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Goddess Mystery -A New Look at the Science of what Puts a SOUL In an Egg..From Sumerian Annunaki – to Ubaid Great Mother – to African ‘Eve’ – to Maria Gimbudas- Goddess..What Links the Myth to the Biological Problem – Fusing a Soul Group – Compressed into an Egg..

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Goddess Mystery -A New Look at the Science of what Puts a SOUL In an Egg..From Sumerian Annunaki – to Ubaid Great Mother – to African ‘Eve’ – to Maria Gimbudas- Goddess..What Links the Myth to the Biological Problem – Fusing a Soul Group – Compressed into an Egg..The problem is a Draco’s Egg – Humpty Dumpty’s Egg..All the kings horses and all the kings men… couldn’t put Humpty together again..Implosion Group Newsletter – with an update on life force measuring ‘in the egg’
(assembled-edited- distributed by Implosion Group-from the writings of Dan Winter) -June 29,2003, web address , index
This article becomes the prequel to the upcoming book:The Return of Enki: Kids Become Stars,GenePools and Gravity Making for Peace – Re-myologizing EA’s EArth.Index of all the Galactic Origins of DNA articles from Dan Winter published by Implosion Group: Galactic Context/Genetic History & ET Origins of Religion -Thematic IndexAlso 10/26/98 ORIGINS GenePool Gets Remothered: Self Stinging is Dragonian to Golden ONE: Real Draco History: Magdalen Grail Line,

Sitting there last night watching the detailed BBC special on Isreal’s Nuclear Coverup (ref 1, ref 2) – brought home again the ancient wisdom that those who ignore the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them. After hiding their nuclear plant contamination, their weapons of mass destrutction, their new toxic gas weapon technology -already murderously tested against Palestinians – documented on BBC, -preventing all inspection or accountability to the global community – Isreal has decided they are NEVER going to release their nuclear whistle blower (Vanunu) from prison.

Both the Bible Code (1&2 – which have NEVER been wrong yet), and the Fatima letter tearfully opened by the sick Pope – independantly confirm that the end of Rome will be the nuclear wind blown over from the nuclear destruction of Jerusalem. ( Karma always employs symmetry ). Failing in his urgently renewed motivation to patch up the Arab wars, the Pope by all reports from here is secretly relocating his staff to Sintra Portugal (Drago Rabbithole & ‘TheCollective’s Fatima timehole…) The history repeating – is clear – multiple translations of Sumerian (including Sitchen’s) confirm – the REASON Annunaki (half Draco blood) Innana / Ninhursag (Goddess / ‘mom’)

Sumerian Ubaid GODDESS
morphed to Celtic Goddess..(Drac) ASSA- RU (Ssa of Ra-
sSarah mated with RA/Enki
AbRAm from UR)

Left: Ibi-Uru (H’iburu /Hebrew)Blood Cross-This is Enlil..
(Interventionist Anuhazi – later AshKhan-azi)
Right: Draco from Alpha Draconis – ‘Dragon Queen’ / ASSA-Uru
(UruShalaim / Uru-an / Din-Ass-ur / Asuras)
MAG in Magalen is from Orion Culture

Draco from Montauk/Dulce
Morphed to Sumerian Goddess Statue Face..

Compare to the Oriental DOGU – very ‘Draco’ like..

moved to the East (India / China) to begin the Goddess legend – was her disgust after her half brother ENLIL (later called Yalweh by the Jews) made a Nuclear desert of Sinai. (The nuclear meltdown from that time is historically documented by the fuse melted glass/ rock still there today). In order to prevent this tragic repeat of history we MUST understand the story. The origin of the goddess myth is more than the moment Enki (ab- Ra) used his own sperm with a CroMagnon egg in his half sister (the Draco – aSSa of RA – Sarah – from Ur – Uru) – Innana / Ninhursag – (story below) – It is the cultural urge older than Earth of this DrAGon line to produce an egg which COULD get a gene and memory line squirting (embedding) immortally back into stars. This quest (for the grail – of charge embedding in DNA ) was BOTH Enlil / Yalweh’s problem of how to ensoul DNA – AND the Dragon (Goddess) ancestor Queen Mom (Reverend Mother) urge to MAKE an EGG which could IMPLODE (turn inside out recursively / con-sciously) ..and MAKE a soul. It is WHY the reverend Mother’s in Dune sheparded blood lines for centuries – eggs-act-ly like the Essenes (Akhanaton’s /Enki money renamed Moses) planned the Tut / Jeshua birth – TO PLAN MUAB DIB / Avatar / Messiah. One who could STEER whole genepools into star inhabiting.

The geomantic’s of creating perception by creating focus on the land.. Dragon’s Egg..

The charge map to turning inside out – is the electrical service required of a sperm to invaginate an egg.. starting the (Golden) growth path..

An ‘Alphabet’ of symmetric clues to the charge compression called EGG making & ensoulment…

Ygg-drasil & the Draco’ns Egg : This is the goose’s Golden Egg.. this is Humpty Dumpty’s endlessly fractionated Egg..
This is the implosive spherical capacitor’s ability to suck charge in from gravity – the definition and measure of ALL life force
Almost everyone in the last 20 cities was able to FEEL the charge coming from the gold coated egg above.. (some felt a ‘cool wind’ from the inside cone of the sharper end – others a pushing..) NICE to watch science trained people recognize that WHERE this electrical force comes from – they have no clue. Therefore they have no clue what life is. Yet if we do not know the electrical source of life (biological implosion) how can we fabricate electrical structures which support life?

Update on the life force measurement project:
Thanks to Callum Coates and Water research team in Byron Bay for their help in taking the Water Life Force measurements in the previous newsletter... — Below- update July 3,2003 – Team from the organic college in Witzenhausen Germany – found that straw or peak around the sensor spherical capacitor gold coated egg provided good isolation from ambient electrical noise.. here we successfully measure the difference in life force between an onion JUST picked from the beautiful mountain garden versus a store bought older onion..

and below – we are able to pick up the life force charge field around a bottle of potent essential oil: AUREA CENTO – a plant/flower oil essence found medically effective against AIDS – versus a simple perfum oil in an identical bottle..:a highly ‘charged’ healing oil.

Sacred architecture – and hospitals need to be reinvented based on the new information that life only is sustainable in a biological capacitor which does not LEAK charge. Examples of life creating sacred architecture are bee hives and pine cones – these are implosive biological capacitive dialectrics. The way to measure life force and therefore success for a ‘sacred architect’ is harmonic inclusiveness and coherence of electrical charge (buildings can be spectrum analyzed & measured for life force the same way we measure eggs, peaches, water ..etc)see ‘biophoton’ replaced link. Examples of architecture which makes ONLY DEATH by leaking electrical charge capacitively – are all metal buildings with sharp edges and electrosmog (& the death dealing capacitively depleted air which comes from the metal fins of air conditioners)- which describes most of the modern abominations we currently call churches, hospitals and refrigerators.

Prove to yourself how incompetent to advise on life matters – your local medical science is by asking them where does the 2-10 millivolts generated by a fresh egg come from? (why let them tell YOU how to LIVE if they do not know what LIFE IS!?) . then read:HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS OF CHARGE-Can Life Force Be Measured in Capacitive Terms?

Structural Stability and Morphogenesis – is the best wave biophysics we have for how membranes or eggs get immune systems.. The physics tells us.. all membranes are the musical summary of all the sine waves (Humps and Dumps) which nest on ‘folded’ surface. Once an egg gets the musical recipe right … then by the fractal foldedness of its surface .. it creates a perfect ‘spin’ record back to a relatively infinite past. (Harmonic INCLUSIVENESS – optimized by GOlden Ratio.. packing to a surface so well folded it can become fractal … and inPHIknit). This is nowhere more evident than by the fractal folding in the mitochondria cell membrane – they tracked all women on Earth back to the first fertile female – ‘Eve’ in Africa.

