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Ted Wheeler Humilated by Leftist Mob, Called a Fascist then Gassed By the Feds. HAAAA. | “Portland Mayor Gassed By Feds As Large Fires Burn At Courthouse; STILL BLAMES TRUMP”

You would have thought these beta-male leftist leaders would have learned their lesson after seeing Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey humiliated in similar fashion, sending him on his infamous and super cringy walk of shame. But of course, they have learned nothing and will continue to be as despicable as ever in order to try holding on to their power. Ted Wheeler actually thinks that by going around & pretending to be in solidarity with the protestors will gain him ground politically.

The first thing they did was throw a bunch of garbage down on the ground where he was walking. Ahahaha.🤣🤣🤣

PERFECT: Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Joins Antifa-BLM Street Protests — Gets Cursed and Mobbed (VIDEO)

By Jim Hoft
Published July 22, 2020 at 11:26pm

He thought he’d be cheered as a hero.
Instead he was cursed and mobbed.

Failed Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler thought he’d join the Antifa-BLM mob on Wednesday night to show he’s down with the cause.
The mob cursed him and told him to resign!

The mob called him a fascist!

Portland Mayor Gassed By Feds As Large Fires Burn At Courthouse; STILL BLAMES TRUMP

Vichy Portland mayor Ted Wheeler decided to attend the protests on Wednesday evening. After getting yelled at for the better part of an hour by crazed leftists, he walked over to the big fence that lines the federal courthouse, to join the protesters there.

As usual, the rioters broke through the fence, set several fires, and launched fireworks at building.

Then the feds started launching chemical agents of some kind:

Wheeler was still getting debris lobbed at him from the communists. Yet he still has the gall to defend the rioters and blame Trump. He claims he saw nothing that warranted that type of response from the feds:

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler says the tear gas stings. Says egregious overreaction from feds. Calls it urban warfare. pic.twitter.com/hrRICiNGHn

— Mike Baker (@ByMikeBaker) July 23, 2020

Either Wheeler is blind or he has selective amnesia. Does he not see the fires burning? Did he not see the people climbing over the fence to storm the building? Has he not seen the countless examples of rioters trying to barricade the doors to the building shut and light it on fire?

Federal officers on loud speakers just warned the crowd to stay off federal property. “Go Home Now”. #PortlandProtests #PDXprotests #BlackLivesMatter pic.twitter.com/JJeHQuWGlm

— Portland Independent Documentarians (@PDocumentarians) July 23, 2020

Ted Wheeler is standing at the courthouse gate while “peaceful protests” attempt to tear it down: pic.twitter.com/Ix8gHjXOZK

— Jewish Deplorable (Parler: TrumpJew) (@TrumpJew) July 23, 2020

Wheeler will be using this photo op to make fakenews.
Ted stood by watching Federal authority preventing a fire outside the courthouse from escalating by pushing rioters back, then extinguishing it.

Wheeler did NOTHING to prevent the radicals from breaching the fence. pic.twitter.com/L5Or8QANnX

— wlctv.ca (@wlctv_ca) July 23, 2020

In this video, Wheeler claims he did not hear any orders from the feds:


— Alex Zielinski (@alex_zee) July 23, 2020

Yet you can clearly hear directions given in another video:

Federal protective services “do not attempt to damage the fence, failure will result in arrest or use of force, including impact munitions and riot control agents” pic.twitter.com/tLzqkf3rH9

— Sergio Olmos (@MrOlmos) July 23, 2020

Further corroborated here:

Surreal media scrum w Mayor doing interviews w tear gas in the air and Fed warnings on the radio #PortlandProtests pic.twitter.com/voKiIGZoVz

— Jonathan Maus (@Jonathan_Maus) July 23, 2020

And Wheeler’s evening ended the same way it started, with crazed leftists berating him:

Wheeler leaves the scene. Protesters throw water bottles at him and curse him. He manages to get inside a building after a scuffle between protesters and his security detail. pic.twitter.com/eRn2gWlpqm

— Mike Baker (@ByMikeBaker) July 23, 2020

Should Ted Wheeler and other elected leaders in Portland be held responsible for the mayhem caused by the violent leftists?

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