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The Book of Enoch and the “Ancient Space-Time Journeys” (VIDEO)

Source: By. UNDERCOVER | | July 13, 2020

The Book of Enoch and the “Ancient Space-Time Journeys” (VIDEO)

In case you didn’t know already, the Book of
Enoch is known as one of the most mysterious apocryphal books ever discovered. The book is strangely enough narrated from a first-person
perspective, making it appear to be a diary of some sort.


When Christianity came across it they decided to worship it in the first few centuries until the 4th Century which is when it was officially banished for being heretical. From that day on it was referred to as the “cursed book” because it showcased multiple occurrences that Christianity considered to be evil.

For example, Enoch never dies, and instead of rising to heaven, he drove a chariot of fire into it.

In the Book of Enoch, we read about Enoch’s experiences in Heaven and about his encounter with the “brilliant beings”. Despite the fact that aliens are never directly mentioned in the story, many believe that these brilliant beings are aliens all along.

Enoch speaks about how these beings come from another world and that they sail through the sky on a floating palace.

Their ship is huge and you could even see the stars through the ground you stepped on.

These aliens tell him that God sent his “sky watchers” to Earth but that they ended up being corrupted by the human women and so a new breed of Giants was born.

These Giants were barbaric in nature and they defeated the sky watchers by themselves and jailed them in a mountain that used to be their base.


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