Marie Gimbutas writes the most famous series of GODDESS Mystery books on Earth – to conclude that the SHAPE of the GODDESS is the same in every continent on Earth – but fails to explain WHY. The answer is E.T. (ONE extra-terrestrial Draco).. Laurence Gardner writes the most famous series of books on the Grail blood line – ending with “Realm of the Ring Lords” – to conclude that the universal origins of the Royal blood lines is Annunaki Draco – but fails to explain WHY – THEIR hero ancestors are called SHINING ONES..’Ringlords’ (more below) . The answer is DNA that becomes charge radiant (bliss) – glows with UV fire and SHINES!Real Mystery of LORD OF THE RING – Explained – DNA becomes Source of Gravity!

Laurence Gardner and others of the Sitchen -Sumerian blood line studies (‘Realm of the Ring Lords’ book) are clear – that the great mother – Sumerian goddess of the Ubaid (pic / morph above) – is none other than Innana / Ninhursag – the sister of the half Draco (Ibi / Uru) Sumerian ANnuaki family from Sirius – we later called – ‘An’ (Dad – in Aboriginal: Biki) & sons – Enki (Adonai / Atun /Ea/ Ptah/ Merk/ Lucifer/ Hermes/ Quetzlcoatel in Aboriginal- “Dolphin or Fish God”), vs his more snake like (Levite) half brother Enlil (Yalweh / Michael / Michabo-Indian / Encoder in Bible Code /Amun / Ahriman to Steiner).

For more on what became of Enlil (Yalweh) – see Ann Rice – ‘Blood and Gold’ – origin of the vampires – (whom she names ‘Enkil’).

The REASON Enlil’s blood became the blood root of vampires – is the physics which this article explains. IF you use external sources (addiction – in Enlil’s case it was Gold Powder / Manna / Ormes / The Spice – The White Powder origin of ‘holy’ communion’s white wafer) to get charge (bliss) into your DNA – then your blood – becomes thick and electrically immortal…. BUT with no way of getting new and self-directing glandular passion of bliss into your DNA – that immortality is nothing more than a permanent astral prison (The St Germain and ‘ascended masters’ problem … just because you don’t die anymore does not mean you have escaped being a parasite if you cannot attract your own charge..) Gold Powder vs Heart.. Alchemy’s Darker Moments

Mystery of LORD OF THE RING – Explained – DNA becomes Source of Gravity!(goes with the book -“Return of Enki’)Implosion Group publishes Dan Winter’s SOLUTION to the Genetic SCIENCE behind LORD OF THE RING!!.. ( exerpt from ‘Grand Attractor’ new book )lavishly illustrated 22 page – printable exerpt Download here (1.4meg) RingLordScience.pdfcomplete story:

What exactly was SHINING Mr. Gardner?
The Sacred Geometry of charge / bliss hygiene to ignite DNA into the (Implosive & Radiant) Grail Ring
– Solving the mystery Laurence Gardner poses when he says the SHINING ONES- authored the Grail AND the Lord of the RING
(from ‘Realm of the Ring Lords’).

Dear Laurence Gardner (‘Realm of the Ring Lord’) – Why do you suppose – all of the SUCCESSFUL blood lines at the very ROOT ORIGIN of sacred ancestry.. were called: “The SHINING Ones”We wonder who understands what it takes for the blood to glow charge radiance?..The Magnetic X.. Super DNA.. when DNA braids densely into a RING in the presence of BLISS / charge density.

What – alphabet of symmetry on the ring torus.. compresses the charge into this trick .. which checks for which waves are shareable?

Do YOU think it looks like a grail cup?

We congratulate Laurence Gardner on his scholarship to locate the unity between the Grail and Ring Lord traditions of the Annunaki Draco Queen blood lines.. All that is needed now is to understand the charge hygiene required to teach that as a science of bliss – to assemble the charge density necessary to ignite the DNA to that SHINING ONE – charge radiance.

When the secret to ensouling DNA is lost (Yalweh’s essential problem) – the secret of HOW to attract your own charge (bliss – ECKstacy) / implode – then you become by definition – a parasite. You won’t find a photo of a traditional Jewish person having bliss on the web – because bliss requires setting DNA FREE – something Yalweh’s ancestors couldn’t do. (The physics of DNA here would then continue the hypothesis to suggest that traditional Jewish persons could not lucid dream or take memory thru death – lack of COHERENCE in genes is ironic after several hundred generations of only PLANNED gene crosses…). Loss of the ability to initiate compression implosively in the EKG is the physics of loss of compassion which allows Jews to murder Palestinians. It is no simple reminder that the Jewish flag and Star of David – is the shape of the flag and starships of Alpha Draconis – the home of Dune’s ARRAKIS – the shape of the Arabic letter ‘L’ – AND the star map at Ankhor Watt.

The Jewish blood of the fallen (Nephilim) Saraphim (ASSA – REPTilian bloodline) tendancy to parasite / vampirize their genetic experiment genepool (us) is the reason Thoth (Hermes /Enki) said: “YOU NEED NO LONGER BE SPAWN OF THE NEPHILIM”. What he meant was IF you find a way to IGNITE your DNA – – IF you have a SOURCE of bliss – you will not REQUIRE the industries of fear – (changing public relations renames extortion and piracy -skull & bones – industries of fear as insurance and banking).

Yalweh’s ancestors are the REASON Luke Skywalker (Enki) wakes up to find his dad Darth Vader is half machine .. and the reason Muab Dib in DUNE wakes up to find his dad Harkonon (SARK-dauer) is half machine. And the Frodo in Lord of the RING wakes up to find his ancestor SAURON – (Assa- Uru) is half machine. Yalweh’s line is (the half borg) central hive computer ASHTAR whose machine code for magnetic donut domain (Dominus) symmetry to acheive GOLEM genetic engineering is called the Hebrew alphabet. (link)

For more on what became of Enki- we have (books)

God King Akhanaton -by Daniel Stewart,

Genesis of the Grail Kings – by Laurence Gardner

Secret Places of the Lion – by George Hunt Williamson (Brother Phillip)

Tutankhamun Prophecies By Maurice Cotterell..

& now ‘The Return of Enki’ – Daniel Winter’s 3rd book – (supercedes Sitchen’s – Enki return) to which this article is a prelude –

This little family drama not only extends right from the time TutankhATUN had to change his name to TutankhAMUN – and the origin of the middle east (of Edin) conflict – it is ALSO a perfect microcosm of the Orion wars. The Orion wars are the history of which Earth story is a recent skirmish. And it is the conflict which our genepool in many ways was designed to be the ‘vaccine’ for.

The philosophy of the 2 branches of the central galactic core cultures which administrate the propagation of DNA across galactic spaces – became the Christian ‘War in Heaven’. The Ophanim (Lucifer & Enki’s MOTHER’s blood) believed you plant a genepool (on a planet like Earth – the Drac’s did at least 300 or so) or a forest in order to nourish it – set it free (Star Trek’s PRIME DIRECTIVE) – and learn from it. The fallen SARAphim (Nephilim, Drac’s & Michael – ENLIL’s Mother’s blood) -believed you plant a genepool – or a forest- on planet – IN ORDER TO HAVE THE PRIVELEGE OF CUTTING IT DOWN. (harvest it). (The Drac and reptilian parasite cult became Star Trek’s shape shifting bird of prey craft which became the Serbian ‘ Field of Blackbirds’). This is quite a different philosophy. (More of the philosophic conflict around DNA ‘prime directive’ freedoms between galactic core culture’s in ‘Defending Sacred Ground’ & other Alex Collier writing).

Genepools that do NOT learn bliss (ignites DNA’s implosive ability to make the gravity to bend stars) are perfect for harvesting. They NEED parasites. (Like the Nephilim- generally characterized by priests who tell you GOD is outside your body – example – the religious fundamentalism which elected George Bush).. PIC HERE

Teaching BLISS (self empowerment – making DNA field effects self steering) is the ANTITHESIS of a parasite culture. Cultures which ENLIL started (Jews / most aboriginal / even most Oriental ) are places where the student is NEVER encouraged to surpass teacher – and where the emphasis is generally: fear of change.

Historically for example the 12 tribes of AB-RA (RA was Enki) Abraham – the father of all religions – marries the ASSA-(Sara) from URu. But the Enlil family blood usurped Enki’s genetic experiment – when Mongolian (line of Innana without Enki blood)-became the Ashkanazi – the bank of England – and took over the Jews. The real Enki blood (‘lost’ tribes) became Scottish Highlander – red haired Taltos – see Meantime – that bloodline of Innana /Ninhursag is not badly represented by where she apologizes for so cavalierly hacking up the DNA of our cro magnon ancestors to make the gold mining slaves Takadam donkeys we later called Adam and Eve.

