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There’s a Hero in You Too | Black Woman Dumps Paint on BLACK LIVES MATTER Street Sign, Calls BLM Out on their Bullshi* | MY HERO: I Nominate Her for the Nobel Peace Prize & Medal of Honor | [FIXED AUDIO]

This woman is my HERO.

There was one BLM supporter that got in her face to defend the movement, but ultimately could only extrapolate hate from his psyche, and proceeded to fire off a series of intense “fuck you’s” at her. Further verifying the ferocious & hateful rhetoric taught in these ugly Marxist organizations that have been unleashed on this country.

My message to the DemonRat party: Please proceed with your elaborate public suicide ritual. Thank you…

She manages to disparage the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement, call out the hypocrisy of the left, AND praise Jesus, all with police in tight pursuit. What else could I ask for? That’s bravery. She’s my HERO. Unlike kneeling in subservience & wearing Asante slave-trader bandanas like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer & the rest of the DemonRats did. #WalkAway

What the heck is wrong with these idiots.👆Look at this crap. What are they doing/thinking?

Mariah Carey in many ways epitomizes the Satanic, MK-Ultra mind controlled celebrity superstar victim. Surrounded by handlers, having several public meltdowns over the years, and even recently had her sister verify their initiation into the world of ritualistic Satan worship & their subjugation to sex abuse as children. But this performance might be one of the most incredible displays of live vocals from any human being. That is, if it wasn’t via the assistance of an unearthly, demonic assistant working through her. Something we’ve heard is almost universal among the top stars from industry insiders.

Source: by Kari Donovan | DJHJ Media | July 18, 2020

VIDEO: Black Woman Crawls in Paint to Cover Up BLM Mural

Operation Paint Drop

by Kari Donovan | July 18, 2020

Bevelyn Beatty, Evangelist and co-founder of At The Well Ministries,  recorded her protest of the BLM Mural live on Facebook.

“You are liars, they do not care about black lives.  Refund the police, refund the police.  We will never follow Black Lives Matter. Jesus Matters, Jesus Matters,” Beatty said.

SHE POSTED ON FACEBOOK: “We are going to take our country back! By any means necessary!

We Are: At The Well Ministries

#USA #Trump2020 #NYC #NewYorkCity #ReFundThePolice #GodBlessBlue

#BlackLivesMatter #BLM is a domestic terrorist organization. They don’t care about black lives. They support the killing of more than 600K Black Babies every year!

Beatty is part of a protest of the mural, due to the group’s Marxist messaging,  named #OperationCoverUp  and is the third such stunt this week alone. ”

At the Well Ministries, is a pro life group, whose mission is “It’s all about “rescuing those being led to death.”

Proverbs 24:11
I’m taking the Light into the darkness created by the abortion industry…
Proclaiming to the blind that Jesus Christ is the answer in dealing with the struggles of life…
Taking the message throughout America that pre-born babies have a right to life; to churches, abortion centers, high schools, colleges and the streets,” according to her site.

According to reports on Twitter, Beatty was arrested.


Her being arrested…

Watch how they keep letting her go free. They are holding onto each arm, but not really restraining her. That was definitely on purpose. They wanted to make sure she got her monies worth and said everything she needed to. Afterwards she said she was treated like royalty when booked by the police, who released her after only 40 minutes.


  1. MikieSnaxx

    I commend black Americans(I refuse to say African Americans as they are just as American, if not more so, than any of us) who are pushing back against this Marxist Revolution disguised as antiRacism. Especially because white cops are not shooting unarmed innocent cooperative blacks, yet it’s a sexy lie many blacks are quick to swallow because they hate police.

    • MikieSnaxx

      If there was even ONE video of this happening the fake news would show it endlessly! The George Floyd video was an obvious fake & they did just that!

  2. Elena Iove

    I praise this woman for her courage to call out on BLM and to request REFUND the POLICE! Yes, I would award her with honor and courage to stand up to the bullies! We need LAW and ORDER! Maybe some of us don’t but don’t forget that the satan is lurking in the shadows…

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