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Obama Uncharacteristically Panic Stricken As He Speaks During John Lewis Funeral. | Former President Obama talking about Voter ID and Mail-in Voting at John Lewis’ Funeral.

Never, I mean never, have I ever seen Barack Hussein Obama display that level of panic, discomfort and desperation in his tone and mannerisms during any speaking engagement that I can ever, EVER remember. In both the recent and ancient history of his public life.


A.) His longtime lover and life partner, Michael Robinson, aka “Big dick Mike”, aka “Floppy Mike” aka Michelle Obama was executed by Trump and the Golden Dawn around the same time that John Lewis was. Hence why you didn’t see Big Mike anywhere during the service for John Lewis. They didn’t have enough time to whip up a Robotoid of big Mike for the funeral. And that takes me to my second hypothesis:

B.) Being that the original Barry Soetoro was very likely executed nearly 2 years ago, the temporary Robitoid clone that they used for this public appearance ended up using emotion-emulation programming that wasn’t in line with normal Obama behavior and mannerisms. Making for this out of character display. These Robitoids only have a life span of a few weeks due to the extreme metabolic rates that are required to keep them going. If this was the case, I’m sure they disposed of that one quickly afterwards.

They’ve been pumping out these Robotoid temp-clones since they purportedly mastered the process to create them in Russia back in the 70’s.

I think the real Answer is some kind of combination of a of A & B. Even though the original Barry Soetoro is long gone, these temporary clone replacements, or Robotoids, would have all the same memories as the original. Albeit artificially implanted, but would still have access to all the same feelings and emotions as authentic Barry. The same Barry we know frequented homosexual spa-brothels in Chicago and got blow jobs from random dudes in limousines while smoking crack.

What we saw was this clone having a very real reaction to the death of Michelle and the pending doom of himself and his life-long Globalist overlord bosses from the Luciferian Marxist communities from around the globe. That is a lot for a soulless android to handle, making malfunction a high probability.

The [DS] is in full out panic mode, that much is clear.  The Golden Dawn is about to drop the hammer on the rest of the old world Luciferian baby eaters and its going to be pretty cool and satisfying to watch even though I am no denier of the true intentions of the Golden Dawn.


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