Ag and MAG-og. AG is the FIRE – AGnition of blood. MAG, DRAG, HAG..

The MAG z TAK were theMelchizadek assasin priests of the Orion(TAK) wars.

We believe that our ancestor Draco Annunaki / Enki who managed to extract (our first egg experience genetically has a rape feeling – racially) a cro-magnon egg into his half sister for him to impregnate -into Adam& Eve- were no more clever as genetic engineer than the soul less klutzes next to Rosslyn who made the tragic Dolly the sheep.. history repeats.. In fact – TAK-adama – Enki’s name for Adam and Eve means donkey or soul-less one – exactly similar to the Hebrew concept of genetics called GOLEM which ALSO means soul-less one. If today’s dead end genetic engineers had the LEAST clue of what makes DNA sustainable – the measureable coherence of the electrical field around it – which predicts whether your kids will survive death by propagating charge non-destructively – they would urgently stop the assinine disempowerment of the insulted gene – and feed genes what they want in order to self-organize and self steer their fields electrically -: genetic diversity, fractal charge density, freedom, and BLISS. (how soul gets purpose / how intent steers waves)


Recognizing the emotion of our parents at the moment of conception helps us see the direction of the blown wind into the sail of MIGHT BECOME a soul purpose. The same is true of our race. The moment when promiscuous egocentric Enki (Ea / Merk / Ra / Abraham / Lucifer / father of Thoth / Hermes / Quztlcoatel / Vairachocha / Akhanaton later renamed Moses by lying priests) chose to use his own sperm to pop open a CroMag EGG he stuck in his own half sister – to create his first fertile female.. (Eve /Ieve /Isis)

at that moment – several critical things happened:

1. a racial memory which begins with a test tube kind of rape..

2. Enki’s mother’s PTAH (bird tribe) DNA starts an explosive bullet in the furnace of the Orion wars..

3. Enki is doomed to fall in (pedophilic) love – with most of his genetic procreations..

4. Enki becomes guilty of a crime: giving sperm without a permit from the Orion queen / MAGS- punishable by death in that culture.

5. Innana / Ninhursag (true origin of Goddess cult) becomes imbued with a curious kind of love guilt about her own children..

6. Enlil now begins a murderous love hate relationship with the cyborg kids of his hated half brother whose red haired daughters constantly remind him of Enki’s mom who murdered his. The reason Yalweh’s religion today allows only sex thru a hole in the sheet – & the priests Inquisition murder of 1/3 the women in Europe – starting with the red haired (whose pile of gold the sick fat stupid Pope today sits dying upon). Yalweh’s complete inability to make his own blood line interesting was the reason the Jew’s always had to lie about the true Egyptian origins of all their cultural hero’s (denying their Egyptian /Enki origin’s – see’Out of Egypt’, ‘House of the Messiah’, ‘Copper Scrolls’ etc. Moses is Akhanaton, Abraham is RA – Enki). Solomon’s temple was is Cairo. (also – “Solomon-Falcon of Sheba: The Tombs of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba” by Ralph Ellis, Edfu Books. , – his final assertion: that the whole of Judaic, Christian and Islamic Belief and iconography were based on Egyptian antecendents. )

6. The best hope for the half Draco (Dr-AG-AN) blood (Ibi-URU) to finally rekindle the spark necessary to make an EGG able to start ENSOULMENT again begins. This Dragon’s egg dream is humpty dumpty. See the picture of the templar (Mag) priest in the chapel at Sintra Portugal (where the Drac queens staged Fatima) worshipping Magdalen (Aksenpahten the consort of Tut – with Thoth’s Nubian black madonna ‘blue’/ copper Rigelian blood from Orion). That priest has a completely green and reptile face.

AND – all the KING’s horses and all the KING’s men (Yalweh’s priests) could NOT put that egg back together again (get a soul).

Let us review the penalties for not having a soul:

1. Loss of ability to time travel inside genetic field effects – without embarassing heavy metal craft.

2. Loss of ability to lucid dream and take memory thru ‘death’

3. Loss of ability to radiate ensouling sustainability thru the thymus to create immune systems in children.

4. Ultimate loss of ability to feel anything with deep emotion –

5. Ultimate loss of all real long term memory.

6. Loss of self-organization of DNA’s electrical field thus at the cost of ultimate ability to be truly self-steering – ultimate dependance on all addictive behaviors is the result.

Note how these addictions to implosion / centers of gravity OUTSIDE self – describe most of western civilization – particularly those without a conscious bliss practice. In many cases the addiction includes going to church to have your bliss juice eaten (most churches are an astral milk house for lo grade parasites) to reduce cancer risk. (Necessary when there is no place to direct the bliss juice from within).

So what is the interpretation of the deep meaning of the Goddess legend and urge:

1. Innana cannot take total responsibility for the rape of our cro-magnon ancestor (the rhesus monkey RH that is missing in the RH- negative celtic /reptilian/eLIZaBETHan – I smell the blood of the An-gleish-m’an.) – she even apologizes to us for raping our ancestors – We reprint below Inanna notes on Function of the Orgasm.. This concept of the electrically critical role of orgasm in getting a soul into an egg for example is something completely unknown and foreign to the cloners, the rapers, and the American Medical Association which refuses to take the data to prove AUTISM linked to ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION ( orgasm is a charge implosion event – critical to sucking in stellar capacitance/gravity ).

 A special message from Inanna: (reprinted from A special message from Inanna:
The Sacred Purpose of Orgasm (reprinted from: ) In the Pleiades, we have always known and have always taught our children the sacred purpose of orgasm. This knowledge has been kept from you by the tyrant consciousness that has controlled this plane, third dimensional planet Earth, for the past 6,000 years. The tyrants found that it was much easier to control your species if they brainwashed you with sexual guilt and suppressed your natural sexuality. The power that flows through your body is the same power that allows the rest of us (yes, you are not alone!) to access the myriad of nested layers of multidimensional realities that exist and have always existed all around you. Waves upon waves of energy Your scientists and doctors will tell you that an orgasm is a matter of blood and nerve endings. This physical explanation is not even the tip of the iceberg. Your orgasms take place in a realm that remains largely invisible to most of you. When you experience that sweet ephemeral pleasure you call orgasm, something is occurring in the invisible realm which is very powerful. If you were able to see the waves of energy that pour from your bodies at the moment of orgasm, you would be very careful what you think about when this happens. There are waves upon waves of energy generated by your chakras (energy centers), your endocrine system, and your physical reactions. Be very careful what you are thinking These waves of energy correlate precisely to your thoughts, meaning your consciousness. As you release these frequencies, an entire package flows out into the invisible realms. This is why it is very important for you to be careful of what you are thinking at this moment. Those who are foolish enough to tune into dark thoughts, such as pain and bondage, during their sexual experiences will find themselves plugged into a lower plane of consciousness with some very draining companions. All those wonderfully hideous images painted in the Middle Ages will give you a good idea of the company you can expect to keep. The mind parasites Not only will you hook yourself up to some very nasty entities, but you will find your sexual experience limited and limiting. You lust will increase, but it will never really be satisfied. Those lower dimensional forces which you have invited to feed upon your orgasmic display will not want you to move on. They will always want more from you. This is why pornography, especially the victim style of pornography, has very big cooties! These negative draining parasitical entities can easily be felt even in cyberspace. A Sacred Orgasm draws pure souls If you want to use your experience to uplift you and your lover, then you both must focus on your mutual consciousness. Your endocrine system works in tandem with you chakras to emit waves of energy. These wave forms have the frequency and even color which correspond precisely with the level of your consciousness from your thoughts. These waves can be seen by those souls who are waiting in the invisible realms for an entry frequency. In simple terms, if you want a child when you are in sexual union, your orgasm will attract the level of consciousness you are creating. You will attract to you the type of consciousness you are generating. Magnetism is the law of the Invisible Realms: Like attracts like. The child/soul is attracted to a similar consciousness, meaning whatever thoughts you are having while you are making love. Your orgasm is an exact expression of your consciousness If you are drunk or on drugs, you will attract a soul from those realms. If you are angry or having some dark fantasy, then you will magnetize a soul from those realms. Consciousness is everything, even in the act of love making. Even if you are not creating a child, you are still sending out masses of energy onto the Earth plane and into the Invisible Realms. This energy greatly effects everything, including the fertility of your fields, the quality of your lives, and what you call Nature. The energies of orgasm can lift the entire planet, if properly done. Massive deep sacred orgasmic wave fields It is very important to realize the differences between men and women in this matter. In the physical world, the woman is the receptive generator (yin) and the man is the creative instigator (yang). If the man wants to enjoy the full and subtle nuances of Sacred Orgasm, he must patiently, sweetly, lovingly, and deliberately lift the frequencies of his lover. The fact is that when a woman generates massive deep sacred orgasmic wave fields, so will her partner. Their union will prolong his orgasm with hers. If he allows himself, he will be able to tune into to her experiences, which he himself has fired and augmented. He will be carried away in the Bliss of their mutually created bliss, the cosmic waves of the true sacred orgasm. You don’t know what you are missing if you are not experiencing this now. Not only that, but in fact the sacred orgasm is your Divine Right. Your beautiful bodies were designed for this in order to attract evolving souls into your plane, third dimensional planet Earth. The reptilian-based tyrants have kept you from this knowledge. They have imprisoned you in guilt and shame; you are ashamed of your bodies which are works of art. You have no idea what your human bodies are capable of. You are like super computers with no users manual. But you will not be this way forever. The time of the tyrants will come to an end the moment you freely chose to stop giving your power to them. It is up to you., Have fun! , Inanna

