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Deputies Caught Arresting People for Drugs, Stealing the Drugs and Reselling Them on the Street

Shaking down drug dealers and shooting unarmed America citizens in the back seems to be natural instinct for the everyday American Law Enforcement pig. Defunding the police is one of the stupidest ideas brought forth in a long sad history of bad ideas from the left, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to let these guys off the hook when I see these kinds of headlines.

The left and the pigs will always be targets of my ire.


Deputies Caught Arresting People for Drugs, Stealing the Drugs and Reselling Them on the Street

Source: — 09.08.2020 10:55 The Daily Coin

Deputies Caught Arresting People for Drugs, Stealing the Drugs and Reselling Them on the Street by Matt Agorist for The Free Thought Project

Bakersfield, CA — As TFTP reported in 2017, in a massive blow to justice and a nail in the coffin that is police accountability, two former cops who pleaded guilty to arresting people for drugs, stealing those drugs, and selling them for themselves, avoided jail despite their guilty pleas. As the Free Thought Project reported, former sheriff’s deputies Logan August and Derrick Penney pleaded guilty to a massive conspiracy in which they would arrest people for selling drugs only to turn around and use those drugs to enrich themselves.

These two bad cops received probation only, for their crimes.

After getting off with a wrist slap, last year August was charged — again — with with 15 felony counts, including conspiracy and burglary, in connection with stealing drugs from a sheriff’s storage locker and putting them back on the street.

This recent investigation began last year and ended on Thursday with August and Penny pleading no contest to the charges.

As ABC 23 reports:

The investigation was initiated following a plea deal between August and Derrick Penny, another former KCSO deputy, and Federal Prosecutors of the United States Attorney’s Office.

The DA’s Office said upon learning of the of the Federal plea, KCSO Commander Erik Levig began an investigation in conjunction with the District Attorney Investigator Don Krueger to learn the true extent of the crimes committed by any member of KCSO. This year-long investigation revealed several new offenses committed by August and Penney.

After he pleaded guilty in 2017, investigators later learned that August worked with other law enforcement agencies transporting seized marijuana from crimes scenes to the department — where he was accused of stealing it.

According to ABC 23, Penny also entered a plea of no contest to two felony counts of falsifying a police report Thursday. He will serve 90 days in custody and be placed on probation for his involvement in the case.

As we reported at the time, shortly after his arrest, August released a video blaming satan for his actions.

In the video, titled “I’m sorry” August said, “I want to first of all just express how sorry I am to the residents of Kern County and Bakersfield and especially to all the partners that I have with the Kern County Sheriff’s department and all the partners in the Bakersfield city Police Department. And anybody I ever worked with, anybody that wears the badge that I disgraced.”

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