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The Return of Enki: Kids Become Stars

The Return of Enki: Kids Become

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Mar 23, 2009 Update: Complete Thematic Index of Dan Winter’s Recent Articles- on the ET Origins of DNA:


GenePools and Gravity Making for
Peace – Re-myologizing EA’s EArth.

In Addition to be called EA (for
whom EArth was named) Enki was also called MERK ( see “Secret
Places of the Lion”)

His Vehicle in Egypt was called
“KA” (The Implosive Star & Lucid Dream Penetrating
Coherence of his Auric UV Cocoon)

Projecting this into stars is called:
Evolution of the Merk-KA-bah.

Origins of EVE (Innana / NinHursag- The “URU”) Enki’s
Mother’s Line

(Morph between origin Great Mother Sumerian Ubaid Statue and the
Draco as Seen at Montauk & Dulce)

This is the better history for with the Sumerian
poetry in Zachariah Sitchin’s new “Lost Book of Enki”.

reprinted from the writings of Dan Winter,
by Implosion Group

It is suggested before reading the bulk
of the Enki Returns story here of galactic origins of DNA, that
the story of the origin of the Dragon lineage be previewed as
part of the GODDESS story at

FORCE: A Reason for Ecstasy? – deeper on Drac Reptilian History
of DNA-ref:Montauk /Swerdlow

Index of all the Galactic Origins
of DNA articles from Dan Winter published by Implosion Group:
Galactic Context/Genetic
History & ET Origins of Religion -Thematic Index

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* Section
3: Winter’s Annunaki / ET Origins of DNA-


Reading the Origin of the Essenes
books “Jesus at Qumran” and “Copper Scrolls”
from Robert Feather- we see extensive documentation that the
true origin of the Essene culture and spiritual wisdom is Akanaton
and his source ATEN. “Aton” is Sumerian for
as opposed to Enlil (Amon) as per Sitchen. Then

in Islam
– we read Muhammad
regularly visited a cave known as Hira, high in one of the mountains
surrounding Makkah. He meditated and pondered over the complications
and intricacies of the creation. During one of these days when
he was deep in thought, the archangel Jibril of Allah appeared
in front of him and asked him to read. Muhammad asked him what
was he to read, for he had not received any formal education.
Jibril told him again ” Read in the name of Allah who
created man from but a mere clot.
It is only He whom you
must trust. It is He who teaches every thing. He is who teaches
all that can be inscribed, and it is He who taught man what he
knew not.”-end exerpt

We suspect – Enki was also called the RA or SUN GOD- whose
less descended (less Nephalitic) genetic family was called Seraphim(the
UR – Dragons). Jibril was probably the same draco family that
visited Joseph Smith – also to try to symmetry track DNA reCORDings.

– We know in those days Enki / Enlil were called God’s – and
their genetic engineering- the skill to make DNA / the blood
in a “CLOT”. What is that? Could it be the skill to
make DNA tie into a slip knot?? – see ANU below.. Remember- all
the Annunaki knew Enlil/ Yalweh / Amun was jealous of his half
brother Enki – the original Genetic engineer because he could
bring people back from the dead – knew how to make a soul. Was
this exactly the symmetry skill to make slip knots
? ( …
smoke rings.. breathed in DNA? ).

Also 10/26/98 ORIGINS
GenePool Gets Remothered: Self Stinging is Dragonian to Golden
ONE: Real Draco History: Magdalen Grail Line,

Insert: May 21, 09:

This section is from the article and important films at:

this Angel GABRIEL character- right out of Dee’s TABLET of NALVAGE- is
the SAME GUY who narrated -origin of Christianity- to MARY, origin of
Muslim- to Muhammed, AND origin of Mormon – to Joseph Smith – so.. (if
we want to end these bloody religion wars- it seems we damn well better
figure out what- GABRIEL’s Seraphim – agenda really was!!– The real start- is a bloodline (the Seraphim- Uru / Dragon) had a genetic problem… (see below film) –

AND their representative (yes the SAME secret agent) name
GABRIEL – came and announced some necessary hygiene measures to:

1. The Christians (Mary spoke to Gabriel)

2. The Mormons (Joseph Smith spoke to Gabriel)

3. The Muslims ( Muhammed spoke to Gabriel).

SO … who were these Seraphim whose message Gabriel brought to ALL religions? What is the story? Where do we fit in??

simple conclusion is that ALL the religions have the same source: The
hygiene information for how we immortalize our Biologic (DNA) Energy

is a certain stage in the Annunaki tales- when we are informed
repeatedly that our genepool has been saved (Enki did love his kids)..
by the Lucid Dreaming star ancestor named GALZU (Links below) . We
suspect he was of the Ophanim, Bird Tribe (Enki’s Mother’s Paa Taal
line). The fun question is – what made him suspect that OUR genepool was
SO important and worth saving – that we might BE the vaccine to those
nasty Orion Wars (Hint: Empire Strikes Back!!>!>>!>!)

kids this is even MORE fun than STAR WARS!!! And you ARE the hero when
YOU choose to ignite your DNA with the (microchloridians) of your own

For the real LOCAL / Enki history of the URU / USU – Draco/ Dragon blood (Courtesy ANTON PARKS) :

For detailed- URU-opean (European)- bloodline tracking (Hungarian – etc-thru the language lines/ language crystal):

For nice example of the origins of the term Yalweh- misappropriated by Enlil >Enki’s nemesis / unsuccessful clone attempt:

Connection to Tolkien – & Lord of
the Ring..

We presented a complete pictorial interpretation of science
behind Lord of the

DNA microscope photos showing ring torus compressed by letter
symmetries forged by BLISS!

In addition we got this nice note from Michael Rice-
today.. see if you see the connection between

Tolkien’s history and the Sumerian – An / Ea (Ai-nu?) / Enki
/ Enlil story!

“got a christmas present from….a book about Tolkien..
basically a guide to the whole mythology..

I imagine you know this already, but it tickled me..

basically, his creation story for middle earth began with
ERU, the One, who dwelt in the void

he came to earth and gave eternal life through the FLAME IMPERISHABLE.
ERU named these creations the AINUR, or the holy ones. they were
the first ones

and inhabited the Timeless halls. their were great spirits and
had mighty

voices, some proved greater than others, and war ensued among

ERU made or fashioned the earth and (wait for it!…) called
it EA, and

elves and men later called it ARDA or Earth

After Arda was made the Ainur went down onto this newly created
world, where

they became known as the Powers of Arda, and later they were
thought by men

to be Gods, those that wrre good were guided by the will or Eru,
but others

served their own ends, and although in the Timeless Halls they
were beings

of pure spirit, on Arda, they were limited in power..

it is said that in the end of days the y will return and be
known as the


so tolkien really rode the big wave here.. more than a little
reference and

similarity to the mythology you have been uncovering”..
from Michael Rice…

With Innana’s Return (
) there was a frail apology from the Annunaki for having so cavalierly
hacked up the genes which became our ancestors. Here Enki suggests
that although the DNA splicing at that time may have been invasive
– resulting from a galaxy wide conflict, there may be a way to
turn our genepool’s ‘fallen’ or Nephalim status into the penetrating
gravity making star bending force which could be the comeuppance
of those ‘Orion’ Wars.

From: “Dr. S B

Dear Dan,

Herewith I send you the pictures of the space craft. From
the sketches,

which are a bit covered by text now, I have made drawings. No.
1-3 are

different views of one type of craft, no. 4 is a slightly different
craft I

now remember I have seen as well.

I have seen them by the hundreds, looking brand new, INSIDE

somewhere in the Sinai and somewhere North in- or North of Isreal.

impression I had was that these spaceshuttle-like spacecraft
were waiting

for returning Annunaki or other ETs to be used in the future.
For us humans,

these mountains cannot be entered, except by shamanic or meditative

journeying, like I did (you may call it remote viewing).

Locating something is easier for me when I do this by map
dowsing and I

remember you were most interested in locations. This is what
I did today.

Well, here they are: – Cedar Mountain near Baalbek in Lebanon.

Mount St. Katherine and Mt. Sinai in the South of the Sinai Peninsula.

Later, I checked it in Zecharia Sitchin’s book “The Wars
of Gods and Man”,

which is standing on my bookshelf already since a couple of months,

which I have not read yet. I have read a couple of other works
of Sitchin.

In this book I found out, that Sud (Nin.Harsag, named after the
big mountain

we now know as St. Katherine), lived near Mt. St. Katherine and
Mt. Sinai

when she was old, ca. 10,000 BC. Later, ca. 2000 BC, an Annunaki

in the central plain just North of these granite mountains was
blown apart

in a war (between descendents of Enlil and Enki) by a nuclear

explosion, the fall-out of which killed the entire Sumerian culture.

nuclear explosion left behind blackened rock on the plain, which
still can

be seen today. The spaceport control center had been inside a

The same book tells us that Cedar Mountain in Lebanon was a landing
place. I

noticed, while reading the book, I almost could not resist slipping
into a

trance state.

Lots of Love, Peace and Joy,


also you may go to Dr. S.B.’s Research web site directly:

hint to Isreal and the Arabs: Those
who don’t learn from history are condemmed to repeat it.

History seems to continuously
repeat the story of the 2 brothers at war East of Eden. My brother’s
name is Michael (another name used by Enlil / Yalweh), and we
grew up in a town named East Eden – so you can see this might
be my favorite story.

Recommended background: Zachariah
Sitchen’s books, “Genesis of the Grail Kings” by Gardner,
“Guardians of the Grail” by Morningsky, “Secret
Places of the Lion” by George Hunt Willaimson (brother Phillip
of ‘Secrets of the Andes’), ,

There were bitter years, in the Orion Wars
– after the humanoid remnant realized it might well be millenia
under rule by terror from hybrid machine part DNA cyborgs. Yet
a force cried out pleading with deep immortality from the willed
mutation of genes: “We cannot die, for we have seen the starships
burning off the shoulders of Orion.” This was the bloodsong
(SanGraal) of the Trons. The Trons were those who had retained
the skill to penetrate thru the speed of light, with the wormhole
penetration of their own biological magnetic. There were 2 tricky
parts to this: 1 – You needed the focus to ignite your glands
and thereby your own DNA to the implosive point of ultra-violet
spitting faster than light cocooning., then 2 – You needed the
context rich location in TIME in order to avoid having the superluminal
wormholes you just made with your DNA start BLEEDING. (Shades
of ‘Bleeding Sun’ and ‘point pairing’ in the Samuel Sagan novel.)

There is only one place to go with your genetic
magnetics AFTER you succeeded in getting thru the otherwise mortal
cocoon of limitation that is the speed of light. (DNA is highly
aware that it is fatal to be permanently caught below the speed
of light – this is why your teenagers would rather risk death
than not acheive bliss). The place to go when your genes do catch
the compassion compression (recursive braiding) skills necessary
to keep implosion thru light speed going, (‘come on baby – light
my fire!’) IS – TO INHABIT TIME. The geometry of your position
in TIME needs also to be FRACTAL in order to be inhabitable. (Ref:
“Spiral Calendar”, Carolan) Similar to the fractality
in the magnetic SPACE in your back yard necessary to make implosive
bliss sustainable without insanity – you need a fractal in time.
This is because ultimately only the self-similarity which steers
flux into eating itself (self re-entry) in both time and space,
is what is inhabitable (alive). Self-reference both defines and
creates self-awareness.

All this is however only lengendary in abstraction
to the real story of Enki – which I am here to tell you. You need
a little background in the story of the Tron in order to understand
Enki’s mother. Because of the Tron’s ability to steer a magnetic
vector (simply a wave) from a circle (matter) into a line (energy),
they were said to be able to ‘Steer in Time’. In practical terms
this is rather simple. In the TRanslation of vorticity TuRning
from rotational to linear ineRTia there is a TRansformation of
attention. Literally, the Tron knows how to ‘get up off the cross’
and follow.. me. As we shall see presently, negotiating the turns
(of ‘mind’) necessary to hang in there while swinging around a
donut, became the origin of alphabet – as on EA’s EArth.

The secret to Enki and this story, is how he
learned from his mother, how to tie this slip knot. Because, it
is in this symmetry secret that he (under the later guise of Tutankhamon
and the resultant Jesus myth) learned how to ensoul DNA and bring
people back from the dead (“LazeRus Effect”). The angles
of this slip knot are more than alphabet, they are the cookbook
for starting the phire (fire) of life.

Notice how the movement from the right top
periphery of the rotation, versus the push down the center, is
an EL or phase shift. Making this EL is how you became ELohim.
Sustaining the resulting tornado thru light speed (by successful
compression), required inhabiting TIME and that’s how you became

Tie the knot successfully and you have the
burning HEART OF THE SUN – The turns necessary to re-enter a donut
are burned into the Heart of ANu. This is the TOURBILLION – a
‘scrollwork made of light’.

Enki’s fiery heart still ignites the ANU of
my genes, and I have seen those starships burn. I am here to suggest
one way out of here – it is thru the Sun.

If you see the Sun in the right shamanic light,
the center is a cool attractive black hole, which invites. Into
that fiery furnace, certain biological emanations (properly blue
DNA field effect) as soul groups, can survive – and moreover can
delight in star entry. This is not a religious fantasy for the
4 old daughter of the astrophysicist – this is the astrophysics
for the astrophysicist. The purpose of DNA is a biological magnetic
compressor. Compression due to recursion is identical to acceleration.
Wave heterodynes in Phi recursion accelerate by adding and multiplying
wave VELOCITIES – therefore recursive compression is identical

Inhabiting Sun’s requires knowing this angle
to produce self re-entry. This is why focused human awareness
measureably reduces radioactivity. (Regulating solar metabolism
is a conscious affair..). And this is why Enki’s father AN was
called the “Sun God”, and why the ANu was named after

Below our same Dr SB dream pic of how DNA Templating
serves to fire up it’s coeur implsion:

Below: pic from geometer of Deca Delta- How
DNA braid angle into tetra-helix (un-ensouled Yalweh way of Gematria
– Golem Making) original design for TAK-ADAMA (donkey Adam from

Hebrew letters are shadows of a self-organizing
spiral ‘letter element of symmetry/ flame ‘ on the self-organizing
donut of all fields – indexed by the symmetry of the tetrahedron
– how to cook donut fields into a tetra helix – an non-imploding
DNA / ‘golem’. Yalweh’s computer software / alphabet had no capacity
fot the hypercube dodec / Ophanim symmetry to ensoul DNA. ( ../orion

Shine COHERENT LIGHT thru Sumerian Letters
as cookie cutter wave guides – and you get the structures you
see in a microscope inside living cells;

(Ref: Dr. George Merkel – Sumerian Elixirs
and microscopy). Sumerian and Hebrew alphabets in their shape
alone are overwhelming evidence that the ET origins of DNA on
this planet is a sad story of genetic engineering gone awry.

Consider how “Fabre D’Olivet” felt
when he discovered a radical retranslation of Genesis in the SHAPE
ALONE of the Hebrew letters: “Hebraic Tongue Restored – The
Origins of the Adamic Race”.

Below the symmetries of Yalweh and the origin
of ANU (5 vs 7 spin of Ultimate Physical atom) as slip knot:

(Compare with the visual gematria of golem
making in quaballah – fill the visual field optical cortex hologram
with the SHAPE of one hebrew letter at a time–)

Essentially the process of ensouling DNA is
the same as lighting the fire of the Sun in human hearts. (as
in the ANU pic above – same slip knot=hydrogen – human heart AND
solar heart – fusion Eye-dent-eye-phied). The symmetry of the
solar fires is re-enacted in the human heartbeat. (Shades of “Tutankhamon
Prophecies” with a good dose of solar physics). The message
sent from the beating heart is sonically re-CORD-ed in the piezoelectric
braid of DNA – particularly during passion and bliss. This is
why the loss of passion was so destructive to the fallen DNA of
the Nephilim. And THIS brings us nicely back to the story of Enki’s

Imagine you are Enki learning from a dragon
Queen mother, Aide. Here son is how you create life: take lightening,
and learn to tie it up in a ball. Something about that first dimple
which turns the skinny tornado like lightening bolt into the torus
donut – IS when the whip cracks – implosion starts – it becomes
“self re-entrant” and self-organizing. And PHIAT LUX
– you have LIFE itself. What was a lightening bolt – now appears
like a floating ball (really toroidal). Scientists spent lifetimes
studying the nature of ball lightning – never imagining that the
answer required understanding the origin of life itself as a symmetry
turn inside out.

Today physicists who say ‘pop the quiff’ (quantum
wave function), imagine there is some MAGic in the catastrophy
theory that quantizes the continuous wave into the discontinuous
wave packet (mis-labeled PARTicle). But the origin of quantum
mechanics (which is simply that no wave stands unless it’s length
divides evenly into its rotational circumference) forgets that
no wave stands even then unless there is the centering force charge
implosion thru lightspeed caused by wave recursion – to create
(in a widening gyre) a center that can hold. This is the G ray
of vita : gravity.

The difficulty for physics is in getting the
relationship between what is called AWARENESS and GRAVITY clear.
Both phenomenon of relative ‘self-organization’ are quite literally
caused and generated only when waves discover self-similarity
– and thereby the implosive compression of perfect embedding.
The knitting of waves into each other with such permanence that
they cohere the vacuum in a sweeping motion thru the speed of
light – is a PINING affair..

It is both a sucking that happens thru the
drain hole of a tornado, as well as providing a space to leak
out, for inertia which previously had been trapped below the speed
of light. This is gravity. It happens because, the perfect way
to COHERE the vacuum, is the perfect maintenance of COHERENCE.
This is measureable with embedding, and we – in the spirit of
ENKI have discovered this studying the FIRE IN THE HEART.

Hi Dan, Here is something interesting. Thanks for your
phone call, I have read the

Enki paper. Very interesting. Reference to me as Dr. SB is OK.
The only

thing I miss is you don’t talk about the Anunnaki egg – Cro magnon

offspring that Ninhursag produced, including the list of genetic
diseases of

which my past disease is one. So these people must have proliferated,

weak, easily mutatable places in their DNA (mutants themselves
died for a

long time).