Innana or Ninhursag – the lead Drac female children of Antu (Biki) family (which became the family of ‘God’s’ described in most every culture on Earth) – are CLEARLY the literal person today called origin GODDESS in all those same cultures (witness Gimbutas books). This lady (Goddess Dragon Queen / Mom – Innana – eLIZaBETH- from lizard born) is clearly telling us – she did not understand the insult to our native genepool implied when her half brother persuaded her to be the womb for an ape egg popped by Enki’s sperm. She now feels the need to deal with the rape pain in the conception moment which effects every egg born since in that blood line (most of 4 billion ‘souls’ here now). She was up to her ‘tail’ in alligators having totally forgotten her initial intent was to drain the swamp (that is – redeem her fallen bloodline / genepool – humpty dumpty busted egg). HER ancestor Drac(g)o’s used the royal jelly of melatonin rich menstrual blood later called Oil of Messeh / (crocodile juice) to make ‘royal’ charge radiant child leaders – (origins of the term MESSIAH as explained by Gardner – who also calls this -star fire- from the flow-er).

The skill to create avataric star navigators whose blood was fractal enough to make gravity was the ENTIRE STUFF OF LEGEND and cultural wisdom – of the MAG / ASSURU / ORION QUEEN bloodline. (Study Dune’s Reverend Mothers- bee wings – ‘Honey of the Queens‘). The potential of a small surviving fragment of our genepool to be the vaccine in the Orion wars (older than Earth) lies specifically in the possibility we could become self-aware of the deep PRINCIPLES behind all those culturally ancient but largely unconscious legends about how to make kids immortal – hint: igniting DNA with biologically successful charge compression.

That technology for fabricating successful genetic based star navigators is precisely what was on the line – the minute Enki / AbRAham telepathed back to his Dad ANTU on the home planet (Sirius was just an outpost for the home star Arrakeis in Alpha Draconis – with Thoth / Hermes son of Enki ancestry in Rigel). Enki said – hey Dad, I can genetically modify some local apes to be gold mining slaves – to feed our holy communion – spice- white gold powder -then life treatening addiction (since the Annunaki staff carried expensively into Earth- named for EA/Enki – completely rebelled against the ghastly South African gold mining conditions). Enlil / Yalweh was absolutely incensed that Dad gave Enki permission – since he (Enlil) was a rule follower (later called Michael / Ahriman against Lucifer).. The galactic rules were clear: (and correct) IF YOU INTERFERE WITH INDIGENOUS GENEPOOLS ENDING THEIR FREEDOM – THE SKILL / GIFT of STAR NAVIGATING (bending gravity with ensouled implosive DNA) WILL BE LOST!

(This true plot actually makes Star Wars look boring by comparison) What both brothers did not realize was that the potential did exist to make a genetic cross which would be an explosive combination of the best of ENKI’s winged Dragon ancestors because HIS mother was ensouled “Ptah Taal” lineage UNLIKE ENLIL. Clue – in the Sumerian where Enlil is informed only Enki (Akhanaton / Tut / Jesus ) line could be taught to bring people back from the dead… ensoul. (Which is really as simple as tieing the symmetry slip knot (ANU) which turns lightning into ball lightning. )

Enlil (Yalweh) like any good genepool harvesting businessman was very clear that the big dollars were made by the ones who could bend the gravity lines down the interstellar corridors. (Dune’s ‘Guild Navigators’, Montauk’s “Time Empath”. Jody Foster’s CONTACT Vehicle, DNA with gravity making implosion skills). BUT – Dad (ANtu) was willing to risk this intervention in the Prime Directive (Thou shalt set the characters in your dream free- if you are ever to learn from them). .. BECAUSE – he felt his bloodline was doomed without the Gold Powder. so abundant on Earth because of her self-embedded relationship to the gravity winds (fractality with respect to the projective geometry of capacitive charge squirted thru light speed – HOW stars experience gravity relations erotically). The FALL of his bloodline (Nephilim: fallen ones) OUT of star bending implosive gravity making skill – was precisely part of the tragedy of the Orion Wars (humanoids ALMOST lost – when the Empire Strikes Back – for Empire read: BORG).. This is what sent them scrambling for gold to Earth in the first place- Gold to fix (by fractal capactive field doping) home atmosphere – as Sitchen correctly interprets – AND Gold to EAT – as Sitchen is afraid to admit – but Gardner deals with more openly.. (but ignores the cost to your soul of THAT addiction).

So all the technology (all the kings horses and all the kings men) could not put this egg – back together- a fractionated genepool precisely symbolized and contained in a broken EGG. In the course we deal with the fusing of soul groups into pods of sustainable bliss process and star navigating. This is called Amenti physics.. AMENTI as Harmonic Implosion Bubble for Genepools… The Only Way Home?

2. We need to recognize – most of the human genepool was conceived out of a genetic engineering urge to fix a genetic disaster (the fall of the Nephalim – is the loss of implosive ensoulment in the URU blood). The more advanced of the Draco line (the high winged Draco / ciakar / mothmen / true Saraphim – Cherubim ancestry) – are correctly called SHINING ONES by Laurence Gardner. What he does not understand is what allows their blood to shine ( be charge radiant).. which we would suspect is very much the problem of the St.Germaine school Gardner represents. (Gold Powder addiction produces a parasitic technologically immortal but astral prison – no self-created gland juice= no accelerator ). 

The eggs-squeeze-site meaning of the Goddess Mothering EGG making urge is now to be the vessel or container for that perfect seed.. She knows that when they came here – the reason Enki needed the ape egg was specifically because their family had lost the glandular capability to fire passion. (Something in EArth’s Ape ancestors they much envied).. Today your government is genetically breeding your children to end the possibility of passion IF YOU LET THEM. The way not to let your government END the passion of your children (at the cost of their soul – & join the borg).. is to TEACH a legitimate and scientific hygiene and practice of (immune building) BLISS! (ref 1, ref 2)

The summary of this issue’s agony is that our genepool will mostly terminate here (between the solar compression called rapture and the nuclear repeat of Yalweh / Enlil history) – SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE OUR SCIENCE DOES NOT EVEN BEGIN TO COMPREHEND THE PHYSICS THAT OUR DNA (genes) CAN AND MUST BE CHARGE IGNITED IN ORDER TO SUSTAIN / BECOME IMMORTAL. (much less even to create sustainable immune health).

