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Tamara Magdalene & the Truth About Reptilians | The Bible Told Us About Reptilians | Even Bill Cooper Was One Of Them

This revelation about Bill Cooper, one my “Christian truther” idols, was definitely a shot to the gut. I still stand by the logic in his “listen to everyone, trust no one” mantra.

I find myself spending a lot of time defending Tamara Magdalene in the YouTube comments sections lately. Something I really shouldn’t be doing being that I suspect she is also an androgynous Talmud-pushing deceiver who is practicing the very same Gray-Magick saturated spell-casting on her subs that she herself warns us about. But at least she’s sticking to the Codex and outing herself. I suspect that her dissidents may also be her allies as well. A ploy to cover all angles and scoop up any defectors to follow and equally deceptive narrative. I’m not that easy to manipulate, but many others are.

People are savages. I don’t get it. What’s the problem guys? Seriously…do we really need our hands held via your commentary? She’s literally just pointing things out & bringing things to our attention. Are you that prone to manipulation that you can’t watch something that may have slick production techniques and not feel like your being used? Anyone could have pointed a lot of that stuff out. The Rey Mysterion shapeshifting video? That was an absolutely incredible find. What she noticed on the statue outside of the C.E.RN. facility….mind-boggling. Lemme guess, they should listen to you instead? You shouldn’t listen to anyone but yourself. People can point things out and provide guidance, but no more than that.

On top of shills trying to discredit Tamara, we also have people like Kevin Shipp who try to broadly discredit the reptilian shapeshifter narrative.

Kevin Shipp? Are you saying the reptilian shapeshifter narrative in itself is a grand deception? So all this live footage we’ve compiled over the years of these fuckers having their eyes, and sometimes entire physical appearance, glitch out for everyone to see, clear as day, is all part of an even grander underlying deception to get some of us to buy into the fake narrative? Someone clearly got to him.

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Is all that shapeshifting caught on camera over the years on live TV part of an elaborate hoax? Are all the historical references to serpent worship and the endless depictions of these beings by cultures across the globe fraudulent?

I’ll be the first to admit that our history has been heavily manipulated. “The Mudflood” is the biggest of the lies, and we know our scripture was likely meddled with too, but you gotta come with a lot more proof than NOTHING if you want to be taken seriously. In fact, it seems that they [the Reptilians that supposedly don’t exist] were in fact the ones who have been manipulating our history.

So is that what you are saying Kevin Shipp? You have uncovered evidence that reptilian shapeshifters are a facet of someone else’s meticulously planned deception? Because if you have, then that in itself would be an even bigger conspiracy and I would get on with writing a book about it, if that’s where your research has led you. I’m all ears, really. But I don’t think you got shit.

Then on the flip side of the intellectual spectrum, we got serial-killer-looking ass-clowns like this guy, who looks like he just finished up filming a snuff tape, lending his useless, thoughtless, substance-void critiques on Tamaras content:

There are many more videos just like it, with just as little game as the rest of her dissidents. It’s almost as if there is a desperation to redirect the narrative. What is the underlying theme that they are so afraid of? Is it that all this demonic reptilian shit is proof in itself of the existence of God? The existence of Tamara and I’s God? The Hebrew God Yahuah(the father) or Yahushah(the son/Messiah)? Its certainly the most overwhelming of any of the narratives insinuated by Tamaras content, which is why its considered the most dangerous, hence the emergence of these two-faced dissidents.

A true believer in God would praise her for pointing this stuff out for the rest of us. Not scrambling to debunk and discredit her. For all those channels out there claiming to be ministries that “bear good fruit”, but are attacking Tamara for no real decipherable reason other than playing the role of the devils advocate: Knock it off.

None of this is about deception in itself, it’s all about control. Over the eons they have found that deception gives them much of this control, but if partial truth, or even full on truth happens to do the same, then so be it. Remember, that as mandated in their Codex, for Karmic cleansing purposes, they have to reveal to us the truth at some point, in some way or another. “There is nothing that won’t be brought into the light”.

This is why we’ve had figures like Steven Greer and David Icke emerge onto the public scene over the years. There are gatekeepers for ALL narratives. The outright falsehoods, truths and partial truths, all have ambassadors to the human race so that in the event that the direction one of these themes is going in a way they don’t like, they have an agent in place to control it.

If either the “Aliens-from-space” narrative or the “reptilian shapeshifter” narrative starts moving in a direction they might not like, they have someone in position, ready and able to give us the answers we are looking for. Allowing them to do what? Control the narrative. If they could control us with the truth they would. Sometimes they do, but very rarely with the outright truth. That’s where DISCERNMENT comes in. We should be used to sifting through all these false prophets by now.

Start thinking more for yourselves instead of battling it out for who you think is most credible and start using your own discernment. I hate it when people demand I answer these complicated questions for them, knowing they have done zero research on their own before coming to me. Do you want me to think for you too?

Her content is quite abundant as you can tell from the sampling of some of her videos below. Watch away.

Is Q a PsyOp? Your damn right it is. Does that mean they are lying to us about everything? Absolutely not. It’s just another control mechanism. Without Q, we’d be all over Trump for not putting a stop to this outrageous Koronavirus scam. But instead, Anons think they are privy to this super secret plan and patiently await for Q’s next directive. Many of these secret arrests and executions of celebrities are in fact taking place, that I don’t doubt. It’s the reason why they are deciding to reveal this to us, in the manner they are, that you should be suspicious of.

And they are legion. There’s that. Q will only lie to you when strategically necessary and part of their strategy seems to be to unveil a bunch of harrowing truths as a build-up to a big lie. Only time will tell just how big that lie truly is.


  1. Rachel Dempster

    There is no doubt about it these people are a species apart because they are so cruel and cold blooded . But frankly this shape shifting stuff looks like camera effects to me and with digital technology you can do so much . They are spiritual reptiles I can feel that but in all honesty I have not seen a shape shifter except for in slow motion or on very bad pictures. You often make your comments yourself Jerry and you are entitled to them without being called a shill. Let people decide what they think is true do you have to have control of that. People do not have to be rude to Tamara of course not; but remember we have robots we have clones we have all sorts of man made effects I am more down to earth and tend to look for a more realistic explanation but I also like to keep an open mind. Frankly I am sick of looking at these Satanists they truly disgust me. Chill out mate!

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