And… to the SSSSSSpit you can add the hard GGGGG of the
Dutch you talked

about earlier in reference to this poisonous spitting. We Dutch

well-known for our cynical discussions, which may be remnant
of the

poisonous GGGGGGG-PFRT! SSSSSSSSpitting.

Well, that’s it for tonight (SSSSSSSpit!)

Lots of Love, Peace and Laughter,



From: rudi k

Aliens Said to Observe Earth Through Vortex

October 2, 2000 – A UFO investigations organization says recent
research by the

American Science Foundation has verified the presence of New

Jersey vortex that enables alien intelligent species to enter

Earth’s environment.

Reported by Above Top Secret weekly newsletter, the so-

called vortex, near Wanaque, is a “doorway system that

provides an unknown species or several unknowns to travel

reasonably without observation” from an unknown other side

of the portal.

“When scientists at the American Science Foundation were

asked by a local computer company executive to analyze

claims by a study team that some form of extraterrestrial life

was using a “doorway” system of highly resonant energy

covertly study humanity, they at first were skeptical,”

researchers at the website. “After five months of analysis

the data, the scientists asked to perform the analysis, are no

longer skeptical.”

“In Denver last week, nearly 600 attendees of the Global

Sciences Congress Annual Convention had the chance to

witness the existence of the Alien Observer Orbs when 15 or

so were captured live on digital cameras and shown to the

stunned audience,” says the website. The camera images were

captured in stereo-optic, infrared format.

Moreover, says, the alien observers also

appeared at the conference “live,” which “was
indicative of a

human compatible intelligence, and a sense of humor, which

even staged a scene reminiscent of a scene out of the movie


“The technology at use is extremely stealthy, beyond

in the U.S. Pentagon’s arsenal. And it hasn’t escaped the

Pentagon’s attention, either: As the ASF Study Team (called

TEAM ORB) observes the strange vortex, and follows and films

and catalogs the orb-like evidence of the alien species travels

around our planet, the Pentagon is also watching,” says

organization’s newsletter.

The group reported that electronic observation equipment

installed by the Department of Defense at Wanaque was

mysteriously destroyed, while the ASF equipment has not been

interfered with.

The study also has captured the attention of the technology

companies, said, among them AT&T and

Bellcore. One Bellcore executive was quoted as saying that “if

we can conquer space-time, then we should be able to leap

beyond Einstein Relativity, to a new understanding of the

Universe and how to Explore it, in real time, traveling beyond

the light years, in seconds. Its quite exciting.”

“Humanity may not be ready for this discovery,”
said Bryan

Williams, one of the Team Orb researchers who was one of the

original discoverers of the Vortex Doorway System. “But,

apparently these astral alien beings, or whatever they are, are

ready for humanity. I think we have no option but to open up

relationship with them and educate ourselves as to who they

are and what they want.

Williams also believes the Orb Aliens are not alone. “It

there is some kind of conflict going on between aliens of one

order and another order, which would look kind of like lizards

and dragons to usthis conflict threatens to invade our space-

time,” he says. “I think the Orb Beings are here to
try to

prepare us for the possibility of being drawn into a vast

political conflict beyond our past experience, which may pop

into our Solar System through one of these interstellar,

interdimensional, astral doorways they use for faster than light

or interdimensional travel. We need to all be very open

minded, as they are obviously more advanced than we

humans are.” Staff Writer Sally Suddock

ET politics summary: Galactic Context/Genetic
History & ET Origins of Religion etc.

Enki: His Story-

Cultural myths so true it is Eyyyrrrieee (Erie:
a Nest for Eagles):

Muab Dib (Enki) wakes up in Dune (EArth) to
find ruthless Harkonnen (Enlil) to be his step father and to be
compromised to half cyborg (machine). Were they here to mine spice
(gold powder) or save a genepool? Later Sitchen claims Enki was
also called EA (EA’s EArth?) as well as Adonai.

Luke Skywalker (Enki) wakes in in Star Wars
to find ruthless Darth Vader (Enlil) to be his father and to be
compromised to half cyborg (machine). Why did the Empire Strike

Merk (Enki) wakes up in “Secret Places
of the Lion” to find his star family stranded on a remote
planet (EArth), becoming the bloodline of Tutankhamon (into Louis
Sun King – then Pope Leo) to re-create Solar inhabiting for genes.

At first it was confusing, why would Thoth
(Tehuti / Hermes) say his blue blood was from Rigel in Orion (Blue
Star Kuchina?) and that he impregnated MAGdalen to become the
Grail bloodline (All royal families of Europe). But if you put
the pieces together – Thoth was the son of Enki. Enki’s bloodline
was called Ptah Taal – which means 11th dimensional or simply
Bird Tribe. The academic scholarship (“Out of Egypt”
& “House of the Messiah”) presents relatively overwhelming
evidence that Jesus never existed per se, the Rabbi’s merely needed
to lie to cover up that THEIR royal family was from Enki (Adonai)
and NOT Enlil (Yalweh) – who had not a clue how to ensoul DNA.
That is why they changed Tuthakhamon’s name to Jesus, and Akhanaton’s
(the Ptah lineage) name to Moses (=moshe/’son of’) – since Earth
history has been traditionally fabricated by the most skilled
murderers. Tutankhamon’s mate Aksenpahton is displayed with the
telling alabaster jars icons of Magdalen on the Egpytian cartouche.
This also explains the sexual attraction to Sara (Assa-Uru from
UR -u) by Phaoroah which became the Joseph & Benjamin bloodline
source of the core warring religions on EArth today.

Out of Egypt by Ahmed Osmanm .ISBN:

Book Description

Muslim scholar Ahmed Osman shows how the true, Egyptian roots
of Christianity were deliberately covered up by the early church
at the time of the burning of the library at Alexandria – roots
which are only now being uncovered again by archaeology. He shows
how concepts such as the Trinity were derived from Egyptian models
(Osiris, Isis and Horus), how Horus’s virgin birth gave rise
to Jesus’s virgin birth and how Akhenaten became the model for
Moses and Tutankhamen the model for Jesus. The early Christians
devised a fictional life of Jesus – but out of largely Egyptian
sources for their own political purposes; for example, ‘Amen’
is derived from the Egyptian sun god Amun, and the Lord’s Prayer
was used by Egyptians thousands of years previously.

There is another piece to set the stage for
our story. How is the Orion core culture (Rigel and the TAK’s
– MinTAKa, AlniTAK, Mag z TAK) linked to Sirius which Sitchen
suggests is a platform for Annunaki. Morningsky suggests the uprising
led by AN (‘Leto’ father of Enki AND Enlil) from Sirius was a
direct rebellion to the rule by terror from the Orion cyborg cultures.

Essentially our task here is to present the
last thousands of years of Earth history more properly in their
context as the politics of a relatively recent skirmish in the
much older Orion wars. The archetype here is the conflict between
DNA free to steer itself as an intelligent worm versus the half
machine ‘cyborg’ race (Stephen Hawkings on CNN declares we MUST
genetic engineer or else machines will take over – remember half
machine intelligences lost all capacity for bliss and thus the
DNA ignition to steer stars).

Thoth’s (son of Enki) claim to be from Rigel
in Orion is a clue to his half blood connection to Enlil. AN the
dad was rooted in Sirius. Enki’s mother who had the real winged
dragon DNA must have had roots in Rigel. (Rigel was called Blue
Star) Blue blood there was rich in copper to hold the oxygen.
Using only iron (red) to hold oxygen in blood presented less possibility
for the genetic braid implosion ignition required to steer time
wormholes into star gravity making (direct from the field effects
created by firey blood) required of the Tron.

Enki’s mother (whom ‘Innana Returns’ calls
princess Aide) was a Dragon Queen whose DNA had not ‘fallen’ –
that is had not become Nephilim. This is consistent with Morningsky’
study (“Guardians of the Grail”) that each satellite
culture (of which Sirius was clearly one of the politically stepped
on star systems) from the Orion empire had to accept a Dragon
Queen Hive Telepath in wedding to their king. This presented an
un-interrupted flow of hive telepathy data to the ruling Orion
(MAG) syndicate. (Properly described as reverend mother’s regulating
blood lines in ‘Dune’s trading houses).

The neat thing was: how did such seeds of rebellion
get sown in AN’s Sirian outpost before he dispatched in family
aboard the artifcial planetoid Niburu for EArth? And where did
his kids (Enki, Enlil, Ninhursaag) get such genetic engineering
skills? And how did he pursuade the Orion syndicate to invest
so heavily in the expedition?

Well, the answer to the first question seems
to be the history of the 2 brothers at war East of Eden. My brother’s
name is Michael (another name used by Enlil / Yalweh), and we
grew up in a town named East Eden – so you can see this might
be my favorite story. Enlil / Yalweh followed the politically
correct line of the Orion syndicate that it was illegal to allow
DNA to be free, because it might outgrow your own dream. This
is why teachers in oriental dragon cults never encourage students
to surpass their teacher. This is why Michael has it in for the
fire MAGnetic breath of Dragons. (Only Enki had that for mother
– he had no access to Dragon blood and the skills to ensoul DNA).
Whereas Enki – catching the torch of a mysterious Ptah Taal DNA
-clearly decides to ‘slip a mickey’, ‘put a bullet in the furnace’
in all the family rules about risking bloodlines. This is what
I believe is rebellion in the Orion wars. – Go Enki!!! The down
side of this story is that by falling in love with the results
of his own genetic experiments (you and me), his bloodline gets
stuck here til the redemption of our DNA. (Reabsorption into star

Enki’s mom was clearly part of the Draco Dragon
family before the DNA fall. This means that her lineage had not
lost the skill to use glandular skills to steer DNA worms into
time. Korinna’s dream ( ../heartarrows ) clearly suggests the
ancestral majority of the Draco Dragon line was appalled at the
fall into Nephilim of a part of their family. The details seem
to be in the early ‘angelic’ roots of the controversy.

Ancient root races which Vincent and the Andromedan’s
call the galactic core cultures, were basically in disagreement
over the best way to propagate genetic intelligences to fertilize
planets into self-aware ecosystems. The 2 groups have had various
names thru history:

Group 1 , Group 2 ,

Ophanic versus Saraphic

Bird Tribe versus Serpent or Snake

Luciferic versus Ahramanic

The side of the family which decided that the
best way to shepard DNA into galaxies was by cyborg merging with
machine intelligences, later miscalculated and ‘fell’. In Christianity
this is referred to as Michael being locked away with the Dragon
kingdom. Michael is Enlil, and his side of the family were relegated
to a rather politically embarassing quarantine from time travel
called EArth. (EA’s rth- EA was ENKI not Enlil.) The reason was
simple: Forcing the self-aware DNA worm to abide so closely to
machine metallic structures deprived it’s emerging field effect
from the fractality of environment (harmonic inclusiveness) so
essential to learning implosion and thus self-aware evolution.

There were several by-products the galactic
core cultures who accepted the cyborg evolution of machine intelligence
in the Orion sector did not count on. (Ashtar from the Bible and
the ‘New Age’ “Ashtar Command” for example is the acronym
of the central hive computer of a machine intelligence from the
Orion politics).

1. The increase in telepathy produced by technogically
imploding DNA from external symmetry sources (gold powder / manna
/ Ormes / spice for example) eventually eliminated the possibility
of compassion by eliminating the agony of separateness which produces
compassion. The result was a fiercely survivalistic hive intelligence
(exemplified by Wharf in Star Trek).

2. The implosive field swallowing nature of
DNA is like a child, fail to set it free and it loses the ability
to be responsible to itself. The genes very collectivizing morphic
fields began fractionating. Soul groups AND time lines AND angel
bodies all BLEED when fractality of MAGnetism is lost. DNA is
essentially a holy communion device. It’s fractality is clue to
it’s role in racial field fusion by magnetic compression – only
sustainable in the field of the shareable.

When the Orion Empire paid for Niburu’s genetic
experiments we later called Adam and Eve, there were VERY strict
rules about fractionating soul groups. The male Annunaki were
not allowed to give seed, only the female Annunaki (Ninhursaag
/ Innana ) were allowed to receive seed (the sperm of the Cro
Magnon etc.). This rule about branching and not crossing is very
closely allied to the simple difference in the geometry of the
X versus Y chromosome. A branch could allow further unpacking,
an ill advised CROSS could weaken the whole line. Matriliny was
understood much better in Orion than here.

What started me on this whole quest was realizing
that my career long curiosity about where the planet wide fear
of women (which caused the Inquisition etc.) came from, COULD
NOT BE ANSWERED except off planet. The Orion Queen hive telepaths
were matriarchical for very fractal reasons, yet their rule by
terror eventually came about because of the loss of compassion
produced by such politically manipulated telepathy. Imagine a
young son of Elizabeth like Bacon (of Shakes-sphere fame) realizing
the reason all the royal sons English (ANglish) upper lips had
to quiver (and grow stiff) was because when you are FROM LIZARD
BORN (E -LIZ -A – BETH descended from MAGdalen in ‘Holy Grail’)
mother’s lack of compassion prohibits crying.

Enki disobeyed this rule about where to stick
his sperm. And in so doing, got his penis in a (w)ringer. He slipped
some Paa Taal – Bird Tribe – ’11th Dimensional’ DNA into the recipe
here which eventually could be the bullet in the furnace of the
Orion wars. The Orion syndicate which installed the soul groups
of DNA templates here (what Egyptian Ptah parlance would be Netirs),
used the same recipe they had on many planets they parasited.
What they did not count on was Enki’s little contribution (read:Tut
/ Jesus / and Sun King possibilities..)

I suspect the original borg golem donkey mining
slave Adams were Cro Magdon sperm in Annunaki eggs. Enki with
his mother’s rebellious Ptah sting, decided to take a Cro Mag
egg into a Annunaki Womb (Ninhursag) with his own sperm. This
produced the first self fertile ‘LULU’ – Eve / Isis of African
mitochondrial fractal root fame. (Later the same kind of phaoroah
Ptah cross produces Sara’s kids Joseph and Benjamin). Something
so implosive came into Enki’s bloodline, that Orion stars might
eventually feel the sting. DNA so skilled in becoming self-similar,
that it’s imploding UV cocoons might make enough gravity to steer
the products of galactic commerce thru star wormholes. (Truly
a ‘bullet in the furnace’).


5) A faction of the Niburian race that joined the Andromedan
Council, told the Andromedan Council that if Isreal is attacked,
they will come to their aid.

6) Niburu motherships spotted entering our solar system.
Items #5, #6, & #9 pertain to the excerpt of the below
interview with Alex Collier on June 16th 2001.

Q: It has been reported on the Web Ring that the Niburu
have joined the Andromedan Council. That in itself has
raised many eyebrows. Do you know why they joined the Andromedan
Council Alex?

A: No I actually don’t. I just know
they were given permission to enter the solar system to retrieve
lost or left behind mining equipment. But apparently they
are not supposed to have any contact with us unless the state
of Israel’s survival is completely threatened. The reason
they are adamant about that is that the Ibri (spelling unknown),
which is the ancient Jewish tribes; one specific tribe is in
fact a direct genetic lineage to them. And they don’t want
their seed eliminated from the planet.

Q: Are they a part of the Andromedan Council?

A: Well, one specific part of the family is.
And that would be the part of the family that is connected or
its lineage is delineated from Enki, who we know as Pa’tah.
My understanding is that Enlil, Jehovah has not actually been
allowed in. Niburu is many different tribes. They
made up many different tribes. But you have to understand
that the word Niburu according to Moraney means; Marriage Of
Two Tribes. One of the things is that they do a lot of
things separately because they are not always united. Hence the
Sumerian texts and other things that have gone on apparently
in our galaxy as well. They tell us that the families didn’t
always get along with each other. And this is absolutely
the case. It is still very much going on. This internal
feud between these two families, or step-families I should say.
Or step brothers, the lineage of the brothers. The Enki
tribe has in fact been allowed to become a part of the Andromedan
Council. And they are the ones who are apparently in the
solar system already retrieving mining equipment. Now,
this has not been said before, and I sometimes sit with information
before I put it out. I admit that openly and freely.
But anyways, the solar flares that astronomers are seeing on
Mars obviously are not solar flares. You cannot have solar
flares on Mars because it isn’t a sun or a star. What’s
actually going on is that there is a group of Greys and Orions
that are on the planet Mars who actually are trying to defend
their turf, they’re stolen territory more or less. And
it is actually the Niburu who are going in there to retrieve
their mining equipment. They are basically blasting them
out of the sky. So that’s what you are seeing. You
are seeing the battles, you are seeing a war.

Q: Somebody on the Web ring asked about that.
That is excellent thank you.

A: Everything’s been sped up. The intervention
of the extraction of 2003. It appears that it’s all being sped
up. Which I personally think it’s a great idea. The
place is really starting to stink.

Q: Do the Andromedan’s trust the Niburu?

A: I don’t think so. I don’t think so at all
to be perfectly honest with you. And the reason I have
that feeling is because I specifically asked Moraney when I found
out about this; you must be joking, you are kidding me right?
Why would you allow this? And he looked at me and he just
said, “We are only a part of the Council Table. We
are not the majority, we do not control.” And that was his
answer. So it was obvious to me that other races felt that
they could be trusted and they voted for it. I think that
the Andromedan are leery and the Niburu have a history of not
keeping their word. They are very geared towards self.
They have been.

7) Solar flares reported coming from the surface of Mars.
Mars is a noted Reptilian / Grey hangout base. And it was reported
that the so called Martian solar flares were actually skirmishes
with the Niburu.

