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Charlotte Black Lives Matter Rioters March Down the Street Chanting 'F-ck Your Jesus,' Cover Street Preacher With Silly String (VIDEOS)

Here’s a story to rile up all my non secular readers, even though they’ve all likely been fuming for quite some time by now.

They need to change the chant to: “fuck the false Anti-christ image of Jesus, PRAISE YAHUSHA”. I bet if I went down there and told them the truth about the Messiah and that he may very well have been black (I think he was more “otherworldly” looking like Noah), I bet you I would hear a change of tune real quick.

Source: By Cassandra Fairbanks | The Gateway Pundit | Published August 25, 2020 at 12:27am

Charlotte Black Lives Matter Rioters March Down the Street Chanting ‘F-ck Your Jesus,’ Cover Street Preacher With Silly String (VIDEOS)

By. Cassandra Fairbanks

Black Lives Matter rioters in Charlotte marched down the street chanting “f-ck your Jesus” on Monday night.

The chant originally began as “cops killed Jesus,” but quickly took an anti-Christian turn.

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The Queen City Nerve, a local paper covering the riot, tweeted that “Protesters chanting ‘Cops killed Jesus’ then ‘Fuck your Jesus’ to drown out the chants of Sam, who’s been walking alongside protesters yelling over them with ‘Jesus Saves’ as he’s done all four nights. He just got covered with silly string after this video.”

Cassandra Fairbanks is a former leftist who came out in support of Donald Trump in 2016. She has been published in the International Business Times, RT, Sputnik, The Independent and countless other publications.


  1. Ford Ford

    BLM is full of witches conjuring the dead. http://dean-w-arnold.com/articles-blogs/witches

