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MONSANTO WANTS TO KILL YOU! | Bill Gates & His Quest to Kill Everybody

“Hi, I’m Bill Gates” | 2 Hour Documentary
Super Weeds(VIDEO)



Bill Gates does not merely seek world domination through computer platforms, data collection, and forced vaccinations.

Click Here To Learn How Bill Gates Wants To Kill You!

The degenerate uses Monsanto to attack humankind.

adam and eve

Monsanto’s manufacture of Agent Orange was only a warm-up.

Click Here To Learn about Monsanto’s Accomplices, the Degenerates at DuPont!

Agent Orange Rainbow

Monsanto was not content to kill American soldiers and cripple Vietnamese children with their poisons.

Click Here To Learn More about Criminality in the War in Viet Nam!


Monsanto and Bill Gates hire treasonous thugs, like Erik Prince, who were always a disgrace to the uniform, to bother activists like me.

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Since they gassed our soldiers in the jungles of Indochina, Monsanto is probably behind the stuff we’re sprayed with every day through CIA PROJECT CLOVERLEAF and USAF INDIGO SKYFOLD–the chemtrails full of neural dust, slime mold, and who knows what poisons.

Click Here To Learn More about Chemtrails, Smart Dust, and Mind Control!

chemtrails.health.nanoparticlesMonsanto’s best selling herbicide, Roundup, has devastated the earth through the creation of resistant superweeds, which have led to the destruction of 300,000,000 acres of farmland.

When not killing soldiers, giving birth defects to babies, and destroying farms, Monsanto enslaves people, forcing its serfs to work long days while withholding pay.


In India, almost three hundred thousand farmers have committed suicide over the past twenty years after using Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds.

india monsanto

Often they do so by drinking chemicals Monsanto makes.

Monsanto forces farmers to buy their frankenfood at highly inflated prices from the company store.


The consumption of GMO corn or soybeans leads to significant disruption of the liver and kidneys.


You know? GMO corn? Like the stuff in high fructose corn syrup, which has replaced cane sugar, in soda pop?

high fructose corn syrup

In the minds of the satanic trash, it’s not bad enough that our kids drink sugar with its bad effects on the mind, heart, and body, turning them into fatsos with rotten teeth.

fat boy soda mcdonalds

In HFCS, they came up with something that causes all these problems–and more!

high fructose corn syrup 2

If you eat this stuff, you develop medical problems, so you need to go to the doctor and buy pharmaceuticals.


GMOs are a false flag attack.


Don’t fall for it.

trojan horse ms

Raise your own garden, with heirloom seeds.

Click Here To Shop at Baker Seeds! It’s Fun Just To Flip through their Catalog!

baker seeds 2It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s cheap.


It’s nutritious and delicious.


Shop at your local farmer’s market.

farmer's market

And, if you’re still not convinced, you can watch this documentary on Monsanto.

As my hero Joni Mitchell sang, “We’ve got get ourselves back to the garden!”


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Our enemy depends on silence.

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