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Jesus did not die on cross, says scholar

We must face the stark and grim reality that scripture (especially the New Testament) has likely been meddled with severely over the millenia by leaders of all the lovely Babylonian mystery religions that existed and still exist on this planet.

They’ve been trolling us by duping us into worshiping the image of the “false Jesus”, which is also the image of the Anti-Christ or Apollyon while also tricking us into worshipping a Satanic symbol in the Latin Cross and the image of Jesus nailed to it, which is a form of idol worship and may have never happened anyway. The Messiah Yahusha was hung from a tree or post.

What is accepted as modern Christianity resembles a blasphemous Pagan cult more than it resembles the true original Abrahamic teachings from the God who Moses, Enoch and Noah knew. Teachings that involved the “10 Commandments”(and many more) and the worship of Yahusha as the true Messiah and his father Yahuah. People need to wake up out of the haze of “grey magick” that is modern Christianity and start from scratch with your Biblical acumen.

Jesus did not die on cross, says scholar

Source: | June 2010

Mr Samuelsson, of Gothenburg University, said: “Consequently, the contemporary understanding of crucifixion as a punishment is severely challenged.

“And what’s even more challenging is the same can be concluded about the accounts of the crucifixion of Jesus. The New Testament doesn’t say as much as we’d like to believe.”

Any evidence that Jesus was left to die after being nailed to a cross is strikingly sparse – both in the ancient pre-Christian and extra-Biblical literature as well as The Bible.

Mr Samuelsson, a committed Christian himself, admitted his claims are so close to the heart of his faith that it is easy to react emotionally instead of logically.

Mr Samuelsson said the actual execution texts do not describe how Christ was attached to the execution device.

He said: “This is the heart of the problem. The text of the passion narratives is not that exact and information loaded, as we Christians sometimes want it to be.”

Mr Samuelsson said: “If you are looking for texts that depict the act of nailing persons to a cross you will not find any beside the Gospels.”

A lot of contemporary literature all use the same vague terminology – including the Latin accounts.

Nor does the Latin word crux automatically refer to a cross while patibulum refer to the cross-beam. Both words are used in a wider sense that that.

Mr Samuelsson said: “That a man named Jesus existed in that part of the world and in that time is well-documented. He left a rather good foot-print in the literature of the time.

“I do believe that the mentioned man is the son of God. My suggestion is not that Christians should reject or doubt the biblical text.

“My suggestion is that we should read the text as it is, not as we think it is. We should read on the lines, not between the lines. The text of the Bible is sufficient. We do not need to add anything.”

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