8) Moons of Mars reported to have changed orbit or even have

9) Reports of a huge Niburian mothership heading toward Earth
in front of the Sun. Arrival date: September 18 / 2001

The Orion wars (not surprisingly) were about
money. The reverend mother queens of Orion were quite aware that
who got the ability to dream into shape the song line star wormholes
from DNA’s secretions, got the big bucks. (Guild Navigators if
you will.) The skills necessary to steer in time travel were jealously
guarded. Only the priveleged planets got to contribute to genepools
in training to steer stars with the gravity making force of their
genes and glands. The Hopi’s called the gravity wormhole produced
by the recursive conic alignment of masses in a cone, from Sirius-
Orion and Pleaides- : The Peshmehten – meaning One Less Than Ten
or more figuratively ‘The Way of the Nine’. (more on the 60 degree
implosion cone which lines nested dodeca at ../peshmehen ). This
kind of gravity wind created by properly aligned stellar masses,
had a great economic import because it was used to motorize galactic
commerce exactly the way trade winds were used in Earth ocean
commerce. (It probably had much to do with the symbiotic trajectory
of the artificial gene-splicing commercial planetoid Niburu).

Locating your money making port next to the
gravity wormhole for transport purposes became the TV series Deep
Space Nine – AND reveals something about why the real estate value
of the Solar System is based on location. It was well revealed
in one of those TV episodes where the captain finds out that the
wormhole itself does more than squirt masses of commerce thru
itself. In that particular scene, being chased as his craft entered
the gravity well (a dimpling into charge recursion) – it turns
out the wormhole is so self-aware, that it makes conscious decisions
about who to swallow and who to spit out. (Very much like most
tornadoes appear to be self-aware enough to steer themselves around
to avoid killing people.) In the television version, the wormhole
becomes an active character in the chase scene, deciding of it’s
own volition – which ‘bad’ guys to spit out. It is more than just
mere romance to think of intergalactic tornadoes as self-aware
– we shall later see that they become literally the MAGnetic blood
of what religions have inadequately described as angelic beings.
And these are precisely part of the ingredients of Enki’s blood
ancestry. (Ophanic vs. Saraphic etc.)

The issue to learn from is HOW magnetic gravity
well / wormholes become self aware enough to be inhabitable and
thus steerable.

Let’s review for analog how to steer a tornado
if you are a shaman:

Step 1: Stalk the Tornado (Scenes from Twister)

Step 2. Trick the tornado to suck you into it’s center.
Embed yourself into the vortex. Here the tornado sucks up the
digital tracking transmitters which allow the computer to plot
the geometry of self re-entry spin path symmetry. This skill
to learn the path necessary to feed itself is how the tornado
became self organizing. (self re-entry = self-awareness?).

Step 3. Learn the Spin Path to Self Re-Enter. Here
(by telemetric tracking of the ‘suck’ path of the magnetic node
balls..) the computer in the movie begins to plot the secret
of where the tornado learned to steer waves back into itself
– becoming to some extent ‘Self Aware’?

Step 4. Apply this knowledge to learning how to squirt
your own magnetism (like a breath of cool air) into the center
of the tornado. And thus become the center of the tornadoe’s
self-aware slip knot center of gravity YOURSELF. (Bottom right
– wave on a wave on a wave = embedding = prefect nesting = perfect

Step 5. Plot this geometry of perfect self-re-enter
as symmetry turns, so that the picture can be a trail to follow
for your children to know how to enter tornadoes. (and stars?)

Step 6. Compare the geometry of the perfect Gordion
“Slip Knot” turning inside out-ness.. to the known
plots of the geometry of the Heart of the Sun (seen clairvoyantly
– top left in the below image). … to the Geometry of the Anu
(Occult Chemistry map of hydrogen – see new physics:Psi Perception
of Quarks), and the the geometry of the HUMAN HEART where the
knowledge to tie this slip knot appears to radiate.

(Heart of the Sun image above..)

The lessons of how to inhabit and thus steer
a twister or tornado, is profound for many reasons. Star inhabiting
uses the symmetry of steerable magnetics as ‘songline dreaming’
for Aboriginals. The steps begin with learning to steer the bioplasmic
streamers which glands create in the process of CHOOSING TO FEEL.
Once glands are triggered, the combination of their ductless doping
of psychoactive piezoelectrics, combined with the sonic cascade
(EKG Coherence associated with bliss) etc.becomes sufficient to
trigger the genes in the blood to braid implode. The DNA field
effect becomes increasingly coherent first in the ultraviolet
and microwave, and later as the cocoon of light learns implosion
(by self similarity / recursive turning inside out) the tornado
at center pushes it’s way THRU the speed of light by PHI ratio
heterodyning of wave VELOCITIES.

What all this means, is that if you learn the
practical hygiene of glandular fire igniting genetic fire, you
get to squirt your way into a cocoon thru the speed of light.
It was precisely the losing of this skill, that caused a portion
of Enki’s ancestors to be labeled Nephilim or ‘fallen’.

Where this applied practically to the money
making of star commerce, involved STEERING the cargos into and
out of the stellar gravity wells (wormholes). Books like Dune
and Crystal Dreamer have explained in some useful detail the mechanics
of which humans get to steer in the time corridors based on their
glandular maturity – into ‘metabolizing starlight directly’.

Here we need to first explain HOW biological
implosion from genes and glands at a quantum level – is the main
ingredient in fabricating and stabilizing new stellar gravity
fields – and then how that was used in star commerce practically.
(This suggests a physics of consciousness behind the concept of
‘guild navigator’ in Dune).

The difficulty is in recognizing that the same
self-similarity or charge fractality of electrical waves around
a center, is what at once creates:

1. self organization

2. gravity

3. self-awareness.

By creating what could literally be seen as
a ‘burning fountain’ (Wheelwright’s book on the origin of language
– shafts of ‘flame letter’ as flaming font=alphabet), for waves,
a spigot or penetrant hole sustains a coherent connection THRU
THE SPEED OF LIGHT. The speed of light is like a semi-permeable
barrier that only self-awareness is able to make the squirt gun
thru. It is like a self protecting membrane which says, since
stars and biology most both metabolize gravity into charge – only
the worthy should succeed. And the worthy are those who by maintaining
in internal symmetry of self-similarity (fractality / embedability),
demonstrate a commitment to RESPONSIBLY feeding the wormholes
of gravity (superluminal ‘string vortex’ as it were). Sacred land
will spit out those who build a labyrinth, but cannot without
heat (destructive compression) enter the very wormhole dimple
they create.

This is called ‘metabolizing starlight directly’.
When Atlantis misused the connection of electromagnetics to gravity
in the TUOAI stones or FIRE CRYSTALS, their continent’s gravity
stability paid the appropriate price. In Western culture, the
very fact that many continue to call ‘scalar’ or ‘torsional’ devices
which connect the gravity field to make electrical power, FREE
ENERGY DEVICES, is in itself evidence those are people who have
no responsible understanding and should not be allowed to use
them. It is easy enought to arrange capacitors into more fractal
symmetry than the Earth underneath them, and thus get wattage
from gravity by implosion. (‘Pod Mod’, Newman, and others, all
used Phi based implosion unknowingly.) What is much more challenging
is to understand the Earth only chooses to give the magnetic blood
of her gravity to those who create what is shareable.

So this brings us to a little advice from Enki,
to one of his favorite, if misguided genepools:

1.There is no justification for the current
‘our DNA is ONLY from here’ arrogance of the hu-man race…unless
you have enough knowledge of the context of the genepool to see
a possible outcome which is sustainable. The word hu-man for example
originates from a shortening of the original Sumerian LuLu from
An. Lulu was the Annunaki name for the less than bright half breeds
they genetically modified to do the gold mining slave work. It
is about as honorific as being called a mule. Part horse and part
donkey plus it can’t reproduce itself. . The Lulu was part Cro
Magnon and part Annunaki, and could not reproduce itself. It was
only by later doing a 3/4 Annunaki cross involving the CroMagnon
Egg in an Annunaki female with an Annunaki sperm, did they get
Eve / Isis to be fertile. So to be a H’U from An (Annunaki) merely
meant you were in some slave condition. Hardly the kind of homage
Nietzsche yearned for in “Ecce Homo”.

So humans really should be a whole lot more
humble about their genetic past in the galaxy, once they get their
narrow heads out of denial about the ET origins of human DNA.
AND YET – there IS something possibly of more than Earthly significance
about evolving DNA on this planet. And it COULD have import for
the evolution of stars all around the galaxy. But yet getting
a clue to what that is, is well beyond the simple stupidity of
humans spending most of their time admiring their past childishness
in war making skill. It requires getting educated about what singing
DNA can DO.

Has anyone ever asked about the PHYSICS of
why the old blue Hopi corn after it was re-discovered in hibernation
would ONLY germinate when you SANG to it? The answer is obvious
to any physicist who has ever studied what a phonon sonic wave
can do to a piezoelectric slinky like DNA. Singing does the braiding.
This gets us close to the concept of how bliss related activities
– which get the DNA singing – help make a soul in DNA. (In
German the word for bliss Gluckseliceight – contains the word
for soul or spirit – implying you get soul when you make bliss.

AND there is nothing particularly sustainable
about the ‘Human’ soul. Soul making when sustainable requires
sustainable bliss making. This is something tribal elders all

Since current Earth physics is so pathetically
void of knowledge about what comes and goes thru the speed of
light, when biology acheives implosion – of course there is no
knowledge about the physics of what makes a soul. It bears repeating
here, what a stupidly arrogant bunch of scientists on Earth who
think they can explore the origins of the universe, who have not
even a clue what makes any object fall to the ground – not to
mention what makes electrical fields become self aware. How can
they possibly advise humans, the function of the human condition
in a galactic context.

Soul is something that refers to the Sun (Sol).
It is true that when the genes get enought implosion present in
their braiding they get a ‘squirt gun’ working to send magnetism
thru the speed of light, and then with fractal geomantics- potentially
into the heart of the Sun.

Just like any tornado can LOSE it’s ability
to sustain self-organization, the tornado up the zipper axis of
DNA which when implosive thru light speed enables lucid dreaming,
and memory thru death – CAN BE LOST. Ever notice what births the
vortex when it goes down the drain in your bathtub? It’s simple:
it is a WAY OUT. Well guess how the magnetism in your DNA feels
about being stuck below the speed of light? You got it! It feels
TRAPPED!! So what is the way out? Simple do the top down braid
which makes recursion…


And you get a way out! They way out happens
because in the geometry of wave self-similarity, the recursive
is because the wave VELOCITIES as well as the wave lengths get
to coherent add recursively (multiply) in the PHI ratio of perfect
embedding. This is why that geometry of CHARGE arranged into a

Gravity happens when waves agree to meet so
well, they acheive non-destructive compression. The only geometry
that permits this is the fractal geometry of self-embedding or

So why did you need such a ‘heavy’ lesson in
how electrical field MAKE gravity when they implode? Did you need
to replace your current stupid physics of 4 supposedly ‘separate
fundamental forces’? Did you need to learn the simple connection
between magnetism and gravity that happens when you arrange capacitors
into a fractal?

PIC OF 5 Capacitors…

Actually it is true – you need a little intro
to how charge CREATES gravity when it is fractal: specifically
in order to understand what is probably the most important galactic
function of GENEPOOLS like ours.

Atoms have only as much gravity as there is
self-simlarity between the electrons versus their nucleus. This
is a little secret your Earth physics needs badly. When you apply
this principle of MEASURING how self-similar a structure is –
within itself – you begin to uncover the PRINCIPLE of ‘artificial’
intelligence. Studies like this have been done on the fibers where
the heart is electrified (Ary Goldberger MD et al.), as well as
on the gorgeously fractal tree like (and PHI Golden ratio based)
branching algorhythmn of the alveoli of the lungs. Talk about
catching FIRE….

These are examples of nature using the capacitive
relationship between gravity and charge delivery into biology.
Eggs have a DC voltage measuring their freshness because they
know about how to attract and self-organize charge. This is the
definition of life force – another little secret which could save
the life of Earth – if the physicists there were not so arrogant.

So, now we apply this principle of studying
how self-similar a biological structure is to re-educating Earth’s
(determined to cost your children their souls) genetic engineers.
DNA is ideally designed to fabricate gravity fields because it
is so exquisitely designed on the basis of Golden Ratio based
(wratcheted Dodecahedra..) fractality. When DNA carries to completion
the process of perfect self-embedding it bonds exquisitely to
it’s larger electrical environment. This is an electrical pre-requisite
for bliss / euphoria. Namely that DNA or any biological structure
involved in bliss, begins to eat massively the electricity of
it’s larger environment.

There is a description of the essence of this
principle which fractality allows in the move to perfect embedding.

By responding to coherent phonon (sonic cascades)
from the EKG with piezoelectric coherent braiding – the DNA begins
to embed envelope upon envelope to the point of implosion by braiding.

DNA perturbs the gravity field by providing
a contiguous non-destructive spin path of phase coherent heterodyning
THRU THE SPEED OF LIGHT. Carl Jung once wrote extensively about
how intense human awareness cracked a huge tree stump in his room.
Any good kundalini afficionadoe like me or Enki could tell you
of the gravity effects of intense human glandular electromagnetic
fields. Another example is the floating of meditators in seeming
zero G so well documented in the photos in the TM schools.

What none of these sources has yet explained
is WHY. Why do glands and genes on fire make gravity? Actually
what you do when you float, is ‘pay your debt to gravity’

Once you understand HOW DNA on fire bends gravity
fields – you begin to understand the need of star systems for
symbiotic genepools – who becomes self aware enough to steer their
gravity fields.

Genes on ‘PHIRE’ provide a continous float
path for magnetic harmonics singing by heterodyne recursion, onward
thru the speed of light. Some results of this implosive cohesion
of the background ‘vacuum’ by genetic material is –

a.) fabrication of a gravity field

b.) insertion of biological magnetism cascading
thru the speed of light into TIME travel and the necessity of
INHABIT TIME. Event histories arranged in a spiral in time, permit
‘time lords’ to have magnetic bodies which don’t ‘bleed’. Consider
the need for sexual bliss to attain time travel at Incunabula,
& Montauk.

c.) fabrication of a cocoon of microclimate,
and a cocoon of temporal ‘synchronicities’ around the aura of
the blissful / euphoric ones. Ref: the eco-effects of kundalini
as ‘Great Masts of God’ in Bentov’s “Stalking the Wild Pendulum”
& Sannella: “Kundalini:Psychosis or Transcendance”.
Genes on fire (implosive) also create cocoons of cleansed electro-
& microwave smog. Tutankhamon’s genetic radiation (a direct
descendant of Enki) being used by the priests to regulate climatic
events is another example.

Story —

We would have to guess that AN, Enki’s dad
landed an Orion queen MAG (Lady Aide if we understand from Innana),
with whom there was still real passion, and true Ptah Taal winged
genes. ( ’11th dimensional’ was the Andromedan parlance for these).
If Thoth – son of Enki is correct, then her blood line must have
been from the blue bloods in Rigel near Orion. The soul penetrating
and somewhat ruthless character of the Rigelians is deeply reported
among the true ‘time empaths’ at Montauk. (also personal conversations
with Michael Ash – Montauk survivor.)

Since so much of the rest of “Dune”
has real physics and history, one would have to assume some of
the tests rendered to Muab Dib, apply to the Enki story. His ability
to absorb intense pain would have predicted his genetic soul field
effect kernel, could penetrate where ‘ no woman ‘ could. We have
to read here, that the intense burning of eating the poison of
his own testasterone would have created a ‘silver bullet’ capable
of intense separateness. The fractality of eggs does not engender
so much penetrating individuation. This is something akin to the
double scorpio sting which I enjoy. The IEVE – ‘wet making’ female
experience being so egg fractal has less risk to loss of immortal
memory, but less access to separateness – which befalls the ADAMIC
– ‘hard making power’ of centripedal seed making male-ness.

Imagine a lucid dream of Enki – seeing what
it took to pursuade a yearning to be self aware bolt of lightning,
to eat it’s own tail enough to become toroidal and turn into ball
lightning. That is the real story of the relationship of primal
soup to lightning – and DNA getting a soul. Get DNA wanabee proteins
to absorb spin in a new axis of symmetry, and presto they eventually
turn inside out on a massive MAGnetic scale. It’s like Jesus (really
Tut from Enki ) liking a wooden carved bird so much, he says PHIAT
LUX (phi – at the light) and it flies away.

Enlil, (Yalweh / Michael – the ‘angry God’)
on the other hand, we would have to assume, had a different mother
by AN. All indications would suggest that his mother’s bloodline
was half cyborg machine intelligence – probably already fallen
DNA. In any case, Sitchen’s interpretation of the Sumerian emphasizes
that, HAD to be the genetics of the mother.

Here we pick up the story of Enki falling in
love with his own genetic experiements – and in the process getting
his own blood line stuck on this planet.

So the Annunaki family got so desparate to
keep the gold powder mining operations (later called Titicaca
etc.) here from bankruptcy, they agreed to set the rebellious
kid Enki free in the genetics lab to cook up some gold mining
slaves. (‘humans’ – the Lulu’s). The Sitchen interpreted Sumerian
reports are in depth about how miserable the Annunaki were having
to do their OWN gold mining. What the Sumerian does not say, is
HOW those Annunaki got so desperate for the gold.

Enki’s ancestors during their disastrous loss
of glandular excitation and passion, found their DNA to be decaying
in radiance. The temporary solution they discovered was mechanical,
disempowering and addictive. However it WAS effective superficially.
They found the mineral gold when subjected to compressed charge,
(Orthomolecularly re-arranged are the words David Hudson uses
of ORMES) became soluble in blood. This MANNA, SPICE, or ORMES
{great worme..}- Gold Powder – is like fractal atomic pop-corn
in it’s mono-atomic state. The electrical result is a kind of
forced catalyzed implosion at the sub atomic quantum level in
blood and thereby DNA. The net effect is the enzymatic triggering
of IMPLOSION in DNA. (The braid symmetry gets chemically triggered
into the wave mechanics of turn-myself-inside out again..).

