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NYPD cop orders screaming leftist to ‘back up!’ She jumps right in his face and yells, ‘or f***ing what?’ Police show her what.

“Don’t tell me to back up!…Or fucking what?!!”

Source: By. Dave Urbanski | The Blaze | July 27, 2020

NYPD cop orders screaming leftist to ‘back up!’ She jumps right in his face and yells, ‘or f***ing what?’ Police show her what.

By. Dave Urbanski

In our latest installment of Leftists Losing Their Minds, we find a woman screaming at a group of New York City police officers in the middle of a street. It isn’t clear from the video what brought about her decidedly vitriolic display or when it occurred, but suffice it to say she doesn’t appear to be a fan of the Big Apple’s finest.

After unleashing a torrent of F-bombs at the group of more than 10 officers, she orders them not to tell her to “f***ing back up!”

Well, that apparently was too much for one of the officers to let slide without challenging her, so he told her to do exactly what she commanded them not to do: He calmly replied, “Back up.”

Introducing ‘The Or F***ing What Shuffle’

Ah, but our heroine came with a plan — and maybe a new dance move. Let’s dub it the “Or F***ing What Shuffle.”

That’s because upon hearing the officer’s retort, the enraged woman moved toward the offending cop, timing her first two steps with her holler of two words back at him — along with one final hop and one screamed word to polish it off. “Or … f***ing … what?” she yelled while apparently standing right in the officer’s face.

Can you see it now? Two steps toward your partner … then one big hop as you end up in each others’ faces and yell, “Or f***ing what?” It’ll be a sensation.

But the cops have a dance of their own

It isn’t clear from the clip what the woman did after getting in the officer’s face or if she made physical contact with him or other cops, but she was shoved backward — and then it was on. As she raised her hands and got combative, other officers stepped in and began restraining her as she screamed some more.

Others in the crowd couldn’t believe their eyes as she was taken away. One called the officers “f***ing animals!” while another asked, “Are you serious?”

Anything else?

The NYPD has been assailed from many leftward angles of late:

  • A frequent participant in Occupy City Hall protests in New York City was caught on surveillance video earlier this month allegedly trying to cut the brake lines of a police van in Brooklyn.
  • NYPD officers were physically attacked on the Brooklyn Bridge last week by Occupy City Hall protesters, leaving one officer with multiple fractures of his orbital bones and cuts needing 12 stitches. And when NYPD Chief of Department Terrance Monahan intervened, the department’s highest-ranking uniformed officer was punched in the face, too, court documents said.
  • And cellphone video caught the moment an NYPD cop fought a gang member who apparently was interfering in an arrest. The gang member allegedly put the officer in a headlock — and then the taunting began: “You just got smoked, p***y!”


  1. Christina Pansy

    America, you have spoiled your daughters. They are now brats.

    • Comment by post author

      Brats, LOL: That’s probably the NICEST possible way of characterizing these millennials that ended up like her. Brats usually aren’t this militant & destructive. They’re definitely SOMETHING. The screaming you heard from her as they were arresting her reminded me of that deadly high-pitched scream from that X-Men character. Girls don’t realize just how terrible of a thing that is to do. They are “the girl who cried wolf”. They are cheapenimg the usage of the scream, and instead of instinctively thinking that a girl is in danger when hearing shrieking like that, one may just think it’s just another dumb snowflake having a tantrum about something. And you know it won’t be them who pays the price for this. It will be some innocent girl, raped and or murdered on a college campus somewhere, all because her intense and loud screams were ignored, all because of some dumb bitch like this girl. Leftists are so much more of a destructive force to our society than people truly realize. I say liberalism is a disease because that’s exactly what it is, a disease. An illness with more side effects than you could ever imagine. And this here, is a perfect example.

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