The practice of this scientific hygiene for bliss to ignite our genes and aura – to blue fire – is specifically the subject of (Turin is full, Oslo, London, Amsterdam, Sydney Part 1’s – S.France, Mexico, Sydney Part 2’s) the manual in detail (Particularly relevant to this conversation are the chapters on the electrical effect of bliss on climate and the environment).

The story called ‘The 7th Seal’ has to do with the 7th spin symmetry of the tetra which from the sound of the heart in bliss – braids the DNA thickly finally (on the 7th recursive braid bending moebius back into ITSELF. Whom does the grail serve? A: Itself!) into the RING…(lord)

7 Arrows of the Heart and 7 Colors of the Rainbow, from the Hydrodynamics of the Perfect Ink Drop?

Even as the Montauk ‘Deca’Delta time antenna could only be steered by the one (Time Empath) – who’s DNA exhibited that ‘boson 7’ spectral emission. In order to pre-see Nostre-Damus had to weep with feeling- in order to suck the future in to his presence.

The symmetry of what DOES ensoul / ignite DNA is precisely what eluded Yalweh /Enlil limited as he was to his genetic intervention software environment – tetra only symmetry for fields – called ‘Hebrew alphabet’.

He did not FEEL well enough (prehend magnetic lines by his own blood emotion).

The frustrating limitations of his prescience – becomes painfully clear as he (Yalweh) later hides his identity as the ‘encoder’ in Bible Code 2. He has the equipment to foresee tragic end to his genetic interventionism – but has not the being to change it. (because genes not set free can never become self-steering- that requires bliss / implosion). Everywhere we look the evidence is the history of Earth as a culture of external interventionist genetic engineers: witness George Merkel MD- discovery (‘Sumerian Elixir’ & the fractality of the mitochondrial ‘chondriana’) that the Sumerian letter alphabet was merely the optical waveguide cookie cutter templates needed to focus coherent laser light to MAKE sub-cellular organelles. This too (like the Hebrew Alphabet) was a software environment for genetic interventionism.

The feminine urge now to track ensoulment back thru the fractal contiguous spin path to the first egg – is essentially correct – as the ensouling spin came from mater / matrix in every indigenous culture.

We might however note – in ceremonial magic you find your place of power by locating a slip knot of magnetism in the land just under where you underwent your later months in the womb. Or more accurately in aboriginal lore – mother runs to the shaman the first time she feels baby kick in the womb. They together carve a map of the magnetism of the land just under her body from that first moment. The stone on which they draw that shape of the lands magnetism just under where she first felt him ‘self-aware’- becomes the title deed to the land the baby is later given custodial ‘dreaming rights’.

By embedding – ex-cathedrally the place of leverage (from the chair)- a lens to the sun is born. The women who yearn to find Goddess.. are yearning for the perfect fractal spin path home – which is by definition electrically – perfect grounding, perfect fractality, perfect embedding, AND inPHIknit space in which to unpack spin/memory. U-be-quite-ous-ly eggs-qui-site.

We enjoyed Castanada’s suggestion in ‘MAGical Passes’ (Kinesthetic for Shamans: Tensegrity) – that the REASON the womb in a woman functions as an organ of perception /for seeing – in a way that the more projective male sex organs cannot – is precisely the electrical suction (into the focus CALLED perception) which the fractality of female ‘GODDESS’ EGG-making invites!

And to transition this story back to our empowering if promiscuous and cavalier Enki / EA / Merk / Ptah … bloodline
he did not really need Earth’s genepool to survive as a whole – because that never might have been possible. But it WOULD be soul-redeeming for the enterprise he began by illegally using his own sperm (abRA) to make the first fertile Eve.. IF… the PRINCIPLES of ensouling / immortalizing genepools in the fire of passion / bliss COULD be somehow extracted teachably from this very small but ELegant kindergarten far from downtown..

This ‘genesis’ -genes of isis- effect / ‘lazarus effect’ principle could be used effectively to turn millions of planets green to feed star/angel birth all over the galaxy – which by the way was Enki’s family’s more context rich homework assignment when they came here with falling DNA to mine gold powder to feed their addiction .. starting our present genepool. Genepools skilled in bliss ignition fabricate the gravity bubble which fertilize star evolution – precisely what our orgasming Sun demands of us these next couple of ‘rapture’ years. The real survivors of the rapture will be those who understand the electrical biological bliss hygiene of non-destructive compression – this may be somewhat bad news for those who thought addictive & disempowering miracle worship and personality worship was the rapture recipe. (Let’s break the news as gently to George Bush’s religious fundamentalist constituency – as he was with Arab people).

(continued.. at “Return of Enki” )
from Mackie-%Drunvalo-‘Eve’s Grid’ projecting PENT on Flatland.. projects the dimpling inside out urge.. onto the egg’s folded surface. (Who thought all flatland space fill was hex.. a male..)  

Why do you suppose school children for generations have been singing: “Rock My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham”?
The RA of AbRA -Father of all regions (our genes) was ENKI. And to have a soul required embedding in the solid compressed chryst-all at the coeur (rock) of his blood. In other from Abraham getting his ‘rocks off’ (slang among male college students for releasing sperm) – the spin path back to soul – was seeded like lightning. The Goddess (Inanna / NinURsag) story is the EGG-zact complement in symmetry to that seed story. It asks what is the skill to make an (Dragon’s) egg – which could be fractal (grail-cup) like enough to catch such lightning spin.

Preci from Dan to the below exerpt from friend.. “Elana”

I take the critism that the tone of the article has a certain scorn for the human condition. Actually I think it is correct to conclude that Earth’s science is stupid, and arrogant. Imagine after more than 2000 years not learning that the only way for DNA to get sustainable/immortal is to ignite it with bliss. – particularly now that the physics of bliss process (charge compression in biology) which ignites DNA has been so nicely mesured. (not to mention not learning why an object falls to the ground – namely how charge makes gravity . see phiricais ).

So you have an entire multi billion book science wisdom of this planet which is TOTALLY ignorant of the MOST important single fact there is to know about DNA. That is – without bliss – DNA cannot become sustainable or self-directing. This is a damming embarassing rediculous unsustainable stupidity on the part of every arrogant Earth scientist – for which they ought to be ashamed – and embarrassed- and frankly – mortified. Because the result of this fatal stupidity is that the entire genepool is going to die – unless we quickly fix our priorities. We must make the fabrication of human bliss – scientifically measured – the purpose and highest priority of every government on Earth. This could make our genes and our ecosystem and gravity bubble self-steering. IGNITED (bliss charge imploding / fire in blood ) DNA IS THE SOLE SURVIVAL HOPE / BEST SURVIVAL RESOURCE AVAILABLE ON THIS PLANET.

All other options electrically merely result in destruction by chaos (destructive interference is the opposite of cool making implosion). Particularly sudden death in the compression wave of the Sun (Solar maxima – sometimes called by foolish Christians: ‘rapture’) where our gravity bubble cannot self steer is immanent within less than 9 years. Group bliss can fabricate the gravity to steer Earth and star Sun – the physics is elementary. The hygiene to teach bliss is simple, scientific, and sustainable – and without it no human immune system will survive. (Master link: How To’s/Coherent Emotion/Practical Uses/Twinkling Eyes Lifestyle / Hygiene )

An Earth science without the basic electrical info of WHAT LIFE IS (in principle) – WILL NEVER SURVIVE.

So I stick with my view that Earth’s history -at least it’s scientific history is mostly absolute foolish nonsense – from a childish planet far from central galaxy culture. In addition clearly most of the “religious” history (from the God’s of Isreal, to the God’s of Greece & Egypt , to the God’s of Higlanders.. to the God’s of the Aboriginals) is the most absurd poetic rambling about ONE SINGLE FAMILY (ELohim /An’s) – the supposed “GOD” like qualities of a klutzy family of medium grade interventionist half reptilians who had a SERIOUS genetic family problem. (DNA losing it’s immune system / it’s star navigating gravity making ability / and it’s ability to time travel / lucid dream and survive ‘death’).

HOWEVER – I do agree.. and feel – the priceless wonder – beauty and gratitude for what our genes and blood and glands COULD potentially do to become ‘the gravity maker’ of angel birth and star evolution. This potential which exists in our controversial and explosive genetics is a FABULOUS thing.

