#ThesePeopleAreSick, #TheSwampRunsDeep, Celebrity, Cloning, Reptilian

Reptilian & Demon/Archon Possesed Celebrities Live in Constant Fear of Becoming a Ritual Sacrifice Victim in Anticipation of the Anti-Christ

What a little punk. He sold his soul, not thinking the devil would actually come this soon to collect. One of his transhumanist buddies in Silicon valley likely told him that they would be able to safely upload his consciousness into an A.I., Quantum powered, “soul-substrate” of some kind. Allowing him to live forever inside a machine. I bet a lot of these elites are going to end up panicing, and in order to avoid death, followed by eternal damnation, they’re going to upload a copy of their consciousness onto something, way too early, before the technology was truly understood. This act of foolishness and will end up costing them an eternity of horror, stuck inside the confines of a bizarre, everlasting horror show.

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