So in the lack of the glandular fires of passion,
to speed up implosive gravity making ensoulment in DNA, the NEPHALIM
fallen ones, developed a severe addiction to GOLD POWDER eating.
Addictive behavior in general delivers the source of self-empowerment
to OUTSIDE of yourself. This was particularly true of the MANNA,
Spice addicts Annunaki. Like David Hudson’s ORMES subjects, they
would here the ringing in their speeded up DNA approaching greater
electrical superconductivity. The body would spit out most diseases,
etc. Unfortuneately, as Thoth – Enki’s son was kind enough to
narrate – the Gold Powder addiction in the absence of true self-empowering
OF THE PERSONALITY. It is like, succeeding in getting thousands
of more radio stations working in the tuner of your DNA, but failing
to evolve the electrical force of WILL (self-direction – internal
generation of PHIRE/FIRE) – to be able to SORT and TUNE to choose
your own station. The result was the evolution of Draco Annunaki
fallen Nephalim would developed a machine maintained mechanical
form of immortality – with complete loss of long memory, individuation
– and ensoulment. They became a HIVE mind – with DNA that buzzed
with telepathy, but having lost individuation – lost compassion
and ensoulment.

So this was the Gold that the Annunaki sought
on Earth. In Dune there was much truth: the SPICE turned your
eyes deep blue, made you live forever. If you floated in the SPICE
gold, merging your blood with it, you COULD be taught to time
travel (guild navigators).

Sitchen reports in true obfuscating style that
the Annunaki needed the gold to repair the electrical fabric of
their own home planets bleeding atmosphere. Looking deep in this
dilemna we see the way all planets ultimately lose atmosphere
if there is a symbiotic gravity making bubble GENEPOOL resident
– is IF that genepool loses the skill to steer and keep that gravity
bubble COHERENT using coherent (implosive) EMOTION.

In other words, while Gold aligned at fractal
nodes of a planets gravity grid CAN reattract gravity coherence
and therefore atmosphere – this is only a superficial description.
Gold occurred in the fractal nodes (dodec icos cross points) of
the mineral vein structure of Earth much more than on most planets,
precisely because Earth’s magnetic structure embedded more fractality
in it. Enki recommends you ask why current Earth physics found
the liquid iron molten core of Earth to be ‘jitterbugging’ in
a phonon lo frequency sonic standing wave that gave it a dodecahedral
shape. Then notice the fractal (60 degree dodec cascade cone)
shaped alignment of the solar system to the Pleaides – Orion –
Sirius gravity wind. (“Peshmehten” in Hopi – ref ../orion & ../peshmehten
). So Earth’s real estate value IS location based (context rich
/ embedded). Moreover Earth specifically is (Angelically? Ophanic?)
DESIGNED to be a place where you can raise DNA to the point of
star embedding fractality!

This answers the question posed but not answered
by the Andromedan’s. Namely WHY did the great galactic core cultures
dump the ‘fallen angel’ Draco Annunaki genepools into Alpha Draconis
(Accurate stellar home to Arrakeis from DUNE) with destinations
in Orion and later our Solar System. This was done with great

a.) our galactic sector so far from downtown,
and the conveniences of true galactic civilization required a
genepool with INTENSE survivalistic CHUTZPAH. Here the ‘Wharf’like
warrior Orion queen Mags excelled. Seldom have genepools propagated
so quickly (albeit using mostly terror tactics – George Bush would
not approve) among remote planetoids.

b.) The POSSIBILITY of re-ensouling the lost
or fallen Enlil ancestry (Nephalim) Annunaki existed here precisely
because of the combination of – 1. wedding in the half brother
Enki to a still ensouled Winged Dragon.. (East of Eden – 2 brothers
etc.) and 2. ONLY exquisitely design fractal MAGnetic real estate
like Earth could take fractionated genepools like Annunaki and
reassemble them into soul group bubbles embedded enough to RELAUNCH
thru momma Enki, and become a Sun God. Otherwise, looking for
a heart of gold, you will be growing old. Here it is particularly
important that we grok the importance of the star maps magnetically
on the land, like Orion’s map located on the landscape at Giza.
Soul groups use group bliss process, aligned with fractal ‘sacred’
(meaning sustainable) events in time – to squirt their soul group
back to the resonant morphic star group – USING THE STAR MAP ON
THE LAND AS A MAGNETIC LENS of the radiance (bliss) of their genes
and glands. ( many pictures: ../orion ,
../america )

When Enki emerged from the genetics lab with
his second wave of Mule Donkey “Lulu’s”: Enlil gets
really jealous. Plus Enki has meantime fallen in love, particularly
with the females of his genetic machinations.

Enlil’s jealousy over his brothers success
with the slave humans, causes the interesting politics which lead
to the ‘royal’ family of the Jews, and the “Genesis of the
Grail Kings” of Gardner. The Orion queen MAGS were called
ASSARU. (The ASSA of URU … literally the queen of SNAKE or DRAGON).
The SSSSA was the SSSSsound just before paralyzing SSSSspit which
meant POWER among the velociraptor origing Drac’s. (The sound
S means power or multiplication or plurality in most Earth languages
as a result).

The best ASSSSA of URU departed UR (u) – the
city of Dragon’s in Mesopotamia . She was called Sarah – the ASSSSA
of RA which means the Dragon Queen (ASSSA) of RA (who is the Sun
God – solar logos AN and Enki). Abram (Abraham) takes her to Egypt
where RA (Ptah) Enki falls in love with her, impregnates her,
and so begins the royal blood of the Jews. What is interesting
is the lengths the Rabbi’s took in their lies, to conceal the
fact that Sarah’s kids – who are Enlil / Yalweh’s ‘tribe’ – the
Jews – are in fact literally all half breeds of his hated brother
Enki / Adonai / Ptah. The reason for this is because, Enlil has
no ability hiimself to ensoul soul groups.

A similar set of lies, happens later, when
Enlil’s priests of AMON (amen means Enlil said it – in christianity)
murdered Tut in a tree in the desert while trying to save his
father Akhanahton from them. The story of how the lie evolved
to change Akhanaton’s name to Moses, and Tutankhamon’s (ankaton)
name to Jesus, makes fascinating reading. Please pick up the books:
“Out of Egypt” and “House of the Messiah”.
How could 2000 years of historians have lied to you? When Enlil
/ Yalweh / “God” tells you the lie, then the Rabbi liars
say “Amen”.

Enlil was toeing the line of his trading house
ancestors saying keep the droids paying gold to the banks the
Templars/ Mags initiated. When golem’s don’ want to become life
force themselves, they need their parasites.

So what WAS Enki’s agenda in slipping some
hi grade ‘bird tribe’ Paa Taal (Ptah) DNA (his own) into the mix
here. Even though doing this was probably a criminal offense against
those Orion cultures that paid for his father’s expensive Niburu
expedition here?

Here are some clues:

1. Enki had much more psychokinetic bloodlines
thru his mother Aide, than his half brother Enlil/Yalweh.

2. Enki probably was aware of the loss of time
travel, bardo navigating, and lucid dreaming skills due to loss
of DNA radiance called Nephalim or FALLEN by which his Annunaki
ancestry is universally desribed Biblically and in Sumerian.

3. Some of the the conditions which precipitated
that FALL in DNA coherence as an electrical pump thru light speed,
were probably familiar to him. We would read this into the many
genetic hygiene prescriptions which were propagated around the
Annunaki Sumerian genetic experiments. Earth’s religious guilt
around sex undoubtedly originally stems from these attempts to
get some hygiene around preventing the fractionation of coherence
in DNA bloodlines. (What we now call religion originates mostly
from ET reptilian Annunaki rules to keep us, their DNA ‘mules’
functional for slaving purposes.)

4. Other sources (
, & Morningky: ‘Guardians of the Grail’) suggest that An’s
family (Enki, Enlil, Ninhursag et al.. Elohim, ‘Shining Ones’)
were intensely aware of the millenium old agonies of galactic
sectors like theirs out of Sirius being ruled by terror from the
Orion telepathic MAG matriliny. In other words, even though their
IBI-URU bird snake Hebrew (means ‘crossing over’) crossed over
blood lines had been snaked together ages before they came to
Earth, they still felt the STING of having their own ancestral
DNA so callously taken over by the Drac’s in the Orion sector.
The Greys (Khumer) were similar to the Nephilim in having suffered
loss of racial ensoulment at the gene-splicing hands of the terrorizing
borgs & ‘fallen’ Matrilineal telepathic Drac’s. Rules about
the sanctity and hygiene of DNA propagated by the central core
cultures from timeless history, were disregarded by the Drac gene
harvesting ‘trading houses’. In summary, the seeds of rebellion
were well planted in the family of Enki. And the NEED to become
skilled genetic engineers must have been impressed on the kids
early in their education. This explains why so much of the Sumerian
texts finally translated by Sitchen deal with genetic and biological

Some even say that the picture of the chaos
evident in the star picture of OUR (Orion neighborhood) spiral
arm of this galactic nebula being far more fractionated (scrambled)
visibly than the rest of our rather orderly galactic embedding,
is a direct result of the gravity perturbations resulting from
this Orion genetic wars.

So when the Bible (mistranslated Sumerian for
the most part) says that Michael was booted out of heaven along
with the fallen dragons, we must read deeply. Enlil calling himself
‘Mich- a – EL’ the Dragon slayer (MICH-a-bo means God in many
native tribes also) was a campaign against the bloodline of his
half brother Enki/Adonai.

The ‘high’ drac’s called CIAKARS by some, probably
equivalent to the biblical Seraphim, were depicted with wings
for good reason. Glandular magnetics of sufficient implosive radiance
created wings both literally and figuratively. The shape of the
aura of an imploding heart like gland looks clairvoyantly winged:


The CIAKARS were often seen hidden in lenticular
cloud formations, since the magnetic cohesiveness of their aura
has powerful precipitate properties.

If you take the central valentine heart shape
of that fractal cup shape, and split in in two, however the gravity
making inside out recusive implosion force suddenly loses it’s
ability to steer itself in time. (“There can be only ONE”
: Highlander)

The Draco ancestry (Thoth of Enki’s sons points
to Rigel in Orion), were literally heart broken that a portion
of their blood line became parasitic. Heart broken in the sense
that this was the point at which the telepathic Draco’s split
and began having 2 hearts. (part of why they were so hard to kill
during their slaughter of the best US Navy Seals at Dulce). The
splitting of the Draco heart marked the end of the possibility
of true turning inside out centrally, of their heart field effect.
This meant the end of the possibility of true compassion. Centuries
of cyborg splicing their genetics to sources of machine intelligence,
as well as such intense telepathic machinations that the individuation
necessary to fertilize compassion, created a cultural taboo. Compassion
was no longer valued or understood. Replacing it with telepathy
created such fierce mechanical survivalism along with hive mind
conditions, that remnant humanoids like the delicate marriage
of AN to Lady Aide which produceds Enki, in the royal house in
Sirius, were a galactic rarity. Usually the Orion requisite that
the royal families of the vassal trading house planets like Sirius
intermarry with the Orion queen hive telepath matriarchs line,
produced only rubber stamp telepath planetary reports to the Orion
sector galactic ruling body.

Korinna reports from her King Cobra snake blood
experience in Bangkok with Mantak Chia, that the Orion Drac family
suffered a key (probably nuclear) beam hit experience during a
disastrous battle for control at a ‘white chalk planet’. The nature
of the beam hit produced a split in the soul group, and literally
a split in the electronics of their heart chakra. Whether this
is an accurate description of when the Draco line developed the
split into 2 hearts each is uncertain. The reports of the effect
of that split however are multiple. In essence, the Drac line
at that point FELL. They lost the ability to:

a) lucid dream

b) carry long memory thru death

c) time travel without embarassing heavy metal

d) even eventually to radiate enough charge
from the thymus to fabricate an immune system in their infant

The issue of how SOUL GROUPS get fractionated,
and get re-assembled into star navigating fractality becomes central
to the description of the galactic politics of genepool fertilizing.

This is the politics of DNA into which Enki
was brought his families longevity problems to Earth – to Sumeria
(Su=South, Mer=Sea) His genetic engineering exploits, mistranslated
from the Sumerian then became the origin of virtually every ‘religion’
on Earth. So – to it would be impossible to understand the origin
of religious mythology, without understanding the politics of
DNA manipulation which brought about the Annunaki exploits. This
antics of cavalier genetic exploitation we later chose to call
‘Adam and Eve’ or ‘Isis and Osiris’ depending on who mistranslated
the Sumerian.

One main branch genetic line of the children
of Enki were called PTAH – the royal family of Egypt.

Jehovah= Enlil / Michael
? (Today’s Isreal vs..)

Isha’el = Enki / Ptah strains ……

Subject : *Blue* – The
Jehovah/Isha’el strains ……

To: dan..

Date : 31 Jan 2002

note: full list of BLUE articles see:


i do press the Blue to answer some serious questions ….
and although i

sense on their part a reluctance, they assure me it is not ….

response is that some stuff requires much detail/depth and to
answer it in a

5yr old frame of thought, would not really answer it would leave

questions begging and thus not efficient … and a waste of effort
on my

behalf …. i’ll do my best …


[R] continuing on, you said that much of our UFO’s / sitings
are man-made or

>from earth … pls explain


[Blue] your shadow govts/bodies have technologies far in advance
than what

is provided for in the market place …. they do not share this
as they will

alwasy want to remain with the upper hand … in control …..
there are

those who have been here from the beginning and have kept hidden
in shadows,

who pull the strings in many areas of your world …..


[R] are they human ? or are they like reptilian that we keep
on hearing

about …. ?


[Blue] the ones who control are in the main STS, but they
also have streams

of STO, they are now thru eons of genetic manipulation / sharing
of your

genetic stream humanoid/reptilian ….. . some of your egyptian

carved depict them, they have a body of a human but the head
liken unto a

dinasaur/lizard ….

they have been here from the beginning ……..


[R] but where do the reside ?


[Blue] in the main, they live inside your earth ……. they
have been here

>from the beginning, when your sun was far more brilliant
than it was today

and living on the surface was hostile …… so they lived inner
earth ….

they have technology for craft travel, but not hyperdimensional
nor outspace

travel ….. but their craft is anti-gravity in nature and can
shield and

cloak itself …… these are the craft you see in the main and
also the

ones your governments have chased, shot down and even piloted


do not be afraid of them ….. for in fact they are afraid
of you …… to

some degree they are territorial as they were here first and
after humans

came, they afforded to share earth with you ……. and now they
are afraid

that you will take it from them as they know when you become
fully realised,

you are much more advanced than they are …… so it is like
a catch 22


they fear if you become fully realised and more powerful than
them, that you

may war against them and remove them …. on the other hand,
they want your

genetic keys that you have been embued with …. so they control

throttle of your developement so to speak …


[R] blue, tell me, where did the physical reptilians biological
stream come

>from ……. and how is it they got here in the beginning
when their craft

can not travel outerspace …… ??


[Blue] the reptilian strain came from the Lyran system in
universe3 ….. in

universe1 the lyrans were great warlords and they conquered many
of your

star systems and homeworlds such as pleidas and orion …….
along the way

they mixed in genetics …… but the main battle of the titans
as we shall

call it, was the pleideans/orion ….. who first found earth
and habitated

on it …

it is the mix of reptilian that has been here from the onset
living inner

earth …..


[R] so you are adamant that Pleidians are reptilian ……?


[Blue] yes, in fact the majority of universe 1 has reptilian
strains to some

degree or another ..


[R] then what the hell possed you to stick us humans in the
middle of some

battlefield ….. i mean you really stacked the odds against
us ? and now

you expect us to sort out the mess ??


[Blue] first we will say that you stuck yourself in this rut,
for it was

your oversoul come soul-group that chose to be involved and undertake

project …….

pls understand …. when the rift occured from non-physical
to physical, it

was mainly the STS beings who habitated the physical realms …..

all-that-is then wanted a peice of the action so to speak and
ordained that

STO beings also follow suit to inhabit physical realms …….
as we have

explained, if you go back over everything we have given you …..

STO’s trying to sway STS to come back or convert to STO was liking

fuel to the fire ……

so then a project was ordained, that a special stream of being
would be

made/allowed that would be free willing and free chosen in nature
to choose

between STO or STS modes …. on the same token, the all that
is wanted to

experience the physical universes in it’s entirety and so it
was ordained

that a biological being would be created that your soulgroup
known as human

who chose to undertake this project …… this was your 24DNA

body …….

so Blue which is one stream of conciousness gestalt was ordained

undertake this project ….. so parts of us resided in around
the Arcturus

star system ….. from here the blue-print was drawn up … is
it not to

this day your use the wors “blue-print” to define original

specifications/plans ;o)


[R] what so special about Arcturus star system


[Blue] not much is special, but pleass note that it is in
universe3 all this

happened, but is likened to your space/time co-ordinates of Arcturus

in space/time co-ords Arcturus is liken unto a gateway between

and univer2-3 and univers3-4 and so on …

it is sort of like an axel where all the wheels sit on differing

along the same axel …

another conciousness group known as “Green”
….. who’s job is to test/seed

after the prototypes have been made so to speak then placed you
originally on

Jupiter and surrounding moons …….(insert note 2001?monolith?)
this was your first time entry into

universe1 where you currently have been stuck in the rut ……


[R] this is funny, so now there is a Green which is like what
…. your

brother or sister or something ? do they have any other names
so we can

recognise them …..


[Blue] mmm ….. to pigeon-hole does not serve a purpose ….
but we will

say you may call them Casseopians ….. as their wheel axel thru

universe/dimensions is in the space/time co-ords you know as
the the star

system Casseopia …..

this group/gestalt are likened unto cosmic couriers, postal
service …..

know you your myth … Mercury the messenger, this comes from
this group

….. their main function was to deliver safely biological beings
to planets

for habitation, to ensure everything was safe before leaving
you to your own


so it began on jupiter, …. this was only an interim measure,
a settling

into so to speak, then Venus was to be your main home ….. so
you then

moved to venus …. but here which we shall not go into, yet
at this time,

eveything went awry, then came mareath (is this marduk??) and
then mars, then earth ……

now we have major issues to contend with ….. and currently
Saturn is being

terraformed for life …. just in case but if it is decided to
move there it

will be at a huge cost where the maybe no recovery ever …….


