#LiberalismIsADisease, #WalkAway, Agree With Me Or Else, ANTIFA, BLM Exposed

Red-Pilled Black Americans Are The Antidote to White Liberals | ANTIFA Beta Male Dressed Down By Powerful Black Female

I’ll keep saying it. Red-pilled Black Americans who are tired of this ANTIFA/BLM Marxist, hypocritical, ass-backwards ideology, infecting the streets of their neighborhoods, are the only ones who can truly act as the antidote to these white liberals who have spearheaded this outrageous movement and heinous ideology.

Their getting ready to send in their Muslim BLM mercenaries. We gotta get ahead of this thing now!

Originally tweeted by Incredibly Diverse Latina O’Crazio CornPop (@jetrotter) on August 9, 2020.

🇺🇸 #WalkAway Rally Beverly Hills:

💊 Red Pill @ShemekaMichelle vs. Basic BLM White Beta 🤡

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