So in the spirit of honoring both sides in this colorful story – we share the following commentary. I personally find the story itself absolutely fascinating – and potentially able to help redeem our genepool precisely by putting us in touch with our long memories. Not National – but rather Galactic ‘day of reconciliation’.

Summary of what “Elana” may be saying here: Remember Enki somehow got blood which could ensoul. :(The ‘Laz-r-us Effect’ – became Ptah / Akhanaton / Moses / Jesus story thru Thoth son of Enki). “Elana” feels to have a piece of the soul memory of Aide – Enki’s mother. She is saying Enki’s mother was part DRAGON – because HER mother was DRAGON. (We have long contended that the high Dragon blood which was ‘winged’/mothmen/ciakar/cheubic/Path Taal – was key to ensoulment on this planet). She suggests Aide, Enki’s mother – fought with and killed URASH – the other wife of AN who mothered ENLIL. (This is the origin of the hatred of powerful women which Enlil passed on to so many Earth cultures he founded including Jewish, Abolriginal, and Inquision). URASH was the assigned Orion Queen Consort (Reptilian) to telepath regulate An’s Sirian kingship (see DUNE) . Elana here is also saying that Aide was the half sister of her husband An- from Sirius. The mating was accepted not because An was so much attracted to Aide – to make the Enki birth – but that An understood the continued need to inbreed to fulfill an “Ophanic” genetic plan. This need to inbreed became a hallmark of the Dragon (Draco?) blood down thru “Genesis of the Grail Kings”. The fundamental issue being that Enki’s Draco blood in the sperm he put into Innana/Ninhursag to zap the Ape egg he raped into place there – HAD WEAKER DNA THAN THE APE / Cro Magnon. The resulting “Grail” / Cain bloodline was always genetically recessive to the native Earth Cro Mag DNA. (Today RH Negative Rhesus Monkey absent DNA – often Celtic / Annunaki / “Highlander”/ “Taltos'” – is very much in the minority on Earth).

below is first – a personal comment on this Goddess article by friend: “Elana” – followed by the first part of her magazine article on this subject –

Exerpt from letter to Dan from Elana: “Laurence gardner has a new book called ‘Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark’. I haven’t read it so far, but he goes into the high spin stuff apparently. I’ve chosen him to start an article with as he’s the mainstream hot potato. Whatever else, I feel that he’s a good person to introduce the topic to the masses. Read the new book, I know that he knows a lot more than he’s telling (of course!)

One thing that I find personally with your writing, and it seems to be even more apparent in this article, is an expression of scorn that you seem to have of both humans and ancestors. And great frustration. My feeling of this is that in order to lead our diverse hybrid mob, it is essential that we sort our stuff and come to peace with it in ourselves. You teach that. As far as I understand, having this attitude will not inspire people. It immediately creates a field of confrontation and dualistic adversarialism. I know that it will be enough of a shock for humans to take in (let alone process!) the truth, and I know that I need to be as impartial as possible in order not to create even more chaos, as I’ve found that the energy is enough to bring intense chaos to any who engage with it, because of my own issues with it!

Nuff sed! Sorry if its a bit personal.

I have a few bits to add to the story which have come out of my personal sorting and regression work. First of all, I am unclear from your writing as to Dragons, Dracos, Orions.

It might be helpful to have an introductory para. about the main characters and all the other names by which they are known. In this way, you can get everyone clear about who’s who from where and can then dispose of the subsequent confusing strings of names. If you clearly state who’s who in your rendition of the story it’ll be easier to understand. So, extract all the ///’s and brackets and —‘s and capitals as much as poss. Try to make it flow like a narrative. It is presently rather stacatto, and therfore confusing. So, that’s language.

Content- As far as I remember, the high Dragon’s were nothing to do with the consort’s race. She (Urash) was an Orion Queen, reptilian. Completely diferent race from the Dragon’s. I do not like to be described as an Orion Queen!! We were/ are Dragon’s.

I just had a huge sorting session where I found out that the Princess Aide (Antu) was the half sister of Sirian An. You know that I told you that I had no memories before 6? Well, I released that block. I didn’t know who my parents were. I also didn’t know that I was part Sirian. I know that you consider Sirius an outpost, however, a very special breed came from there, to do with the ocean/cetacean connection. An and I shared the same father, who was Sirian. I had a dragon mother- he had a sirian mother. An knew that I was his half sister, which is why the marriage wasn’t so appealing to him personally. However, he understood that the combining of th e bloodlines was very important and was a part of the Ophanum plan. The princess wasn’t to be told her heritage because she had been trained to be totally unfeeling as an emissary of the motherhood. I cannot tell you the incredible cascade effect in my emotional body that came from understanding that I was An’s sister. A huge grief and joy swept through me- grief that i didn’t know about family, and a huge joy because I was Sirian and had the ocean in my blood!!! A big healing.

Any way, since, I have remembered that I saw my parents alot. My mother came to check up as a ‘Mother’ and father visited often.I JUST DIDN’T KNOW THEM! So, I remember my family at last. What bliss! I now know why I love the ocean so much.

This makes a big difference to me knowing that Enlil and kids were my family too. I always felt that they were. I just didn’t get on with the Orion Queen/consort. (Urash?)

The cascade effect has come right down the line. I haven’t really shared with you before, but I have all my sisters in my blood, not just Aide (Antu). but also Lillith, Sobenknefru; Nefirtiti, Martha, Spontaneous Jewelike Dakini (Padmasambhava’s consort), Viviane, Morgaine…and loads I’m still getting to know. A whole lineage.

This chapter in human history is coming out at last. You have been instrumental in it’s emergence. All honour to You.”

Our Human/ET Origins ­ A Planetary Epic

By Elana

Image: Photo of man & woman with ‘May contain GM ingredients’ stamped across them.

GM Humans?

As the eyes of the world are turned towards the Middle East, and we ponder the moral issues of the US colonization of Iraq, it seems an appropriate time to reintroduce the topic of the ethics of intervention. Digging deep through the layers of historical and mythological record, we can consider one of the first ‘written’ stories of intervention. A little known and successfully suppressed historical period of Ancient Mesopotamia and the Sumerian civilization. This planetary myth is one of the first to document the successful emergence of the ‘Humannan’ (translation: ‘Mighty Man’) through direct genetic manipulation by a group of ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’, whom I will call the Anunnaki – whose translation means: ‘Those who brought Heaven to Earth’.

This important chapter in the evolutionary epic of the human race is finally being revealed by contemporary scholars. The story tells of the genetic modification within the DNA of humankind’s early ancestors ­ Cro-Magnon human in this particular chapter ­ in order to create the Humannan as servants for a pantheon of gods and goddesses, between 30-40 000 years ago.

This period of human genealogy that has been suppressed by religious institutions worldwide, is now being reconsidered in light of revelatory material released by the Royal Dragon Court, in the form of a series of books by Sir Laurence Gardner. Supported by a mountain of scholarly texts of both specialists and lay people over the last two centuries, the emerging story has been analysed and investigated to such an extent that the mysteries are becoming more understandable through familiarity. This is particularly in light of the advances of knowledge in the physical, biological and psychological sciences. Gardner takes the hitherto ‘mythological’ accounts of Ancient Mesopotamia, and brings them into a rational historical context, mind blowing in its ramifications for both the past and future of humanity. The research in ‘Genesis of the Grail Kings’ brings into focus the lineage of those ancient Royal Houses that are mythologically portrayed in Sumerian/Assyrian history as the ‘Dragon’: ‘Reptilian’ (snake/crocodile’); and ‘fish/dolphin’ gods and goddesses of Earth’s history. Gardner’s most recent addition to the already bursting archives of religious and anthropological translation describes the cosmogony of Earth’s children from a wider perspective ­ that a contingent of Anunnaki genetically ‘enhanced’ humans as part of an experiment: Firstly, to create a race of servants to assist in mining Earth’s gold and other precious metals; and secondly to found two dynasties of ‘Kingly Lineage’, who would continue the genetic heritage of the extra-planetary races once the Anunnaki had departed.

Courageous Explorers

Gardner joins the courageous explorations of such scholars as Zecharia Sitchin; Alan Alford; Erich Von Daniken and Daniel Winter. Between them (and others), they are successfully debunking the religious and scholastic dogmatism that has been prevalent, by making esoteric knowledge widely available through the popular press and Internet.

