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HAVE I STUMBLED UPON A CLUE LEFT BY TIME TRAVELERS? Donnie Darko, Trump, Time Travel & the Great Awakening & New Age

I know this may seem like a stretch to some, but I was rattled upon this discovery…A discovery I made after watching the above video.

Did I find something? We already have some major time travel implications associated with Trumps ascension to power. e.g. The Simpsons, Ingersoll Lockwood novels, Sugar & Toys and the many Q related time traveler connections associated with Trump & JFK Jr., referenced in the final chapter of the “Fall of the Cabal” series.

Is Donald Trump Donnie Darko? May-be. I do not want to get ahead of myself. The symbolism may not go any further than what I’ve discovered. If it doesn’t, would it make these parallels I’ve found inconsequential? Prolly.

We will see if this is just the start, or merely a coincidence. Even though it was Q themselves who told us THERE ARE NO SUCH THINGS AS COINCIDENCES. So what’s this shit?👇

So how did I even come across this “love has no labels” meme/promo? And what on earth does it have to do with Trump?

Wellllll…..I have ZERO doubt at this point that Donald J. Trump is an INTEGRAL part of the ongoing esoteric occult agenda of the elites. A Luciferian agenda that has been implemented in perpetuity going back many thousands of years. Our Kings, Emperors and now, Politicians, throughout time, have obediently implemented the will of these supernatural entities who were the ones who gave them all their earthly power, in exchange for their “assistance”.

Trump is holding up his end of the deal and WILL be the one to usher in the “New Age”. Yes, the “New Age” that the Bible explicitly warns us about. A “New Age”, that we’ve already seen rear its ugly head in the form of progressive ideology that denounces any construct of race, gender or religion. They really want that “one world religion”.

The campaign that this “love has no labels” meme was used in, is literally the epitomization of New Age philosophy. That seems like a connection to me. No? If I’m making to big of a stretch here, please let me know, but I think I’m onto something, and it’s not something good.

It Was All a Distraction! I’VE BEEN WARNED
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