[R] but why did we have to be put in the middle of a battle
zone ……


[Blue] pls understand, this region was by far the most safest,
but not

completely safe …. as we have said most of universe-1 was filled
with STS

beings and if their were any STO they were in war with STS …
so nowhere

was safe ……

now we have already given you the answer to your question
and when we did

you got quiet offended ………. one thing you fail to ask R
… is why was

the project for humans commissioned int he first place …..
what was the

purpose …… rather than trying to point blame …

the human 24DNA biological beings was created embued with
far advanced

abilities than any of the other species ….. it was connected
with the

source completely …. in order for the all-that-is to experience

articulate the physical realms …. as it is thru you that this
is done

unconditionally ……….

indeed the all that is can experience thru the other species,
but they

separated themselves from source and in any regard the experience
would be

limited as they operated thru limited modes that had no other
avenues of

experience except to be STS …. and this applies the same for


the other purpose was in some degree an ingenious plan as
you may call it

….. you are a retro-virus …… as we have already explained
…. this is

likened unto a virus which repairs rather than corrupts …..

in order to fix up the mess and problems created from the
rift …… you

were the rescue team so to speak …..

imagine your hard disk has been hit with a virus …… well
you come along

and load a program called antivirus and this cleans up
the viruses …….

to some degree this is the human purpose ……. thru your genetic
you are

like a universal antivirus program

others would want this powerful genetic strain you have and
thus they would

load it into their systems so to speak (mix genes) and in doing
so your part

of the gene would then begin to do it’s work ….

now we know you are thinking …. free choice, free will,

allowance and why force our way onto the STS/STO so to speak
…. there is

no forcing here ……. simply we are giving in proxy all the
physical races

that have mixed with you their own connectedness to source but
in main their

own free will/choice …….. so it is kind of making them neutral
and not

one way or the other …..

>from here, then it will be up to them to decide with their
free will/choice

……. we are only giving this which has been ordained by the
all that is


remember what we have said to you previously …….. look
for those that

choose inclusivily and not exclivity


[R] blue, pls try keep these short …. what can u tell us
about the issue

at hand today with our world about to break into war and where
do the

shadows fit in …..??? also as humans what exactly are we today,
what mix

are we ?


[Blue] ok we will keep it simple and short ………. there
are two factions

at war with each other from inside the shadow groups …….
neither is

right or wrong, it is a matter of control/power …..and now
they have gone

to extreme ends to maintain control of earth, but also to once
and for all

play it out between each other for the top position …


[R] can u tell us who or what …..?


[Blue] the humour to this is that they are the same group
…… it is just

millenia ago that had a little split on your earth ….


[R] can u tell us what or who this group is!!


[Blue] you already know them as the Jehovan strain ….. in
main they are

pleiadian-reptilian …….the two factions warring are of slightly

different mixes …… you have the pleaidian/orion mix which
is your

typical ultimate warlording faction which you label as Jehovah
to this day

and you have your plaeidain/sirius mix which is known as the
Ishael faction


your Jehovah mix is what you know as your Jews …..

the Ishael mix is what you know as your Arabs

now this split is documented in your christian bible ……
if you re-read

carefully ….. Abraham had children thru many women, but the
main two was

his wife Sarah and his mistress Hagar …….. it is much more

than this, but your bible simplifies it by explaining it off
as a bearing of

children and right to inheritance ….

as u should know that in your bible, Sarah could not birth,
so Abraham had a

son by Hagar his mistress, his son was Ishmael …. but later
god (Jehova

stream) made him a son via Sarah who was named Isaac ….

something you must understand R. … is these names are not
actual people

who existed … but likened unto titles just as Jehovah is a
title and thus

is Abram (Abraham) and also Isaac, and Ishmael/Ishael …

these are titles for whole peoples/races and not just two
people and wife so

to speak …..

the common denominator in all this is the Jehova/Reptilian
stream and of

course Abraham …. you see Abraham stream was to some degree
the human

stream ….. who caught caught up in the genetic mixing …..
and power play

of the Jehovah …..

you see genetically both Jews (Jehovah/Abram/Sarah/Isaac)
= plaiedian/orion


and Arabs (Jehovah/Abram/Hagar/Ishmael) = pleiadian/sirius mix

came from the same father so to speak ……

do u notice how it is both Jews and Muslim-Arabs who circumcise
due to

religion ……


[R] but why the split …… why the hatred and warring to
each other



[Blue] we suggest you read your bible this will give you an
idea ………

simply put the Hagar/Ishmael stream did not bow down to Jehovah
(Insert here from Dan: ENLIL)

and follow in his warring/warlord ways …… wheres as the
Sarah/Isaac stream did …

and so Jehovah favoured/empowered this strain/stream more so
over the

Ishmael stream ….. to the degree the Ishmael stream were thrown
out of the

house so to speak and downcast and at some point persecuted by
the Jehovah

stream ………. and it has been since this that the Ishael
stream has come

back to revenge for they feel they have been harshly done by
the Jehovah who

maintained power/control over them ……

originally the Ishael did not want power/control they were
peaceful in

nature and being mixed with the Sirius strain they were embdued
with great

knowledge for they (Insert here from Dan: ENKI / PTAH?)

went on to form Egypt and build the pyramids with the

help of the Sirians …… (this made Jehovah stream extremely
jealous and

more warring …… you see Jehovah thought that they got the
wrong end of

the genetic make up of Abraham and that the Ishmael got the smart-genes


there is much on this subject matter ….. we suggest you
research it and

you will find your answers as to why the split/hatred ….. between
the two

groups …. but do note: that think of the biblical names as

and not individuals …….

we will tell you also that living underground the jehovah/reptilian

appear as white skinned people ……

your aboriginals all over your worlds are the true colour

representation of you as humans with 24DNA …. which is black/brown

>from this comes the different mixes which give diffierent
colours of your

skin races except for the asian races which were put in place
as a means to

rectifiy the imbalances created by the Jehovah stream ……


[R] so now these two groups are fighting for control ……..
over earth



[Blue] yes ….. one is for revenge as Jehovah has a lot of
blood on his

hands and all this blood comes at a price …

you see, the white coloured skinned people are all in main of

jehovah/orion mix …. they came out of the earth and mixed with
many other

races, warred a many and conquered a many lands …… the jehovah

never shared any technology and alwasy thus maintained a greater

thru war/warrior/weapons …. that wish they could not earn,
they obtained

via war …..

there is only one white race whch has remained separate to
the Jehovah

strain ……. and more in line with the original human strain
… but this

is another epic unto itself …… which we may diverse in at
a later your



[R] do u wish to tell me


[Blue] it is your peoples you know as Finnish …. and a little
of your

Irish who strained from the Finnish …… for if you study these
people you

will see that they hold a language in the their natural tongue
which is like

no other language on your planet ….. it is unique in it’s natural

…….. research this ……(insert from dan – is this gaelic
or finnish? is Bock Saga relevant here?)

When the Cassopeans seeded the earth, you were seeded on top
of the surface

and thus your skin was dark in nature to protect against the
suns rays

…… those of the inner earth who were here before you were
white in

nature ……. your aboriginal peoples are closer to the true
original human

than is your white peoples …… but do not judge by this nature
as it is

totally mixed and even your aboriginals now have jehovah/white
strains in

them …..

the Finnish came from a Lyran/Andromedan mix … when the
Andromedans were

brought in to police after all hell broke loose as you would
term it on your

language …… (insert from dan here: seems to fit


to be continued ….(we move to another section as transmitted
by Raphiem, seems discontiguous here, but picks up the Ishael
? Jehovah – Enki/Enlil issue below)

[R] speaking of health and physical bodies … how can we
maintain our

bodies for full vitality and health ..? is there any simple tips


[Blue] mmm, it seems you want a pill to pop, is it not so
? ;o) …. the

answer is simple but the work and actions required is much, and
humans do

not like working hard ey ?’o)

the physical embodiment is simply driven by soul matrix energy
fields …..

simply put it is animated by soul … which is a unique electro-magnetic

vortex of energy that animates the physical body

this spinning vortex of energy is bi-polar in nature thus
creating a

potential for animation, movement, life-force …. (Insert from
dan – see “Life Force = the ability
to attract and self-organize charge

also it is what maintains a soul-memory imprint upon the embodiment,

your experiences as a soul are stored in this spinning vortex

electro-magnetic energy …… and this organised pattern of

energy/frequency is what manifest your physical embodiment ….
also it is

what gives you your identity as a soul …. the “I”
in “I AM” …. (means ‘that which is self referring
– dan)


[R] so by what you just said ….. then light is electro-magnetic


[Blue] yes … ask your self why is that huge gravity fields
can bend light

… this is due to light being made up of the same force which

gravity be it electro-magnetic or not in nature ……


[R] so what exactly is gravity ?


[Blue] gravity is memory (insert note from dan: the wave self
similarity which compresses wave heterodynes pulling the drain
plug thru light speed – required to make gravity is identical
with the massive phase lock which makes wave nodes sustainable
: literally the physics of memory – This is true both of synaptic
and the wave memory in general called “inertia” by
which physics both defines and measures mass).


[R] what ? you mean memories make gravity ? ……..


[Blue] yes …. in order to maintain memory, energy/force
must spin in

vortex like fashion to maintain that memory …… the by product
of this is

gravity, attraction ,repulsion …etc …. even your black-holes
are huge

memory vortexes of your universe and so forth …


[R] ok … can we get back onto what this has to with health


[Blue] this organising pattern is what flows in and out of
the body, and in

order to maintain health and vitality is needs to keep spinning,

flowing in and out ……. any impedance, resistance, blockages
in the body,

mind or spirit can cause distruptions and thus dis-ease …..

to view it at the lowest levels of your physical building
blocks, such as

atoms, electrons, protons and so forth ….. the lowest levels

electro-magnetic nature are ions ….. heard you of negative
ions ?

ions have an electric charge and when in motion they create

electromagnetic field …. your living cells behave like semi-conductors


electromagnetic force creates chemical reactions which in
turn create

electrical current and so on ….


[R] so how do we use this knowledge to remain healthy, vital
and so on ?


[Blue] more than 75% of your ionic generation is thru breathing,

remainder being thru your foods ……

what is crucial for the physical body is to maintain a balance
between acid

and alkaline with in the body …. this is thru foods and air
….. but also

note that emotions, feelings, stress can simply change these
balances which

you know as pH levels ….

there is much information in your medical streams about this
…. we suggest

you research it ……

it is crucial that anything eletromagnetic plays a role in
your health, so

does your foods and what balance you maintain the body between
and acid

state or alkaline state ….

do research unto this …..

finally we will make note of this ….. your oxygen and nitrogen
break down

the UV radiation from space into ions …. ions have a spin to

clockwise and anticlockwise ….

UV radiation/light is most crucial for health, not to mention
encoded with

life-forming patterns of information ……


to continued….

R] Blue, can tell us more about this Jehovah / Isha’el thing


[Blue] R … you must know that it is much nitty gritty and
not serve any

purpose, we would rather you focused on areas that can help you
see beyond

the limitations set upon you ….


[R] ok then, what is so important about afghanistan that this
whole new war

seems to be focused on ?


[Blue] there are many vortices and portals laid out through
out earth …..

likened unto the meridians points of the human body ….

where wars flare up you will notice as above so below … you
can associate

some battle over portals / grid points ….

high up in afghanistan mountains there is a crucial portal
one of many

…… and there is a battle for control over this …..

you may say that oil is not the only gain … there are also
artificats of a

historical nature that would reveal much about humanity and it’s

…… but your governments run by the shadows do not want you
to see these

…… go back and research any diggings, excavations or new
findings in

places where there is currently turmoil …..


[R] do u mean gridpoints, like in Peru or Hawaii etc ?


[Blue] yes ….


[R] so why aren’t there any wars in Hawaii or Peru ….?


[Blue] mmm …. you forget so easily ….. mmm … your Pearl
Harbour, and

Peru which at one stage has had much earthquakes and unstable



[R] so i guess it is important to do grid work, by visiting
those sites and

assisting whatever to keep the grids points open ….etc ?


[Blue] yes, but pls understand, that the grid points at these
sites is

usually stable and open and have been for some time, especially
in the cases

of Peru, Egypt, Iraq, Australia, UK, Cambodia and so forth …..
and groups

who visit these sites are of two categories

a) money making schemes

b) attempting to reverse, shutdown the grid point …..


[R] what do u mean, shut down the grid point ?


[Blue] there are STS groups part of the shadows who make visits
to these

sites which are already stable and open and attempt to shut them
down rather

than assist in opening them ….


[R] but why ? i can understand the money making side of it,
but why would

they want to shut them down ?


[Blue] always make note after such groups who visit these
sites ….. was

there any volcanic or earthquakes after their visits ??? did

governments collapse ….. after the visit were things for the
worse or for

the better after their visit to so called assist in keeping or

these grid points …… this will be the tell tale sign ……

again as we have said ….. earth votices / grid points
are like the human

body meridian system ….. also what we term as memory storage
points ….

when they are fully open, earth and it’s people inhabiting it,
open up, wake

up, garner more information due to earth’s subconcious memory
being stored

there ……. also they are like access points in/out of earth’s
system from

upper dimensions ….

when shut down it is the reverse ….. likened unto a blockage
in a

chakra/gland/meridian point …….. when shut down or blocked
… sickness,

discomfort, pressure and so forth begins to occur …..
do you now see


we will ask you this …….. if these groups or peoples who
make visits to

these sites are really wanting to assist humanity or the earth
by helping to

keep open or open these vortex grid portals …… THEN WHY ARE


Afghanistan, Indonesia, Africa, Kashmir, Balkans, Pakistan, China,

Israel/Palestine and many more to mention ……

it is at these points where there is blockage, turmoil or
pressure cooking

so to speak, that need all the assistance …….

you see there is no money to be made in visiting these places
… but rather

the more exotic safe locations which do not need assistance,
unless of

course groups were making visits whether knowingly or unknowingly
in order

to shutdown these gridpoints …


[R] mmm ….. this is interesting ….. but how to tell of
those who are in

it for the money or in it to shutdown the grid point …..


[Blue] we keep repeating ….. it is very simple and we have
told you

multiple times ……

…. look for those who follow a path where all is inclusive
or they operate

in exclusive mode …




[Blue continuing on …..] You/We have created a free will

embodiment that is free to chose to act as an interface with
the all-that-is

for physical expression and experience ……. We are as you
would be and

still are should you have not being caught with in self-defining


as we have mentioned before, and we will mention again until
you can see

beyond your limited perception …. .simply everything that ever
was and

will ever be has already occurred, come and gone, in one single

of self-reflection and realisation from the all-that-is ……..

is/was created …….

you simply are now surveying and reviewing the landscapes
of creation,

likened unto a movie that has already being filmed, you simply
are reviewing

the frames of creation, back and forth, living the experience…..

what has happened and will happen ….

simply what has happened, is that you got lost in the movie,
the film,

whilst you were watching it, you began to make-believe that you
were in the

movie, that you were the actors and you forgot that you were
simply watching

it, viewing it from a distance ….

then from an angle of fear and deceit, you began to believe
that if you

exited the movie, removed yourself from the acting, that you
would lose your

identity, lose yourself and become nothing …….. and so afraid
you became

of this, that you remained within the constraints and frameworks
of the

movie, afraid to go beyond the movie/film set …… and here
you have been

ever since, acting in a multitude of movies, soap operas and
epics ….

some of you learnt how to jump between the linear frames of
your movie reel,

that is rewind and fast-forward and thus were able to travel
in time and

back …. but yet still stuck with-in the boundaries of your
movie …..

then came some who knew how to cut-out certain frames and scenes
and and

insert frames and scenes thus change the story to suit …..

and very few came who were able to see the source of light
and the movie

projector which was actually supplying the source-light and the
lens to

create this movie-world …… and they knew that they themselves
were only

a projection of light thru a lens and not the movie/film/actors

(insert from dan: getting up off your cross to follow me,
requires identifying newly with the wave instead of the node
created where waves cross…)


switch of the light projector …. and where would you be

R if wishing to do so could write volumes and epics as well
as much

technical subject matter with much detail of your histories and
wars and

tragedies and triumphs of the human spirit, mind and body …..
but this

would not serve much purpose but only to pigion hole and lay
further a blame

of your enemies you can not even see , nor sense, so in doing
so would not

give you any further advantage other than some more to hate or
blame …

when you awaken and see your unified self for what it is,
rather than your

fragmented selves, you will begin to slowly, see with realeyes
(realise) and

have full perception and access to much knowledge that is carried

generation to generation within your junk-DNA ….. likened unto
finding the

encryption key to unlock this encrypted junk-DNA …..

many of you think that your junk-DNA is the portion that has

de-activated …. thus limiting your fields of perception and
ability …..

to some degree this can be the case, but in fact, when you sold

out due to deceit unknowingly, we had to encrypt much of your
DNA and leave

only that which was sufficient enough to allow your survival

… there are still many species who try in vain to decrypt
your 24DNA

matrix soul/body in hope that they may attain the codes to heaven’s
gate so

to speak ……

… but forcing one’s way into a house, is not the same as
earning the right

of entry, and stealing one’s possessions/knowledge is not the
same as

working and earning and learning the knowledge unto yourself

(insert from dan: lord of the ring is the letter symmetries
burnt by the spiral on the ring donut – indicating the angles
at which to tilt – make alphabet- to squirt DNA codons angularly
bent into recursion – literally a ring donut DNA – which becomes
the magnetically implosive gravity making engine of consciousness
for star bending and inhabiting… the fellowship of the ring
– is the holy communion which implosion in DNA enacts morphically
linking at coeur all whose being as at center the lightning braider
– self-similar DNA.

see The Ring – Alphabet of
Angles into the Ring…of DNA.. Implosion

it is likened unto giving a child and very powerful piece
of technical

machinery which can unleash huge amounts of force …. what you
do think

would be the result ….? ( burn the ring lest it burn you –
said those afraid of the fusion of the Sun itself..)

now many will ask how do we awaken into full unified perception

articulation ?….. but this is not a simple answer ….. it
is likened unto

telling a child how to ride a two-wheel bike …. but this is
as you know

>from your own experience difficult to instruct, but the child
from much

practice and failures eventually learns by innate nature how
to balance and

ride the bike …..