Add to this research, the increasing evidence of Extra Terrestrial contact and abduction experiences occurring worldwide; the recent revelation by scientists of the 223 ‘alien genes’ in human DNA that cannot be explained by conventional evolutionary theories; and the rare AB- blood type developing within human society. The investigation of human genetic origins appears to be an idea whose time has come.

Within this controversial dialogue I offer my own research and interpretation of the story and the psychological ramifications of this planetary epic, with regard to the present mental and emotional health of the human race at this time in our history. This analysis will then be used to investigate options for the future evolution of human society, and hopefully open a new chapter in the dialogue. It
is aimed most specifically at those lay people for whom religion cannot answer the deep questions that modern physics and cosmology is posing with increasing rapidity, and yet whose own expression of the sacred in everyday life is not answered by just hard science.

Genetic Enhancement

So, where do we start? I will leave the anthropological evidence for GM humans up to the experts. However, a lot of this story cannot be corroborated. Whilst I closely follow the available research and highly respect scholarly investigation, I also intend to take a leap of conjecture and creatively explore the ‘what if’s?’ and ‘just supposing’s?’. For, I feel that if we were to wait for empirical evidence of this story before progressing our thinking, then we would be denying ourselves an exploration and understanding of our human nature and its future potential at this crucial time of our evolution.

I also intend to investigate the ethical considerations of Extra Terrestrial intervention with our species. Is it a one-off? Or could it be that we have been ‘enhanced’ by many different races of ET’s throughout the evolution of the human race? Certainly, the oral traditions of the majority of Indigenous people include creation myths about the gifts of enhanced consciousness and knowledge from the ‘Star Elders’ and the ‘Sky People’. This knowledge is the basis of their cosmological worldview, informing their expression of the sacred in everyday life.

The Planetary Story

So, suspend logical judgement and read this epic tale as if it were a mythological story:

Let us first take a closer look at the three Royal Houses/races whose inter-relationships precipitated this episode of the Planetary Story and whose archetypal qualities direct our psyches even today. The Houses were of Sirius (Apsu- “the watery realm”); Tiamat; and Orion, within the star system Alpha Draconis ­ in the Orion arm of our Milky Way galaxy.
An, High King of Sirian descendency; Antu, described as An’s sister in the texts, however, she was half-sister to An as well as being ‘a Sister’ – as in a matriarchal sect, of the Dragon Lineage – a blueblooded descendent of the planet Rigel; and Urash ­ Orion Queen and consort of An.

Dragon Blood and Fire

The blood of the Dragon Lineage is highly psychocreative, and could readily achieve a state of conscious ‘implosion’ of the fabled ‘Star Fire’, through their DNA (see Genesis of the Grail Kings and Daniel Winter ­ This enabled them to access the esoterically described ‘Fourth Plane’ of consciousness, and travel between the stars in a cocoon of ultraviolet radiance. Such a skill was a vital cause of the rise to eminence of the so-called ‘Dragon Queens’. The capability for interstellar navigation without having to use craft was particularly potent within the matrilineage. The Dragon males, too, possessed the skill to a lesser potency and were highly sought after as navigators of commercial and military craft.

The power of the matriarchal Dragon Queens developed into an increasingly monopolistic stranglehold on inter-galactic commerce. Other races looked to technology to augment their comparatively blunted faculties, and began to annexe themselves to sophisticated metallic prosthetics in an attempt to recreate the implosion effect of personal gravity waves powerful enough to allow them to navigate the stars successfully.

Cyborg Revolution

However, they were unaware that the necessary ‘high spin’ state was actually diminished by their heavy metal implants that further bled capacitive charge from their bodies. As they became increasingly ‘cyborg’, the males in particular, quite literally lost their ‘Fire’. The eventual rebellion by the patriarchal cyborg, allied with the Orion unwinged forces, overthrew the domination of the Dragon Queens, and the vengeful pogroms decimated the great houses. A remnant escaped with precious genetic material and a few remaining children ­ the diaspora spreading throughout the universe.

One of the major battles of these Orion Wars, introduces the Anunnaki families to this particular chapter of our Earth’s history in the form of the earliest written chronicles of Ancient Mesopotamian history and myth. The planetoid Tiamat was involved in one of the fiercest battles between the Dragon forces and the Orion/Sirian alliance based on Sirius. An and his consort, Urash, were persuaded to accept a political alliance with the Dragon Queens or face annihilation by the planetoid’s superior power. In the battles, the planet Maldek was completely destroyed along with its entire population.

Sirian/ Dragon Alliance

The alliance was sealed by the marriage of the Dragon Princess Antu, to her half brother, the Sirian King-An. At the time the Dragon princess was unaware that she was half sister to the king, sharing their Sirian father, but of different mothers (she- Dragon, he-Sirian). She had been taken from her parents at 6 to enter the motherhood, where all previous memories were erased as a part of her training as emissary and priestess of the Dragon House. The Dragon Queens had found that emotion inhibited the access of the mind to the superconscious state that enabled star navigation.

This highly propitiatory political marriage combined the two most powerful bloodlines in the galaxy, ensuring the continued augmentation of Sirian/ Dragon psychocreativity. The union produced the heir apparent, despite the previous birthing of the eldest son, Enlil, to the Orion Queen, Urash. Little respect was shown between the Dragon Queen and consort.

An and Urash were passionately involved with one another, and if An did his duty with his half-sister ­ the cold but inwardly passionate Queen ­ for the enhancement of his bloodline, it was done with all the discipline of a military campaign, manipulated by the jealous consort. Little did either king or consort know that underneath the highly conditioned, impassive exterior, the Dragon Queen watched the two, and yearned deeply for the ability to feel love and express passion within her own heart, and share that intimacy with the person that she considered her soul mate ­ the King, An.

Enki and Enlil

So, Enki and Enlil ­ two sons much loved (as was possible for these races), by their parents, and reasonably affectionate towards each other in their younger days, despite Enlil’s understandable resentment at being replaced by Enki as heir. They grew up together with the usual sibling rivalry. Enki was a ‘winge’d’ Dragon ­ highly psychocreative, but also flippant and irresponsible, if also very charismatic; and Enlil, an ‘Unwinge’d One’, still with the psychokinetic abilities that came from both his mother and father, and very responsible to his position as heir to his fathers kingdom ­ responsibility that Enki was loathed to take seriously.

The chapter of Earth history important to our story sees the two half brothers being sent to Ea(rth) to harvest the metals of this mineral rich planet. They were particularly interested in Gold and other high spin metals, as well as metals for implants and prosthetics. It had been found that when Gold was alchemically transformed it produced ‘Ormes’- a white powder, that when ingested raised the energetic state of the taker to greater coherence, and enabled access to the fourth plane of consciousness from which interstellar navigation was possible without having to use metal craft.

The celebrated ‘Star Fire’ essence of the menstrual hormonal secretions of the Dragon Queens, that was infinitely superior to the gold powder, still allowed limited star navigation. But the vengeful retaliation of the patriarchal forces had successfully depleted and suppressed the lineage, effectively cutting off the supply of female essence. An alternative was essential if commerce and power were not to fail within the great trading houses. The Orion reptilian lineage had all but lost the necessary charge radiance and had become addicted, quite literally, to the precious metal. The Dragon males were not far behind.

Earth Expedition

The gathering tension between the brothers, and failing psychocreative powers ­ which meant that the planetary magnetic and atmospheric grids on many planets were breaking down ­ decided their father to commission a mining operation to Earth in an attempt to bond the brothers in a co-operative venture and mine the metals that were fast becoming the galaxy’s most precious commodity for a future without ‘Fire’.

Our Cro-Magnon ancestors were chosen to be genetically ‘enhanced’ by the introduction of Anunnaki DNA, in order to provide the labour and service for the gods and goddesses who were wilting under the challenges of third dimensional gravity. The decision to impregnate the female Cro- Magnon egg with Anunnaki DNA via the sperm of the male’s, produced a human of relatively increased consciousness. However, the lesser charge of the male Dragon, combined with the vastly inferior genes of the Indigenous Human did not provide the ‘Kingly Lineage’ envisioned by Enki ­ a lineage that could rule itself and maintain the vital mining operations. Also, the cross-breeding programme was in direct violation of the imperative of non-intervention ­ the ethic of which was rigorously upheld by Enlil at first, who was appalled at the procreative misdemeanours of his brother ­ Enki.

