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Peter Strok is Reportedly Singing Like a Canary Behind Closed Doors

I’m not sure who else is left to tell on. If they’ve decided that they aren’t going to go after Barry(because he’s dead). And going after #CreepyJoe would look blatantly political(and they maybe feel bad for executing Hunter). Then who else is left really? He would have to offer up ALL the deep cover operatives working for the globalists, around the globe. All of em.

Trump is going to rely on Ukraine to do much of the heavy lifting when it comes to official prosecution of criminal acts perpetrated by #SleepyJoe & son. Crimes that were committed under the guise of diplomacy, allowing for a military tribunal to intercede.

Where’s Hunter? Biden Son Uses Coronavirus To Dodge Another Court Date

Now that Soros has allegedly been captured & killed, he will no longer be able to use Ukraine as his criminal Marxist playpen, as he purportedly owned the entire country before being nabbed recently by his rivals.(VIDEO 👇) Fascinating look at the Soros Luciferian agenda & Chernobyl.

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