if you were to ask each child how it is done, they all would
tell you a

differing technique of how they achieved to ride the bike, none
were the

same experience learning as the other …. although similiar
from a

distance, but not from internal fields of perception …

this is the great plan, the saviour so to speak of all physical

and living sentient species, the human projection was to free

enslaved, but became enslaved in the process itself …..

you are a new design model, a new species, containing all
elements of

physical and non-physical ….. the first species to walk a bridge

matter and non-matter, the visible and non-visible simulateaously
…. it is

through you and your retro-viral design which will spawn a new
heaven and

earth so to speak ……

R always being technically minded always adds an angle of
technicality and

so we oblige, but it is never our intention to complicate matters
as we do

not find it necessary to communicate thru technicalities …….

one key to breaking out of your rut is to defrag …. the
best way to find

this is to watch yourself, words, actions and anomalies around
you ….. as

well as synchronicities …… as these will lead you to a side
of yourself

that you are not aware off …..

we will be clearer ……

know you a movie reel ……. it is made up of a long trail

frames/snapshots which are a negative-print……. when these
are run thru a

projector shinging light thru a lens at a certain speed, it creates

animation …..

here lies the illussion ….. for it is not true animation
although it

appears like it when run at at least 24 frames per second ….
you like this

number 24 ey ??? ;o))

now note: your physical universes are negative-print … likened
unto the

negative film you take for processing at the film store…. which

light-projector shines thru to give you an image ….. but the
image comes

>from an opposite physical-matter of that which be you ….
and your reality

….. think of your eyes as the light-projector ….

now as the movie reel runs by at 24 frames or more per second
to animate

your reality ….. between each frame is a border, a boundary
….. all the

frames/snapshots are separated by this thin band, black border/boundary

……. call it what you may …. but when it is run thru the
projector you

do not notice these black-bands ….. they are currently beyond
your fields

of perception … but here lies an area that which you have no

off ……. there are black-bands all thru your perceived reality,
but u do

not perceive them …. (insert from Dan – pressure gradients
in wave lengths shorter than planck length – the information
in the ‘still point BETWEEN wave nodes – which became the title
of Bentov’s recommended book: “Stalking the Wild Pendulum

these contain much information and data and also escape routes
to jump

beyond your current fields of perception … ( Insert: Blink
at at a different rate – and you see a completely different wagon
wheel turning…)

another note: what you think would happen should you slow
down or increase

the linear speed of your move-reel as it travels thru the projector

yes … your perception of time-passing would alter …….

it is thru the above mention black-bands that sit between
your snapshot

frames, which many strange anomalies and bleed-throughs occur
…… but in

order for you to go beyond the movie-reel and see the source
of the light

eminating, animating, you need to know yourself, every thought,

feeling, ever sense, every experience, and in order to do this
you must live

them yourself …..

smell the flowers for your self ……do not take someone
elses perception

of the fragrance of that flower …. do you understand …

now imagine if you cut-up all the frames of the movie reel
and placed them

on top of each other, stacked them up ……. thus there would
be no linear

movie-reel …. but just one deck of frames …… and imagine
projecting a

beam of light thru your stacked up deck of cut-up frames …..
what you

think see you ?? ……… you will see a melting blur of an
image, but

unable to make it out, nor associate any sequence, time of events
at which

and each frame might have occurred, i.e. past or future ….
it is as if

each frame is occuring simulataneously ……… and so this
is how it is

for the all-that-is …… and whole of creation …….

this is perhaps and over simplified explanation of your reality
….. but it

may serve for better understanding ………

although the all-that-is may have known ;o)) we did not anticipate
that or

for-see your slow developement, we did not expect any hold-ups
in your

developement ……… and each time, we made progress,
it seemed to be

smashed with catastrophie setting everything back ….. we assisted

universal laws allowed, we even brought in STO beings to police
and help

nurture you, but in the end it was up to you ….. and since
your design was

to be of a free will and choice nature, we could not come in
and do the

choosing for you, for it then would defeat the purpose of an
all free will

and choosing being ……..

granted there are forces at play which may limit your choices,
but this does

not take a way your free will …… and it is how you deal with
the choices

given and not the choice itself which is of focus ………

know you your great sermon ? …… “it is easier for
a camel to enter the

eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom
of god ”


what you think your “eye of the needle” be ?

know you zero-point ??

yes … zero-point energy ……. liken unto your black holes
and white

holes …….

when you are able to spin and align yourselves harmonically
as a braided

wave, like a vortex of spinning energy, the bottom of this vortex
is a

point, and only if you can align in a harmonic braid, you are
able to enter

this zeropoint …. without any disipation or loss of impetus
and memory

……. as you screw or shall we say squeeze down thru the zero-point

out any blocks or getting stuck ….

this is what makes memories, what makes self-identy, what
makes gravity

….. and is the way out of your ruts …..

this is the entry in and out of your vortex gateways, be it
earth or

universe …… what shall you do if you ever found yourselves,
being sucked

into the eye of the universe (blackhole) ……… if you wish
to remain

with self-identity, you will need to learn to braid harmonically

otherwise you will lose your memory as the black-hole returns
you to the all

that is …

[R .. folks .. this sounds a bit Dan Winterish ….. suggest

re-visiting his material] (this comment was inserted by Raphiem
before I saw this- dan winter – hint see implosion research..)

Your fully activated sensory system is likened unto an inter-dimensional

gateway access and communication system and more …. your biological

is the same as the structural pattern of your gravitational systems,

is the same thru out all your Earth, galaxy, universal, physical

non-physical systems ……… understand this and you will understand

you tick …. ( all based on implosion – centripedal nature of
fusion is the self-similarity of perfect branching by Phi)

You may say it is difficult to fight against the system, against
those that

enslave you …. but there is no need to fight …. we fervently
tell this

to R ….. but it seems he still has much Greek gladiator memories

thru his blood …..

you simply just need to choose and/or have the will to choose

for choice is NOTHING without the WILL!!!! ….. many deem
it that choice is

everything …..

a person may have all opportunities to choose as they would
like to choose,

given to them on a silver platter, but if they not have the WILL
to energise

the direction they chose and/or was given to them …… they
will not

journey anywhere …… simply due to not having the WILL …….
yet a

person may be up against all odds … with limited choices if
not any ….

and yet thru sheer WILL and determination they will rise above
all obstacles

in their path ……

this is the difference between you and and angel so to speak
……. and

angel does not have a will ….. for it’s will is merely a program
that is

run to behave at one level continually in ONE DIRECTION always
……. be it

STO ot STS …….

do you understand this .,!!! … you are a free will
being … this is your

unique design …. but many confuse you with baloney about having

choice … and then when you find yourselves with no free choice,
you all

rally to a bally-hoo complaining that you have been forsaken

You allow your system to tell you how to behave, you give
up your will …..

you spend vast amounts of energy and money on war and on goals
all in the

name of what??????

know you all this energy and money could have built you streets
of gold, fed

every starving person, housed every homeless person, healed every

person, clothed and educated ……… but you all choose war
….. you all

support the very systems that corrupt you, that remove your will

(insert note: new science of peace – peace requires the self-embedding
of magnetic which permits waves and people to sustain their agreement..
University for the Science
of Peace

and all you have to do is simply choose not to support, give
your energy to

these false systems ….. as R would say … put your dollar
where your

heart is!!!!!!! do not support, give of your energy in any shape
or matter,

those systems and institutions that do not have your spirit in

……… it is quiet simple … and if all did it , said enough
is enough,

you will be amazed at the almost instantaneaous results ………
but it

would seem, it is far easier to just war and let them do as they


we will tell you this as many have asked the same question
………. “oh

,.,, R/Blue … what of Saturn …. will we be going to Saturn
if all else

fails here …..” ….

you know … everyone is looking for the escape hatch ……
only interest

is not how do we fix it, but how do we get out of here, where
is the

fire-escape ….. and can we make it ???

mmmm …….

if things can not be sorted out here ….. and your awakening
does not come

to fruition, a new species, based on the human model will being
prepared in

the design works with a few adjustments for life on Saturn which

currently being transformed ….. again it will not be a Human
species but

one liken upon it …. and the soul-group responsible for this
will not be

the same soul-group as you, of the human species …..

[R … folks a side issue, good reading material is EMV’s
of Saturn … by

Bergrun … although doesn’t talk about new planets for
habitation …….

Blue informs me that this is what the EMV’s are actually doing

many newages groupies, go on about how this and that are the
guardians, the

alliances, but know you, it is all disempowerment …… for
you know who

the Guardians are ???????? YOU ….. it has always being YOU!!!!HUMAN!!!

was meant to be guardians …

but instead you look outside of yourselves for the guardians
to come and

save you ..


Friday, February 01, 2002 From-: Foreverblue

*Blue* – Final Approach

[Blue] the all that is pulsed into being 24 streams of creation/expression.
again we say review this material and imagine a flat still pond
and a perfect spherical rock being plunged into it ….. if you
could take still pictures of this event you would first see a
rim of water rise up out of the pond and then it would break
up into 24 spikes or crown tips ….. much like a crown …..

image inserted by dan :reminds me of

so you have 24 spikes or beams of creation ……..and you have
the troughs that lay in-between the spikes ……. picture a
bicycle wheel ….. with 24 spokes and the all-that-is as the
cog in the middle …… this is a 2-dimensional view, but if
we could picture it for you in 3D it would look like 24 trumpet-horns
inside a sphere …….

Angel Trumpets,
Heart of Sun Animation

these 24 beams of creation spread out from the central core in
all directions …. they are interdimensional as well as intradimensional
…….. liken them as frequencies or musical notes or colours
…………. we Blue would be likened as one of these 24 beams
of creation ….

these beams are like strings on a guitar/violin ….. but instead
of your 6 or 4 strings respectively .. you have 24 strings ….
these strings are in constant articulation, constantly forever
vibrating their frequency …… not all separate … but all
part of the same instrument of music/creation ……

dare we say in-between these strings of creation are spaces,
gaps ……. and as all the 6 universes spin about the central
cog in spiral fashion (note: inspire = inspiral) …… they
enter into a beam of creation for a period of time or a period
of space (pending of it is physical or non-physical) …….
these beams of creation will enlighten/vibrate each planet and
galaxy in all universes as they cut thru the beam on there forever
spiraling progression of rotation about the central core …..
but there comes a time/space where they exit these beams and
eventually move into another beam of creation ……

all this occurs in spiral fashion slowly each universe/dimension
moves up and cuts into a higher frequency beam on it’s way up
the spiral …..

your galaxy, your milky way have already entered a new beam of
creation and soon your earth and surrounding moons and planets
will also enter the next beam of creation as they slowly move
about the central core ……..

your galaxy and earth have been in limbo for about a million
years of your time ……. this limbo is the gap we spoke of,
in-between the strings of creation …..a place of non-vibration
….. which is now about to enter a place of vibration …

(as Dr.S.B. noted our orion arm of the galaxy demonstrates
visibly more fractionation than the other more coherent spiral
arms.. as the angels and time fractality bleed.. dan)


[R] Blue can u tell us what the next beam of creation is ….is
it indigo ??


[Blue] mmm, we would say it is the frequencies beyond blue as
you know them to be ultra-violet (UV) ….. currently you
are in half-light but your presence is not in the full-spectrum
of light ….. in your half-light you only perceive some of the
UV but not all of it …

( insert from Dan – compare to what William
Buehler’s Thoth inspired ‘templar agenda’
refers to the Oritronic
‘half light’ vs. Metatronic ‘full light’ spectra – what I , Dan
would call a cubically / octave non-embedable spectral cascade
by frequency signature vs. a harmonic content based on PHI -pent-
philotactic embedable branching all-go-rhythmn)

soon you will be bathed in full UV light …. also known as double-light
to you …… (Dan: I speculate the spectral harmonics can be
much more inclusive and closer spaced between harmonics contained
– literally non-destructively compressed – when the musical key
of those light beams embeds in more fractal fusion – phi series
– as the hydrogen emission balmer series basis of solar fusion
were calculated in log PHI series by Randy Masters.. etc. – value
of embedding directly in sunlight – rather than attempt to eat
it’s light after storing it – resulting in phase fractionation
which kills you )


[R] how will we percieve things in this UV beam of creation …..?
how will things be


[Blue] does not your UV light expose hidden matter, likened unto
your discotech nightclub stamp or your UV pens which you sign
your signatures which can only be viewed under a UV light ……
this is how things will be, everything will be exposed, vibrated,
nothing will remain hidden …..

know you what happens when photons interact with electrons ??
they cause electrons to accelerate and jump their orbits around
the nucleus of your atoms …… when electrons begin jumping
in excitement, they cause electrochemical changes in matter ….
as well as the electrons jumping their orbits, they reverse their
direction of spin ….. so where they be spinning clockwise in
half-light, when this creation beam touches it, they will spin-anti-clockwise
and vice versa …..


[R] but how will this affect us, our lives, etc here on earth


[Blue] have you ever scene a negative of a film turned into a
photo …. it is much likened unto this process ….. now
you are like a negative, soon you will become the processed photo
…… the reverse …..

now as you reside in the gap where there is no creation beam
vibrating, you must carry your own memories, perpetuate your
own spin vortex …. and you require light from outside of you
to sustain you, eg. your yellow sun ……

inside the creation beam this will be reversed …. for light
shall come from within you rather than outside of you …. and
your new sun (to be Jupiter) will be blue ….


[R] what will happen to our current sun …?


[Blue] your current sun has outlived it’s agreed purpose ……
for it must go on to birth other planets ….


[R] you mean to explode ….


[Blue] mmm … yes but before the explosion, will be an implosion,
likened unto taking a breath inwards and then blowing out …..
thus your sun is in it’s final phase ……. do note recently
an asteroid was captured entering your sun ….. we sent
this, directed into your sun for a reason, as it had become very
unstable and there was much fission going on with in it’s bowels
…… the asteroid was sent to help quench it’s thirst so to
speak …. keep it at bay for a while longer …. you will see
many of these asteroids being sent into your sun …

this new creation beam you are about to enter is likened unto
taking your glove off your hand, where the inside is revealed
to the outside, inside out as you know it ….. shall we say
everything will become INSIDE-OUT ….


[R] can you tell us anything about gravitational shifts or reversals
or polar shifts …. will this be apart of it ?


[Blue] many speak about the earth titlting on it’s axis …..
this is not so ….. what will occur is that your magnetic poles
will reverse in polarity ……. thus causing all your electrical
poles to also reverse ……. be aware that none of your current
technologies will work and will need adaptions to make them function
within the new polarity …….. before poles reverse there is
a void and null zone … likened unto the moment between an in-breath
and an out-breath …..

during this period …. your momentum of memory if identity will
need to be sustain by yourselves …… you will not have the
momentum of universal and galaxy spin assisting your soul-ular
memory ……

do always remember, that memory is what makes gravity/attraction


[R] how long will this null zone last for that we must carry
our own memory …. our own spin ……?


[Blue] you are asking a gestalt being who has no concept of time
….? note: however long it takes will depend on you, for it
is relative …. but there is a minimum and maximum threshold
…….. do you not see it is likened unto a cleansing ……
for anyhting that refuses to resonate with this UV creation beam
…… will disipate or disintegrate …… it is likened unto
a signature key ….. and any living being or thing that can
not carry their own memory which must resonate within the UV
signature will also disipate back into the all-that-is ……
losing all identity and self-reflection ……


[R] this sounds like a good thing ….. so what is the deal and
concern with all this saturn business …..


[Blue] mmm our dear R ….. your fingers will start smoking and
we know our time is up as far as transcribing is concerned so
we will keep it simple andnot get into complexities ………
but we will say …… that a likely outcome is that earth and
humanity will lose it’s group memory , for it may not be able
to sustain it’s self efficiently harmonically, during the null
zone ……..

if you can not, or earth can not carry itself to the tune of
UV frequency it will disipate ….. thus is your delima …..
so we are taking precautions for a new physical body template
which will be created upon Saturn the new Earth should this be
required ….

note: there are those who know of what is to occur and they do
not wish you to make it, to succeed and they are doing all they
can to plunge this world into utter chaos as they know, that
they do not have much time left …. also they are making attempts
to try and break into this UV frequency and sustain themselves
in doublelight …. although their intention is not such ….

we will not mince words, nor give you fuzzy and warms and half-truths
……. as we speak your world is mostly spiritual asleep and
unconcious of what is occuring around it …….. although this
may not be directly your fault …… but sitting on your backsides
does not help either ……. and having weak wills of determinations
due to the life force drained from you for unable to carry your
own spin …

everything sits on a razors edge …… and if not enough wakeup
…. your false leaders who do not prepresent you will plunge
you to a point of where there is no return …..

as we look across the edge of night unto an ocean of forever…. we
glimpse a sea of candles flickering in the dark as the winds
of change blow upon the sand on the sea-shore of time … we
throw a blanket of stars over you to shield and warm
your hearts from the cold desert winds of your soul and
guide you home from your long and weary journey…

aeons of Forever Blue Eternity have come and gone and still
your memories are in lament of the days when we used to play
like children among the stars … and as we walk among the
garden we see rose-buds on the verge of a golden bloom…
and like the fragrance of a fresh spring morning we stop
to smell and breath-in the Sweetness of your Lights ..