The Deluge

Enlil decided to cleanse Earth of the rapidly increasing rabble of undisciplined and procreatively irresponsible humans, gaining the support of the pantheon of Earth’s stakeholders for the proposed extermination. However, Enki, hearing of his brother’s plan, caused the most advanced of his descendents to gather the genetic material of Earth’s abundant bio-diversity and escape their ordained fate in a craft. Enlil ordered a fission airblast to be detonated over South Australia, of enough force to disturb the atmospheric grid, causing a deluge of catastrophic proportions – a ‘nuclear winter’- around the planet’s surface, killing the majority of life. Many of the pantheon were mortified at the devastating results, and quite a few were secretly relieved at Enki’s disobedience to the will of the senate, when the remnant human band were revealed once the flood had subsided.

Second Prototype

Once life was re-established and mining recommenced, Enki and his half sister, Ninhursag (who already had Anunnaki offspring with Enlil), changed their approach to the genetic modification of the remaining descendents, by introducing human male sperm to Anunnaki eggs, incubated within the human female. While this created a more advanced version of the human, it wasn’t until Ninhursag herself incubated human/ Anunnaki cross DNA that the ‘Kingly Lineage’ was finally produced.

Enlil, seeing the advantage of having direct descendents loyal to himself and his forces, had also begun to found his own dynasty with the cross-bred humans. The political situation between the two brothers was rapidly deteriorating, and Enki’s decision to procreate with his own cross-breed daughters caused the complete breakdown of relations between the two houses. War broke out, the nuclear scars of which can still be seen today in Sinai. Once again, Enki, determined to save his ‘human’ family, dispersed the tribes to the four corners of the planet, pursued by the vengeful Enlil and his forces. Enlil’s lineage became the Earthly rulers described in our historical records such as ‘The Bible’ and the Sumerian ‘Enuma Elish’.

A Dying Fire

However, even with the regular ingestion of ‘Star Fire’ essence from the cross-bred maidens and the augmentation of high spin metallurgy through the Ormes powder, the Fire died and Earth’s inhabitants never gained the coveted ability to navigate the stars. Enlil’s tribe and the remnants of Enki’s bloodline still retained the increased psychocreative faculties needed to maintain the planetary grid network (as Earth’s ‘Indigenous’ people do today), but the Anunnaki themselves left ­withdrawn at their father’s command. Earth was quarantined ­ an experiment that was left to incubate whatever hybrid strain evolved.

The genetics of the remnant Anunnaki/human race ­ Homo Sapiens, continued to deteriorate in the amount of capacitive charge that they were able to generate. Longevity was reduced, even with the ingestion of Ormes. The sad practises of various civilizations throughout our ensuing history, such as those of human sacrifice in an attempt to take the bio-electrical charge of another by the ingestion of glandular secretions, continued to deplete the integrity (coherence) of Homo Sapiens.

More recently, however, Homo Sapiens Sapiens has begun to evolve a more sophisticated endocrine system and to integrate the various tensions within the Triune Brain, in spite of the deliberate implanting of genetic inhibitors designed to suppress self-empowerment; reduce longevity and impede self-sustainability. For the first time in our history, humans are beginning to create the potential to naturally access the high spin frequencies necessary for stellar travel in the self-generated ‘Shem’ vehicle or ‘Merkabah’. I stress the word naturally, because we are already deeply entrenched within a technological era, one where artificial electrical pollution (quite deliberately designed), is disturbing our brain patterns and bleeding our natural charge. Also, the temptation to ingest gold powder as an illusory ‘easy’ alternative to the practise of generating and maintaining our own ‘Fire’, decreases instead of enhances our potentiality.

However, this is still a momentous time in human evolution!

Next Issue: will explore the ethics of intervention; the psychological ramifications of ET/human hybridisation; the archetypal energies of our ET ancestors and the modern expression of those energies within the human psyche; investigation of indigenous human faculties as ‘gifts’ from our ET ancestors; refining human bio-energetics for self-sustainability; increasing our human potential as a part of our ET heritage; and ‘where to from now?’

Elana is a shaman of Celtic origin. She is recognised by Australian Aboriginals; First Nation Hopi people and Maori Elders from Aotearoa as an Ancestor. She presently works as a geomancer and writer with Indigenous Australian people. Copyright 2003 to Elana. All material by the author remains hers by right and may not be copied or used in any way without permission from the author. All rights reserved.

to be continued… This is the first part of the historical article by “Elana” – she may be reached in care of

More comment from Dan –

We know a bit how Gene Roddenberry got so much of galactic DNA history correct (his ‘Orion Wars’ in Star Trek for example fit almost perfectly the general outlines of the true story) – he apparently lived with Phyllis Schlemmer’s ‘channelling’ group in the UK for years. He also got many names and characters correct – like the Klingon as the Reptilian – Bird of Prey, and the Borg which became the machine empire described above.

We know how Tolkien got so much of the Sauron (Assa-Uru) and the 9 rings – original Annunaki governors etc – story correct in “Lord of the Ring” – as Lawrence Gardner takes much of his book “Realm of the Ring Lords” to explain. The physics of how the elements of charge symmetry called alphabet (shadows of the spiral paths into the ring genetic) caused psychokinesis when DNA is ‘forged’ braided in a torus ring domain – are explained at Real Mystery of LORD OF THE RING – Explained – DNA becomes Source of Gravity!

We don’t know how Frank Herbert in DUNE got such detailed information correct about the commercial trading culture origin of Templar -Insurance/Banking on Earth from Arrakeis – Star in Alpha Draconis (home of Enki / Thoth – & Thoth ‘Mag’ Black Madonna BLUE /copper blood ). His knowledge of the telepathic Dragon Queen ruling Matriarchy (described above) which he called “Reverend Mothers” is exquisite.

appendix – notes on WHO IS URASH?

Q’URASH: A KLINGON BIRD OF PREY. .. (from Start Trek)

Klingon Shapeshifting ‘Birds of Prey’ are star craft able to shape shift and disappear (a commonly described trait of high repltilian – similar ? to Enlil’s reptilian Orion Queen consort mother- Urash). Also compare with the role of “Field of Blackbirds” story in Serbian history – the death of whose royal leader started most major wars of modern history.

Urash (goddess)
Urash, in most traditions, was an Akkadian earth goddess who was the wife of Anu.  With Anu, she was the mother of Ninisina. She was also the tutelary goddess of the city of Dilbat.  Her temple in Dilbat was the E.ibbi.Anum, ‘The House Anu Called into Being.’  Urash also had a temple in Ashur and a dedicated sanctuary in the holy city of Nippur.  There is great confusion about Urash.  See Urash (god) below.
The principal abodes of Urash were the E.sharra Temple, ‘House of the Universe,’ at Asshur and the E.ibbi-Anum Temple, ‘House Anu Called into Being,’ at Dilbat..
(god) , There is a contrary tradition in which Urash was one of the early Akkadian gods.  *[ However, in my stories, I have portrayed Urash as a feminine but sometimes androgynous deity, much similar in nature to the goddess Inanna/Ishtar. ]*


link on Urash

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Subject: Re: FW: WHO was urash
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From: Frank Wenner <>

In the early sumerian times, Urash was Anu himself, who is the father of Enlil, in later times the aspect of Urash was separated from Anu, and Urash (=Ki) became the wife of Anu, both of which remain the parents of Enlil. So Urash can be seen either as an aspect of Anu or as Anu’s wife. From both points of view, it’s Enlil’s parent. In the aspect of being Anu’s wife, during periods of time, Urash is also called Ki, Antum or Nammu. Furthermore, Enlil is also said to be the son of Anu/Ninurta (who is identical with Ningirsu – but: Ningirsu is also the DAUGHTHER of Enlil) and Gula, who is identical with Baba. On the other hand, Baba is said to be the daughter of Anu and Gatumdug, the latter of which is also said to be the daughter of Anu himself…..

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