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D-Wave Quantum Computer Opening Portals to your Digital Mind in a Simulated Mirror World | Remote Nueral Networks, Sentient World Simulation(SWS). It’s all real & its TERRIFYING 🤮😭😱🤬

These are the kinds of things that are very real, yet seem so fantastical and so far out on the fringes of what anyone deems within the realm of possibility, that it gets immediately shuffled away into the backs of one’s mind and quickly forgotten about. Cog-dis in its most elemental form.

Doesn’t anyone want to acknowledge the implications of this? We’re talking about the same Moloch-worshipping assholes who run the world, now having the capability to wirelessly locate anyone in the world via their DNA and subsequently REMOTELY ACCESS & CONTROL that persons brain….😭😭😭

People need to start caring about shit. I can’t “care” for everyone.

Sentient World Simulation(SWS): A Continuously Running Model of the World. A Concept Paper for Comments| DOWNLOAD via ADOBE CLOUD

Source: Wikipedia

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