#COVIDIOTS, #Scamdemic, Coronavirus, Despicable Democrats

Guy Gets Call From Cook County IL, Asking Him to Lie About His KoughVihd Experience & to Record a Promotional Video For Them. Unreal. #Scamdemic #Covidiots #Coronascam #Plandemic

It’s no surprise that this happened. The sad part is, most people just go along with it, instead of telling them “0” like this kid did. Which they wouldn’t accept as an answer…lol

CENSORSHIP DISCLAIMER: We don’t spell Koronavighrus in so many iterations these days just for fun kids. Censorship is here, rearing is hideous fascist head in America, on many of our tech platforms. Jack Dorsey is a toolbag with more handlers than a show dog and no real decision making power at Twitter. You essentially cut off a chunk of your balls Jack, by submitting to what has become a grotesque, P.C. liberal-hivemind. A crew of Marxist low-IQ clowns operating a circular firing squad of double standard hypocrisy and virtue signaling madness. He gets told what to do by that.

I’m not saying my internet connection is blocking content, like in other countries(thankfully…that I know about). But the stuff I publish is MOST DEFINITELY being shadow banned, AT THE LEAST. My Twitter handle is inexplicably missing from the search results(for tweets & user searches) of most every third party Twitter app, and even my WordPress blog posts don’t even show up on certain www search engines(though WP got better recently and I do appear with fairly decent search results now, for WP only, luckily the www. seems to still be a sanctuary).

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