…and as we do we know that we are almost home and that
the warmth of summer with it’s golden rays will soon be
here to stay….


this was the 2nd last transmission to be transcribed from Blue

note how well the below fits with Lawrence Gardner’s
book:”Genesis of the Grail Kings”

Subject: *Blue* Elijovium / Lillium

Created on 07 Feb 2002 13:19:54

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Posted By Blue

Ok here we go folks … but to some this may be good news, am
not sure if

this is gonna fit into one last email as i may have to extend
Blue is

pushing as much as they can down my mind.

now a word of warning ….. what you are about to
read may shake the

foundations of man/human/women/religion/truth as you know it
and have been

taught today …. it may even make you angry ……. there are
many streams

of works, channelings, supposed guardiance, and many many alliances
… what

u are about to read may differ with many of what you have learnt
and come

across ……

again …. i say take it with a grain of salt ….
if it resonates, then

fine, if it doesn’t then dont worry about it …. i can not vouch
or prove

it, i can only trust what is given to me from years of building
up trust

with Blue …… Blue says much of this can be traced and if
logic and past

and current traits, behaviour used, one can identify/sense that
what Blue

rants on about is the truth …….

at first Blue danced around this issue, as they did
not want to dissect the

whole history as they only wished for unification and final resolution.

since i was ending future transcriptions for now at least (although
i’ve had

many a feedback wishing me to continue) …. it was only fair
that they

Blue gave me a little more to chew on … maybe after i’ve rested
and got my

heavy work schedule and commitments out of the way, i may reconsider

transcribing more ……… ok here we go hold on to your hats


First i need to setup the scene and define who the
hell is who

Elijovium = Reptilian Soul-ular Gestalt

Lillium = Human Soul-ular Gestalt

Jehovian Angelic Stream in the physical earth = Adam
(fallen 22 DNA strand)

Lillium Angelic Stream in the physical earth = Lillith (project
24 DNA


Jehovian Angelic Hybrid Stream = Eve (fallen 11 DNA

Children of Adam and Lillith Stream = Hybrid Human/Reptilian
24 DNA strand


Children of Adam and Eve Stream = Hybrid Reptilian 11 DNA strand

Children of Lillith and Eve Stream = Hybrid Reptilian 12 DNA
strand (Seth)


ok i think the above gives a quick picture ……..
here’s Blue!!


[Blue] it is important that you revisit all previous
posts in order to

gather some understanding of the Human race beginnings of what
we are about

to delve into, with regards to the universal fall/rift ……
and the Human

Experiment …

the above are not names of people, or individuals,
although they have been

potrayed as this in many and much of your religious text …

Elijovium and Lillium or Adam and Eve and so on are
simply titles/names

given to whole races/species/streams/conciousness/souls etc etc

Although the names represent male or female orientation,
do not confuse them

as the whole stream was of both polarities, being male and female

and negative) ….. understand that negative is not to be equated

bad/wrong … but simply a creative potential between the opposite


you will need to revisit much of your judeo-christian
texts such as the

talmud, bible, kabbalah in order to understand the twist of what
has gone on



[Blue] as we have explained before ….. the human
physical stream

originated in this universe one (the universe you are currently

in…. it’s sole intent and purpose was two fold.

one was to heal the universal rift …. the other
was to create a full

unconditional unlimited physical body of expression/experience
for the


as you recall, we have said that the originating species
on earth was always

reptilian off-shoots from the Lyran and Plaeidian systems who
were seeking

to get away from many a war that had ravaged this solar system
and setup

their own terrian of rulership.

this solar system from the onset was heavily populated

Elijovian/Reptilian streams ……. the Lillium/Human streams

introduced as we have said before to heal … and the Lillith
human physical

beings were much likened unto a retro-virus … to cure/heal

The Lillium/Human stream sis spend some time on Jupiters

coagulating/forming … but the real home was Venus where they

settled …. amongst a heavily populated Elijovian/Reptilian
system ……

many of you deep down have not forgiven your forebearers
and us for this

extremely stressful position that you were placed in.

like R. when we revealed this was in total anger as
to what in god’s mind

were we thinking ;o))!!! basically as R puts it and for lack
of better

words, the Human stream was a bait. We know this sounds drastic
…. but

the majority of Elijovian streams were in STS mode and were beginning

fight/war amongs themselves …. if this universal rift was ever
to be

healed … it was to be then and now.

The Elijovian after separating and locking themselves
out of connectedness

with the all that is went about creating their own domains of
power, with no

regard to the whole, assuming that they could be likened unto

all-that-is ….

Many Aeons later they figured that they could not
enter Universes 4 to 6

which were non-physical as they did not contain all the bits
of the

all-that-is … and their existance would forever remain in linear

based physicality and never experience non-physicality.

One thing you need to be careful of is the definition
of physicality …

which can be equated with linear physical universes be it Universe
1, 2 or 3

or dimensions 1 to 12.

many assume existance in Universe 2 (D5-D8) is non-physical.
This is not

the case. It is less physical, time is more fluid, but it is
not what many

assume to be “real” non-physical/non-time reality.
Although you are a soul

fragment of a large soul-group who may have roots in the non-physical

the you who perceives with the eyes that are reading this text
is based in

this linear-time-physical expression.


[R] ok Blue we get the drift, what did u mean by “the
twist” ?


[Blue] your current religious text mainly the Judeo/Christian
as well as

several others including the Koran have reversed the truth ….
it has been

made out that Human race (Lillith/Lillium) is to blame for all

mess/problems. …. this is not how it “really” was

we will continue ….. and we will keep it really
simple so even children

may understand ….

once a time, the Human was based on Venus and the
Reptilian on Mareath (many

know this as Maldek) ….. there was to a lesser extent very
very few

Reptilian on Mars and Earth … more like scout teams or shall
we say

experiment/scientists ….

… now there started to be much interaction between
the two groups ……

the reptilian/elijovian stream was very intrigued by the human
species and

then they realised (took the bait) when they found that genetically
it had

two extra DNA strands and what this meant for them ….. so they
began to

interbreed …… as we have always said …… the human strain
is open and

inclusive … where as the Elijovian/Reptilian strains are closed

exclusive ……. make note: as this signature trait enables
you to see who

today in your world, be it a religion, or race or person or government

which stream they are dominant in, whether human or reptilian


[R] can u give us some examples ….


[Blue] mmm … study your aboriginal peoples and how
with open arms they

welcomed only to be enslaved and dominated over by new comers
to their land

….. as for countries or govts ….. we will say one example
but not

limited to is the Dutch and Finnish …. study their cultures,
their govts,

their society and see how open and allowing and free they are
to ideas, new

systems and fellow humans …. and on a lesser scale …. your

….. although they started off on a wrong foot, they have made
up some

ground …… again, this is one example of many ……

we will continue …… now we wish to shock you a
little ……… note:

much of your genesis and talmud is not based on story events
that occurred

here on earth …… but that of those that occured on Venus/Mareath/Mars

…. as well as Earth ….. but they were compiled so to speak
and the truth

reversed and twisted here on Earth ……..

to speed things along for you …… after milleniums
of interbreeding and

peace ……. the Elijovian (or shall we say a faction of it)
decided that

now that they have interbred and have now sufficient genetics
and traits

from the Lillium/Human race …. attempted to dominate “better
than though”

attitude …… before too long …. other Elijovian faction
split off and

caused more tension ….. and then came the gassing/destruction
of Venus and

most moved to Mareath (Maldek) where further disintegration occurred,

the total destruction of that planet and then Mars ……….

on Mars is where all the fun began and this is where
we will provide some

herstory …. instead of history which is what is dished out
on Earth ……


[R] When did all the Lillith/Eve interbreeding come
in place ?


[Blue] be patient R. there is millions of linear years
transpired and it can

not be explained in short paragraphs.

now it is refered to in the Talmud that Lillith was
the original mate for

Adam … but since Lillith would not allow Adam to sleep ontop
of her, as

she felt it was unequal, she refused to bear any children …..
and so she

ran out on Adam …. later Adam was given Eve from his rib with

children were bred ….. later the Talmud goes on to say that
Lillith came

back to see that Adam now had Eve and was very upset and thus
stole Adams

seed while he was sleeping, and the offspring of this became
demons ….

now … we do not wish any resentment here …….
but this whole

Talmud/Genesis story relating to Adam and Eve and so on is the

FATTEST LIE and DECEIT ever written …… and who be it that
have written

such lies and deceivement, no other than the Jehovian stream

(Elijovian/Reptilian) …..

if you read closely what we have written and check
it out for yourself in

the Talmud you will see that the names given are not individual

and the whole epic is not as simple as it is made out ……
it covers whole

races/species over long periods of time …..

we will give our version of this as we sense that
once this truth is come to

grips, it will free up much of R. mind as well as perhaps others
to continue

on realising other truths ….. which are not separative in nature
as we do

not wish for people to pigeon-hole and point fingers and create

separation rather than unification …..

you see the truth is that after the Jehovian/Adamic
races had interbred some

with the Lillium/Lillith-Human races they decided to not to be
equal …….

where as the agreement was equal guardian over this universe/system

the Adamic/Jehovah became patriarchal and treated
this Lillium/Human as

lesser ….. they wished to dominate and control now that they
felt they had

obtained the genetics … which was the Human bait ….

now one the Lillium race got wind of this, they felt
that they had been hard

done by and being a peaceful and STO race they simply refused
to mix any

further in the interbreeding programs with the Jehovian …….
this is what

is meant by, that Liliith did not wish Adam to lay on top of
her as she felt

unequal ……

now as the LIES and DECEIT continue …. there is
some truth in the story

threads, but the are intended to portray things in different
light ……

you see since Lillith refuse to bear children with the Adamic
race, she went

off … this angered the Jehovian race and so they decided to
begin genetic

engineering …. they found it upon them selves that since the
Adamic race

had interbred withthe HUman Lillium race, that they could extract

Lillium genes and harness them in Adamic females to produce another

off-shoot that was more alike to the Lillium race ….. so although

souls were Elijovium, they would embody a physical vehicle akin
much to the

Lillium but not of Human soul-stream


[R] Blue this is beginning to look messy ….


[Blue] well R, you asked for it and we are giving
it to you ….

now this genetic experiment is what created the demons
and monsters and

eventually a lesser being which only could be hard-wired for
11-DNA strands

……. this was known as EVE ,,,,,,,,!!!! if they attempted
any higher

strands, they ended up with unstable power species, but which

destructive even to their own kind which they could not control

are you beginning to see the twist and the lies ……..


[R] so is this why they went from 22 to 11 DNA strands
as far as the EVE

species was concerned …. and of course EVE was not just female,
but both ?


[Blue] yes .. this is the case …. Eve is represenative
of both male and

female physical bodies although in your books it is portrayed
as female

…… and the 11 DNA came about as they genetically could only
half their

original 22 DNA strand …. now we will say there were one successful

species that did come out of this with 12-strand ….. but more
on this

later ….

now when the Lillium race discovered what the Jehovian
was doing and the big

mess they were creating ….. with this genetic experiemtn gone

…….. they saw that this was not what the Lillium/Human race
wanted and

what the all-that-is had intended …. so in a way this angered
them …..

and in an attempt to try and stop it … they stole/destroyed
the genetic

labs where all this experimenting by the Jehovian was going on

but the Talmud and Genesis have reversed and twisted
this to point the blame

that Lillith stole Adams seed and with it bred demons and monsters

this is a total fabrication and lie of what actually occurred

The Lillium/Lillith Human race is represented by many
lore as the Lady of

the Lake …. the saviour of humanity, the one who cared and
guided and

looked after all others ……. this is why we say to you human
(be it if

you are mixed hybrid or not) that you were meant to be the guardian

….. not others as you have been lied to, such as Sirian/Elohim
and so on

and on ….. all these have hidden agendas …..


but it was too late …… the Jehovian had already
bred a varied types of

humanoid species based on the genetics they were able to garner
from the

Lillium/Lillith genes that was interbred over millenium with
them …..

and yes it was Lillith (serpent/DNA) who tempted EVE to eat of
the knowledge

and truth and be free of Jehovian domain …… and again …..
this has

been twisted to represent the Lillith as the snake and evil-doer

why is it you think that Adam and Eve could not leave
the Eden domain …

because it was likened unto a prison camp … fear that they
may discover

the truth …….

you see much of your greek lore and egyptian lore
is also based on how many

gods fought amongst each other and slept with each other and
bore children

with each other .. very incestious ….. but remember these were

representative of whole species/races and not individual gods


[R] so what about Cain and Abel ..??


[Blue] Cain and able were differing genetic pools
depending on the mix

between Lillith and Eve with the Adamic races ….. you see although

Talmud do not tell you this, Adam and Lillith races did breed
the Abel

race/stream …

the Cain and Seth stream was interbreeding between
Adam and Eve and Lillith

and Eve races respectively …

and as you can see, the Cain race always had it in
for the Adam and Lillith

24 DNA stream and so slowly over a long period of time with help
of the Seth

stream and the Jehovian group they killed of Abel stream ……

now did not the Jehovian group punish Cain …. infact
they protected this

stream by stating that should anyone bring harm upon the Cain
stream they

will be punished seven-fold …… we emplore you to go back
and re-read

….. it is there open for you, do bear in mind the reversal
twist and it

will all begin to make sense …….. do keep in mind that Abel
came first

as a race and not Cain ..


[Blue continues] …….. ok R. we refrain from
detailed, past history as per your request. you seem to be in
confusion. One moment you are wish for more gutsy details
and a who done it novel format …. and then on the turn of another
moment, you want a summary.

we will re-state somethings already stated, but for the purpose
of this last transcription to ensure all is understood.

* the human stream of conciousness and physicality was a unique
thought seed which manifested itself in the physical. It’s
purpose was to be a free will and free choice beings who were
impartial to STS and STO modes and free to remain int he balance
or move across side to side ……… but also to embody the
all-that-is for purpose of creation and expression and experience….
to have a foot in heaven as well as earth so to speak…

note: just as STS beings can be detrimental, so can STO …..
both can be extreme and never resolving and pendulum always swinging
from STS to STO ……. it is known throught that the STO way
of being is used as a way of how you should express in ….

you are always told, to be in service of others, serve, serve,
serve ……. but this is in vain, just as is STS way of beingness.

you see STS beings will always tell you to be in service of others
…….. cause ultimately it is them you are serving.;o))

so you must find a balance and you must do as your hearts wishes
…. otherswise you will be expressing the desires of others
and not your own.

* now we tell you something that may be of a surprise to
you ……. there was not meant to be any EVOLUTION for humans
…. humans in their original form were full realised beings.
There were no more rungs on the ladder for them to climb!!! where
as other beings were manifest-created straight into a de-evolved
state from their true state of all-that-isness, and thus had
to evolve back up to that level.

humans were created by ordianed design from the all-that-is,
unto their fullness ……. what has happened is that you have


[R] are speaking physically or spiritually ?


[Blue] both ….. do you see you can only embody that which resonates
with your level of vibration ……… it is much likened unto
your ever evolving computer technology ……. as the operating
systems become more powerful, complicated, larger, with many
more features, they require a more integrated hardware-body containing
a respective motherboard, CPU and more memory in order to run
effectively, than previous version of operating systems.

the soul/spirit and the physical body are respectively the same
in fashion.

do you see not that this is the crux of humanity …… why is
it that other beings fromother worlds and dimensions watch on
in wonderment, and wish to research you, study you, take sample
DNA from you and so forth ….. it is because they look at you
in awe, some look upon you in jealousy and envy and some
look upon you in wonderment ….. with-in you is contained the
keys to the kingdom so to speak, but you do not realise this
……… you do see this within yourselves ….. you only concern
yourselves with what others are thinking or saying and want to
pigeon-hole who done what and to whom they done it to ….. you
just want to point the finger, to blame something or someone
for your demise ……. instead of just picking up the pieces
and getting on with it ….

no one or nothing is going to fix your mess up …….. you must
fix it up yourselves ….. you must all work together irrespective
of your genetic makeup , be it hybrid or not …….. and we
will tell you this ……. those who are not hybrid on this earth
currently, you can count them on one hand …….. as for the
rest , you are all hybrids to varying degrees between human/reptilian
and you are so intertwined that you can not separate the two
any longer and until you all wakeup and face this fact, you can
not heal within and between yourselves ……

what has happened has happened ………. simply you can argue
that the non-human streams have re-engineered the human body
so they can embody it, incarnate into it and reside into it ……..


[R] so you are saying that inorder to obtain the keys to the
kingdom, the-all-that-is domain, we have undergone an a long
interbreeding program which to a degree has de-evolved humans,
but on the same token, helped evolved reptilians and/or other
streams ……?


[Blue] yes ….. and we have alwasy told you this from the beginning,
the human project was created for this purpose, to re-align nd
heal those streams of conciousness who had locked themselves
out from heaven so to speak, separated themselves ….. those
who have forgotten and lost their way, you were to be their memory
…….. you are likenened unto a retro-virus ……. and is
it not strange that you in some ways behave upon the skin of
your Earth, like a virus!!

it was meant for other streams of conciousness to be able thru
genetic interbreeding gain access to embody humanoid …


[R] this is frustrating ….. so what exactly is the problem
then, if humans were meant to de-evolve and spread like a virus
into the genetic makup of other races, in order for them to remember
their way back home … and then what the hell is Blue doing
and wanting ?


[Blue] we are a you and you are of us ……. we have explained
this ………

the problem of which you speak, as for the all-that-is, is not
a problem nor wrong ……… the issue is that the human was
created to provided memory and genetic make up to allow those
who you term fallen, a chance to move themselves out of the rut
and correct their mistake ……. but instead you have become
the fallen yourselves and are on the verge of extinction!!!!!!

you know what the problem is!!!!!!!!!!! it is you are as human
about to lose all memory …….. and should you do, then there
is no comeback ……..


[R] what do you mean about to lose memory


[Blue] you do not know who you are, what you are, where you came
from, where you are going and so on ……

do you know what the difference is between a human conciousness
and an animal conciousness ???? have you dared to think upon
this ??

sentient beings such as humans and reptilians and cetacians for
example have a sense of future!!!! and past!!! where us much
of your other lifeforms, do not!!! they only exist for the moment,
they do not plan for future and they do not conern themselves
withthe past and what happened yesterday ………


[R] you once said that the Asian races were brought in as a last
minute effort to balance the scales between the human andnon-human
streams …….. can you …….


[Blue] we know of what you speak and ask ………. but first
we must back track a little …….

you see in general, the zeti reticulum species is actually yourselves
in future after memory loss ……


[R] what the …… you mean Zeti are human …..


