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The Black Mirror of Mike Pence | Pence Went Donnie Brasco on the Bushes | Photo of Horrific Demon-Handler of Mike Pence

I wanted to revisit this very important video on Mike Pence. First, to state that my suggestion not to trust Q applies to anyone and everyone, not just Q. We obviously have our earthly figures that we decide to trust, but in principle, you should not trust any man/woman. Only the word of God. That goes for anyone.

2nd: I wanted to highlight this unreal photo of an apparent demon-handler postured beside Mike Pence. Looks A LOT like Chucky Schumer.

We know Mike Pence had been replaced after his assassination plans with Paul Ryan were revealed. I wonder if they have a full time replacement or if they just keep pumping out temporary Robotoids that they are forced to replace every few weeks?

This ghoulish looking face reminds me of the figure seen in the reflection of an iPad while filming more fakery in a NASA video studio, which is likely a Masonic temple where they do so sorts of rituals. They had a few guests in the audience that day as you can see.

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