#QAnon, Paranormal, Time Travel


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Before coming across this I hadn’t heard of any Trump-assasisination themed prophecies with the exception of one random ominous tweet I saw on my feed which said: “Trump is Donnie Darko. He has to die to save the world”. That’s doesn’t really chalk up to much of anything, being that Donnie technically didn’t have to die to save their original dimensional reality(the world). It just happened to work out like that. Though, being that the Mom & sister were apparently privy to some of what was going on, why didn’t they run upstairs to save Donnie? At the end of the movie, you see his sister close the door behind her and sigh in relief, as if she knew Donnie had made everything right. So why didn’t she save him?

I need to watch it again, but the point being, I also found, what I thought was a “New Age” / Donnie Darko connection. We know that Trump is synonymous with the ushering in of this age. IDK…I know it seems like a stretch, but there must be more. And there is. Someone else has been doing the homework I should have been doing and has made a plethora of connections.

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