3 parts of 8 hours each, with testimonies from detainees, military courts, evidence from all scandals, of all the detainees of the operation. During this process, all governments worldwide will be overthrown and mass arrests will be made (500 thousand charges). The GESARA-NESARA law will be activated and so, there will be an economic restart on planet earth.

Video. A CIA agent reveals that they gave children to the elite of the Kabbalists.

For “SFAGI” Demertzis Ioannis .

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syllhpseis ekteleseis kyvernhsh fantasma 6 - Arrests and executions of famous people, Turkey and Mitsotakis.
Other arrests and executions of namesakes. Arrests and executions.

* Παιδοβόρος – οι (pedovore). “Something” that only children eat. In this sense, monsters are usually described in horror stories eaten by children.


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  2. Christina Pansy

    The Greek web page cites at least two videos from Timothy Charles Holmseth. Are they unaware he’s a fraud?

    • Comment by post author

      I’ve sent them at least 3 emails warning them about him, as well as several comments I left in the comments section on those Holmseth posts. They don’t seem to be on top of their shit.

      • IrOnMaN1789

        No they are not. They try to inform people, but they make unsubstantiated claims like the above and lose credibility.

        They just repeat what other “truthers/researcher” post, like “alice down the rabbit hole” on youtube, without ever checking if it holds water or not.

        There is a lot of disinfo agents out there making truthers look stupid.

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