WordPress Theme Layout Settings

It wasn’t me that changed the initial layout settings of the theme I had been using! It was a backend WordPress change of some sort. IDK what they were thinking. The creator of the theme needs to be contacted.

I admit that I tried changing the theme to achieve the initial 2 column layout in mobile mode that the Rowling theme allowed, but didn’t get thy kindest feedback.

So, I changed in back to Rowling. If anyone knows how to get the settings back to normal, I’d love to hear it, but I promise I won’t be changing anymore theme settings. Lol. This was one of my feedback emails. Lololol. Alright. I’ll never change it again.

But seriously, I can sympathize with being used to going to a site with the same ideal settings and then returning to a nightmare. I’m not sure why the size got blown up so much on his end, but they are back to original, even though I am unable to return the mobile mode to a 2 column home layout anymore for whatever reason.

You once had the best formated website and of course, you screwed it up and change it 100% completely…
Are you high or did you place and give many tracking BS in your site so you now make a huge profit from these that you allowed to track your readers…
You are now a traitor, and totally destroyed your easy to read format, which was simply the best, to now, fuckingn it up.
good luck but you just flushed your content downt he toilet, and impossible to read.  Why did you sell out your soul to the evil  you say you are exposing?
Or are you heavily on Herion, or Adrenochrome?
Trying to save your butt, since you lost all reality, and got too lost inside your own mind and website format makes 100% very little sense.  5 letters per line now on story names, and it runs 25-30 lines down?


  1. Demitra M. N.

    I personally liked the various changes, especially that red and white background — but that’s me — enlivening colors keep me alert and awake while I’m reading. In any case, that comment you were sent reflects a stick-in-the-mud control-freak, telling you that what you are putting out makes you unfit and untrustworthy. People seeking truth are not likely to bother writing dumb messages like that, and so you may want to consider that WordPress itself is deliberately messing with your settings due to the nature of what you blog about, AND (if the complainer is indeed unknown to you) the message is coming from a paid WordPress troll checking in on you and assessing disturbance levels.

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