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MSM will not tell you the truth #savethechildren

Yes, not only do we have the owner of Facebook openly admitting to the practice of ritualistically murdering children in order to extract Adrenochrome from their spinal column, while they are still alive. But we in fact have a photograph that catches Zuckerberg and others watching this very ritual taking place. AS HE ADMITS IT!

I am sure Zucks clone was heavily punished after making that post. But it gives us a solid piece of evidence to shove in the face of the naysayers.

Supposedly the breaking and or mangling of the fingers is a common disciplinary tactic that the overlords of these undead Robotoids use when they get out of line.

MSM will not tell you the truth

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  1. Rachel Dempster

    Zucker is a cyborg minus a heart all that smart dust he has dropped on us he should have taken it himself it may have traced a braincell before he decided to downgrade himself from a human to a raved bloodsucking animal. Looking at the indictment placed on him and the other dangerous nutters trying to enforce a post human era on us all against our will they really are very unimpressive wretches mainly because they are stupid what is so very obvious does not compute with them . Will someone in power and on the side of humanity stop the damned chemtrails we are still getting doused in smart dust and poison 😡🤬☠. today in Scotland . STOP IT NOW!

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