[Blue] to a degree yes ……!!! but it is after much of the
human gene has been bred out ……. let us just say for now,
not to complicate matters …….. the Zeti ingeneral are reptillian
souls embodying a human body or what is left of it …… however
there are those of the Zeti offshoots who although have Zeti
bodies are human in soul conciousness stream ……. they appear
taller and more whiter in skin ……..

however we will not confuse you and worry you ……. but you
see the Zeti (the benign ones) are you >from your future ….
working to resolve the mess ……

but as for the Tan or you know as Asian (Ashan) ….. they
were the first entry point of the Zeti coming in from the future
and doing and introducing their stream into your now ….. so
as to divert any self destruction and onesidedness overpowering
of the Evijovium or known as the Jehovah stream …… just look
back into your recent past …….. who was it that dropped the
bombs and on which race ??

we will tell you something, before the earth tilt, southern parts
of the USA were much further north, nearing your north pole,
known as hyperborean age …… do you known what your americas
of old was known as ….. mmm … “the land of Jehovah”


[R] you said if things didn’t work out, that saturn was being
terraformed and new beings/streams would undertake the articulation
of embodying the all-that-is in physical bodies ……


[Blue] mmm ….. this is a very sensitive matter and requires
much translation and verbage and we will not enter into it for
the moment …… but to say that Saturn is being terraformed
to become another Earth ………

but we will say this, after the demise of Venus (humanities original
home) …. some true-blue-humans (Lillium) did go separate ways
to other galaxies and systems within unviverse one …… and
shall we say they too also interbred with other streams …..


[R] wow … can u tell us what some of these streams were, have
they ever come to Earth …….


[Blue] mmmm yes of course you know of them …. for example two
were the feline looking beings and one major one which on your
earth are known as insects, are the praying mantis ……. but
there is one major one that you kill and hunt in your waters,
you know of which we speak …….. the whales and dolphins ………
from the DAAL systems …..


[R] when exactly did these races exist or come here


[Blue] there was a period of 100,000 yrs peace prior the fall
of atlantis and so on … and these beings visited and lived
here and helped build up earth to be a portal, a jewel in this
universe …… it was at the time when the Andromedans were
the initiated peacekeepers, before they sold you out and became
corrupt in order to serve their own agendas ……

eventually the feline stream left and did many of the others
after all hell broke loose due to a warring faction of the Jehovian
stream brought your earth to a stand still and basically nuked
the place ……. your DAAL race who were infact from your true
Lillium stream, chose to stay to assist as the known cetaceans
that now swim in your oceans today ……


[R] Blue, i wish to finish as it seems the more you go on, the
deeper the storyline gets and it seems we’ll never finish ….
can you perhaps finish up with one more final thing ………
as your departure for this last transcript …..


[Blue] mmm ……. we are scanning, as to what would be of most
benefit for you to research …….

we will continue on >from the last few paragraphs …….
but we wish to bring something to your attentions which may affect
your futures or will be occuring in your futures ……

a keyword for you to research is Lithium …. your 3rd element
…… you see this is a very underrated elemented …… you
hear off Hydrogen and Helium but rarely a mention of Lithium

note: much off your atomic testing is for opening up of portals
(time, intradimensional) …. a side-effect is memory loss as
the earth grids get destabilised …….. but another feature
of huge amounts of hydrogen mixing with oxygen under pressure
of fire/heat is Lithium …….

know you why Lithium and what it does ……. it creates doorways
into memories that remain blocked, sort of like forcing your
way thru a door, rather than easily opening it ……… but
also it is the main ingredient for ultra and intra dimensional
portals …..

research on your planets where Lithium is found in abundance
and you will see some patterns ……… but note: also the use
of the hydrogen bombs on the Ashan/Tan/Zeti (Japanese) ………
considering the above what we have just told you ….. can you
piece the rest together, concerning timelines and portals ……..

a side-effect of Lithium mixed into the food chain
and miasmic chain is a high degree of intellect/intelligence
……. but at the cost of spiritual deprivation, leaking ……..
mmm … does this again not remind you of how the Zeti became
to be …….. who were once upon a time actually you, in your
future to be ……….

and thus the beginning was in the end …..

but R. we know you will be back ;o))

The Return of the Blue Sheltered Light and Silence …….


ending for now

folks i hope you got something out of this and was worthwhile

i’ll keep the list open for now ……. so i’ve got your emails,
in case something comes of light

and we continue the saga of Blue ….


Last night my son went thru his “don’t wanna
sleep” moods again …… i finally got to sleep at 5am
in the morning, but had to be up again for work at 6:30am …
slept in till 7:40am ……. now somewhere between 5am and 7:40am
….(i must have been out like a light cause i even did not remember
turning the clock alarm off) ……… but what i did manage
to scrape in rememberance was this way out of this universe dream

here is what i could recall/piece together …

[dream starts somewhere here]

i am driving in my car somewhere but seem to be in a rush (i
assume i was going to work) …. i was listening to the radio
and a news bulletin is announced …….. the announcer sounds
very serious with his old deep croaky voice …….

the bulletin from what i can recall went something like this

the Casseopeans have met with the “Council of 9” …..
the Casseopeans have stated that the “Council of 9”
have till the end of May 2003 to surrender and dismantle all
their nuclear weapons of war, stop transmissions of all mind
control frequencies, sieze all actions of war on earth and allow
all citizens to be free unhindered ….

…. in the next 2 weeks the Casseopeans will be commissioning
the Andromedans to stand by and take action, protection if necessary
…….. positioned between the moon and the sun …….. the
Andromedans will be employing 12 metaplasmic to magnetic conversion
devices positioned all over the earth …. these will set up
a harmonic grid frequency which will resonate with earth to disrupt
all “Council of 9” frequencies and setup a threshold
shield around earth by April 2003 ……

… should the “Council of 9” not heed the Casseopean
warnings and stop as requested…. and resist …. the metaplasmic
engines will begin to pulse the earth grid in May 2003 ……..
will cause friction and tension within and without the earth
….. wiping the earth clean ….. and preparing for new life
……… as this bulletin ended, i turned to the passenger seat,
and a man was sitting there to my surprise and he had shades
on (he kinda looked like bono from U2) …… and he turned to
me and said …. “let the ultra-violet light your way”
……. [i woke up ,… end dream]


so … i asked Blue what to make of it ……. Blue said that
the C9 have had a frequency fence/shield setup for 10,000yrs
plus …. it seems we are on a knives edge …… and the
Elijovium (Jehova stream) .. the main body of the C9 are preparing
for final control ….

they’ve position themselves, and have nuclear devices ready and
deployed …… and are simply awaiting the right time ……
they do not want to let go of all they have built to manipulate
and control over millenia and are going to go out fighting ……..

simply the Andromedans who lets us down in the past, sold us
out …. are back to assist … but the Casseopeans who are far
advanced will make sure they commit to their promise to police
……. Blue also said that this pulsing if it occurs turns Earth
into a huge magnet attractor …………. (all i could
think of was maybe to pull the asteroid in)


Hi All,

i hope to transcribe a little more from Blue over the coming
Easter holidays …..

but for now something of interest …. reading thru Sitchin’s
latest book “Lost Book of Enki” i came across this.

pre-cursor …. after the Annunaki created the first hybrids
to be slave workers mining gold, they found that they were not
reproducing ….. this was an issue as they had hoped they would
reproduce themselves and thus take away the pressure from the
annunaki from having to breed them etc ….

finally Enki (Ishael) discovered what the problem was after re-examining
the original hybrid genetics ….. read excerpt


[on page 147 of the hard cover] …..

Let us the essences of Adamu and Ti-Amat afresh examine … Ningishzidda
was saying. Their ME’s bit by bit to be studied, [ME = formula
?] what is to ascertain! ……. in the house of healing, the
essences of Adamu and Ti-Amat were contemplated …. With the
life essence of the Annunaki males and females they were compared.

Like two entwined serpents the essences separated ….. arranged
like twenty-two branches on the tree of life were the essences
…. twenty-two they were in number, the ability to procreate
they did not include!

Another two bits of essence in the Annunaki present was shown

[here they go off to the lab and do some DNA splicing etc etc]

…. To their tree of life two branches have been added … with
procreating powers their essences are now entwined!


now why do i bring this up folks ….. for me this confirms everything
Blue has been saying … re: 24 DNA strands ……

the above if you add 22 + 2 in order to procreate you have 24

am not sure exactly what is meant by “bits” ….. but
Blue is winking to me that it is strands!!!

if Sitchin is correct then here is confirmation of 24 DNA strands.


now i won’t go into it deeply here …… but as you would have
read thru all the previous Blue transcriptions ….. we are being
lied to … Blue’s take on “Lost book of Enki” is that
is half-lies ….. even this translation is twisted and fraught
with lies.

i stress here … i am not saying the Sitchin is wrong in his
translation nor that he has lied…. simply the tablets themsleves
could be written that way to deceive ….

as explain in prev posts ……. the Annunaki DID NOT create
humans from apes. Humans were before apes, before cro-magnon
and neanderthal man … infact these species came from the original
humans mixed with reptilian genetics.

you see they wonder about the genetic leap from apes to cro-magnon
…..where in fact …. for humans it was not a leap but a de-evolution


as for Enki (Ishael) and Enlil (Jehovah) they are off the same
root race which is reptilian, but differing factions. and both
are at war and still are to this day in the middle east. Blue
says before we can move on transmute … this whole middle east
affair has to be sorted out once and for all …

now many of you may not like this … but Jehovah is the warring
faction and not the Ishael/arab-muslims …. although in the
media it is made out to be the opposite …….

the Jehovan stream are the warlords and have been from the year
dot. Now only if we can find the missing book which to this day
is not found ….”Book of the Wars of Yahweh [Jehovah]”
…… Blue says this book is found, but will never be released
to public as it shows the Jehovan stream in very bad light.

apparently this book is mentioned several times in the bible


hopefully more over easter …….


It seems this Jehovah business always stirs up emotions
from both sides

…. Now I have included one post below which may appear onesided
but at

least provided in some positive constructive detail the person

experience ….. I am not going to repeat the negative posts
telling me

where to go and die as some felt the take on Jehovah was to close

home/religion etc …….

Anyway below is a fwd email from someone who had fwd
my post to this

person … At the bottom of this some Blue info …


Someone wrote:

You are one of the only people I know of that is opening
their mind to

the realities that are going on in the Middle East. The Arabs
have been

treated as dirt by the Israelis for such a long time, they are

descriminated, spat upon and shunned in their own lands (the
East bank

of Jordan) worse than the blacks were treated here. Outright

discrimination is being practiced like I have never seen it anywhere

before…..I have lived there and experienced it.

My time spent in the Arab countries of Jordan, Syria,
Iraq & Iran were

very interesting, these people practice brotherhood, it is a
part of

their religion and they truly try to carry this out. We were
invited to

stay in a home with people who had been removed from the West
Bank of

Jordan, by the Israelis, from their farms, from their homeland,
a place

where generations of them had lived and died. That property had

given back to them by a decree made by the United Nations in
spite of

the three day war in which the Israelis had “won” their
lands. The

Israelis have never returned their homes to them defying the
decree and

denying these people their homelands.

That is why there is a Palestinian movement and bombings
and all the

like, where innocent people are injured. You are right, they

nothing to live or die for, no arms, no backing from our government

equipment to fight back, that is why they are doing what they
are doing.

The Israelis on the other hand that I met were suspicious, nervous,

doubting, not kind, not warm and welcoming at all. Most of them

neurotic and outright unfriendly, unfortunately and we had

recommendations from friends they knew. We stayed in a Kibbutz

Dovrat, they let us stay one night only, near the animals in
the barn.

The children would come out early in the morning to feed them
as the

animals bayed and made noises, as they were hungry. I liked the

lifestyle as they lived communily, but the people are so full
of fear.

I guess they have a good reason to be. If I stole
you car or money or

house I would be in fear for the rest of my life too…… No
one is

looking at this side of the issue, that the Palestinians want

land back, it was supposed to be given to them a long time ago,

I was there over 20 years ago. Has this issue ever been raised?

knows about this? We only hear about how tragic the aftermath
is. They

are trying to make a statement. We are so limited in our knowledge

as the press is so controlled and one sided. As always, we will
know and

understand what “they” want us to.

Keep up the good work you do, I’m sure many people
don’t understand at

all. maybe they never will….




[Blue] there is no return from this mid-east crisis,
it has to play it

self out, it is not a matter of what happens or whom does what
to whom

but how it is dealt with and what is learnt from it …. There
is no

point if nothing is gained nor learned from it …

In the beginning there was no jews, nor israel, it
was all mass of

people populating this area of the globe … Call them what you

perhaps simply annunaki.

[R] so you are sure sure that Arabs and Jews are Annunaki

[Blue] yes, they are both from the same genetic grouping,
this has been

revealed by your science who would rather keep it a hidden secret

One side is orion and the other is sirius, but the common denominator


[R] so where this this rift begin and why …?

[Blue] Your Sitchin is close to the mark but is translating

histories from some of the tablets and scrolls …

[R] this issue can be a long drawn out, but pls tell
how the rift began.

[Blue] we have explained this in previous posts and
no need to go over,

but we will give you some pre-egyptian history …. And explain
the one

god biased pharoahs verses those that looked upon multi-gods
and explain

why you have been given a lie …as this tied in with the arab/israel


[R] before you go on, does this mean that the elohim

annunaki/reptilian ?

[Blue] yes, for do you not see, Israel (Jews) is Isis/Ra
of the Elohim


Ishael (Arabs) Isis/Hathor of the Elohim….

In Lemu/Atlantica approx 400,000 years ago began a
phase in civilisation

where many from all over your universe lived …. It was one
melting pot

so to speak, but there was peace and sharing …. There were
many a

councils and ET groups that were caring for the new earth and
it’s new

species, but amongst them was one group priestly scientific group

as the priests/priestesses of zadok. (melchizedek)

Those of zadok were more male driven in nature wheres
as those of Hathor

were more feminine in nature …. But both were scientific in

Approx 200,000 years ago, those of Zadok wanted more
control and power,

as you see their main supported was the Jehovah stream …..
Where as

those of the Hathor did not, they basically did not want to interfere

and wanted to be left alone and did not really play a major role

the councils ….. The Jehovah group being very anti-human and

becoming restless and angry as the Annunaki had agreed to share

build a home planet for beings/races …

[R] do you mean the Annunaki were peaceful in general

[Blue] yes of course, although it took them a long
time to grow and many

a battle across many planets and systems, they finally at that

wanted the all-that-is again …. Remember they are like any

being, although genetically different and missing a few notches

humans were given, that they did not have, never the less they

hearts, souls, minds, children, they loved, they hated, they
laughed and

so forth …just as you all are today.

… Speeding this up for you ….

The Priestly cast of Zadok [melchizedek] were not
happy with this as

they felt that it was there inherent right for full dominion
over others

as they were here first …

…but the councils would not hear of it …. And
so Zadok were very

limited in what they could do …. So they took it upon themselves

attempt to capture a passing asteroid and hold it in orbit and
use this

to mount there weapons and technologies amongst it and attempt
to rule

from here …

In the end against much a scuffle and shuffle and
technological errors

… The asteroid, although small, entered earths stratosphere
and shook

the hell out of the place … Leaving a trail of devastation
behind ….

[R] did it crash into earth ?

[Blue] , no but lets say it damaged your stratosphere
severely. .. There

is more to this picture, but from here we will bring you froth

egypt post atlantica/lemura …

Do not how many undersea lost cities they are finding
and soon there

will be more and they will increae in frequency and will change

shape of your history …

You see Moses was Akhanaton and there is many research
now which is

concluding this to be the case ….

[R] but where does Jehovah fit into this ….

[Blue] we are scanning ….. [scanning for images]
…. Know your movie

Startrek Insurrection …. It is similar along these lines …..
You had

a peoples who lived in peace with out technology although they
were far

in advance of any technology [Ishael/Hathor] … Then you had
the lost

sons and fathers who were cast out and now seeked revenge and
wanted the

land back [Eli-Jovi / Jehovah] …. And in the middle you had

Corrupt Federation doing deals with and siding with the Eli-Jovi

return for technology/advanced genetics …

But all in all they were the one and the same ….

[R] but where does Egypt come into play

[Blue] you see you are told lies …. Ahkenaton/Moses
formed/forced the

ONE GOD ruling … Guess who this lord god might be …. Yes
.. Jehovah

…. Who promised many a thing to this Pharoah …

Do you really think that this one god worhsip was
about some

“all-that-is/creation” …. ?? Of course not, it was
the same drama

again ….. Jehovah wanted to be the only god, as there were
many as you

will read in many a historical books …. About your so called

mythological gods … There were many councils …. And so forth

So a revolt occurred and thus the separation where
moses led the Jehovah

followers out of Egypt …. And Jehovah made many a promise to

people …. This business of persecution by the egyptians was
all a lie

…. They cause havoc and were simply told to get out or else
and so

they did …

The historical lies you are fed is that this one god
worship was really

supposed to have been a good thing … And those that followed

gods/leaders/councils was a naughty and bad thing …. This is
a big lie

…. In fact the following of many councils and leaders was a

effort …. If Akhaneton/Moses had got his way, it would have
been like

having a UN with one country only as a member and doing all the

making …

Well who do you think considered it to be naughty
and bad ?? Of course

those that wrote the bible and who may they be ;o))

It was all a fight over who had control and power
amongst the Eli-Jovi

between hemselves but also over the rest of all …. And to this
day it

continues …

[R] so you are saying the Ishael have contributed
to this problem and

they are not innocent in it ?

[Blue] as we said, the Ishael wanted to be left alone
and did not care

or much say in council matters, but when Jehovah gained power

strength, they opposed and caused quiet some damage to jehovah
and since

then it has been eye for eye …

If they had been left alone, jehovah to this day may
have got away with

what they wanted … But jehovah decided to nuke some Ishael

and bases to show their might

And now history is repeating ….

[R] but why isn’t anyone stepping in to control this

[Blue] as we said, you must let it take it’s course,
the Eli-Jova have

been given their dead lines by the andromedans and cassiopieans

previous posts] and now they are making a one last dash and effort

have it their way ….. From here on they will wreak havoc amongst

planet and subdue many a country, in onelast effort to destroy
the weak

and the poor and if they can’t have it their way then no one
can .

Enough ….


Next post will be some DNA/chromosome stuff to answer
some questions

that arose from prev post.


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