  2. James Davis

    the only thing were arguing about is that they think they are singled out.. they arnt more whites get killed by the police than blacks.. but every one is saying to Def fund the police.. that if blacks die trying to take our stuff then then we value our stuff more than their lives.. first of all quit trying to rob every one you think wont be armed .. better yet.. quit trying to rob every one.. blm and antifa are not going to win this one.. not even close.. its not about trump.. both those groups are socialist and terrorists.. that are saying these riots are not going to stop untill they get their way.. ok what do they want? reparations for some thing our great great great ancestors did.. some thing i had no part in and something they never seen? realy? to give up our homes? to give them the state of Texas? omg.. Texas? they want us to release literal criminals from prisons.. they want us to get on our knees at the start of any sport game.. they want to be able to just walk into a store with a leaf bag and just fill it up while management just sits and watches.. these demands are impossible.. they are psychotic.. joker batman nuts..the only thing you’ve managed to wake is your intentions for us.. .. and you need to look.. look at the blacks who dont support them .. see how they are being treated? their killing them.. they are teaching their children to hate whites.. they do this by teaching them to bully them.. and all the while they are teaching them to hate whites..to the point of walking up to children and blowing them away…. they are missing the actual improvements that everyone else have been making.. the resolutions.. the penalty’s.. so many in fact that they are the most supported minority in the country…. in a country that we strive for equality.. only you get a bit more.. but they cant see it because of the hate they were taught and teach.. some preset belief that all whites are kkk.. omg the dems.. if you support trump and not blm then your kkk… fuck that.. you guys even demand the systematic murder of whites or republicans.. publicly.. your even demanding that your supporters go out and kill potus.. this is why they are responsible.. they arent sugesting..they are instructing.. who does that? is that even normal? psychotic.. i dont support blm because those big ass buses are only their for one thing.. racism.. black racism.. but more blacks have died during these riots than not.. and one was sitting on their spot in their town holding a trump supporter sign.. walked right up to him and killed him now your white.. when they are done.. what will you get? dead.. very dead.. trust me.. now are blm asking them to stop because their protests are being hijacked to riots? that innocents including children.. are being killed? are they saying stop until it calms down? no.. they are saying keep going.. dont stop.. they are telling authority that it will get worse before it gets better.. that they are going into the suburbs .. and they do.. know what this tells the rest of the world? that blm and antifa are flat out straight up responsible for the damage and deaths,, including the children.. they are using for leverage, extortion..and they know it..they are encouraging it.. thats straight up terrorism.. thru and thru.. your getting blacks standing up and saying stop.. you dont represent us.. your not helping us.. your hurting us.. blm ignores them.. these arent peaceful protests.. these are thugs looking to fake a racist hate injury in the hopes to get a go fund me started.. true story.. but if we say no.. not here.. not me.. they scream racist.. but were not.. real racism began dying out after Kennedy and king got killed.. why? because the whole nation decided enough.. but now? today? antifa and blm.. both known socialists and even claimed it..they made it clear from the first day.. and we are not getting a choice.. thats why all the violence,, Marxist trained.. sure its bad .. some cops are bad.. most tho arent.. telling you lady.. you better think.. were Americans.. we will not be held hostage.. so the message of the day is.. black lives mater.. but are they saying that? no.. they are saying that if you dont know then your the problem.. then attack.. we fight to keep those guns because of times like this.. this is far from over.. and if you think we dont know the difference from an black american over a black socialist then think again.. its in your looks as you demand to go first in line as soon you get to the line.. its that look of superiority.. you say were racist? look at your selves.. you actually had the whole world involved with this craP… even had your flag at the united nations.. they kept reminding trump about human rights.. to not send soldiers to stop you.. then one day.. for all the world to see.. those lil blue hats went out side and took it down.. wanna know why? because you your selves are not respecting human rights.. you your selves are making demands like you have a whole free country under your controll.. that your demands can not be even remotely met.. so they know.. that Americans of all races and cultures including if not more so..blacks… are being killed.. so antifa and blm can force their ideals upon the rest.. so the united nations knows.. the whole world is learning.. that you truly arent being oppressed.. that you are really..actually..undeniably..using this to get something you simply havent earned.. by force .. maybe your ancestors did.. but not you,, most of the united states has been helping you since the civil war.. but you are straight up hate.. you became just what you bitch about.. a needy racist people.. and dont get this wrong.. theres a difference.. and that difference you decided to kill off no mater what the race..there just might be only one way out of this.. your way.. and soros? the guy funding all this crap and hate… did it ever occur to anyone that if he pulls this off how will you be treated? that he might just have another more destructive agenda? did any one even look at his action all his life? strange..every time we get a new president every one tags him for anything they can dig up.. so it wont be a new functioning socialist country.. it will be slavery..doing what the state dictates… look at what the governors and mayors are doing in those states… so when i say it will be what the state dictates im not exaggerating one bit.. they have already begun to say they will hunt non supporters.. those states have every intention to be in complete control.. they are practicing now by stopping trump from sending in help because of the riots.. the president of the united states.. they are stopping him…you will lose the right to make up your own child’s name.. if not the right to have children altogether.. get it? do you understand? and remember and take it to heart.. the only reason this crap your throwing is getting this far is because of human rights policy’s and the right to peacefully assemble.. both of which your denying every one else.. your security are not even close to authority… so when you pull us out and demand for us to sit.. and we still fight back.. your security tried to force their law on a 17 year old kid.. was getting ready to literally rat pack him for another of your “see what we have to do ” videos that you all record your self with out giving the kid some help.. what did you expect? we waited ten years to get osama.. so when you say its not going to stop until we literally bow down to you… and Innocent people keep dying because of your psychotic demands… and you claim that you guys have to live in fear,, a fear of going out to rob some one but might not make it back alive.. because the person your going to rob is armed because some one even the cops have adjusted for might just rob you.. a fear that YOU YOUR SELF created by raising your kids to hate,,, but that would be profiling wouldnt it… to fear a people just because of their color…that is what your trying to say.. to worry if your child is going to be able to come home safe… think about it.. whos calling your shots? what are you going to get? every bit o
    f this is true.. ..usually backed up in truth by the videos and pictures of your own cameras when some one is being straight up attacked and you have to have it on you tube… and we didnt do anything to you.. if i remember correctly its the cops… but we are the ones being attacked.. not quite..
    .. now you want a war.. yamamoto said that would be the stupidest thing ever done.. not only are our forces managed by military brilliance,,,, but there realLy is a gun behind every blade of grass.. so take heart.. we will not forget it. .. were not alone.. . were American

  3. azeeza

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    • Misty Coker

      wow you’re a moron lol!! That’s ok you don’t have to believe in God and with that comment it really shows what type of person you are. It’s ok I’m sure God will let you know how he feels about your back pack when your times up. No one care about what bag you carry it probably has child porn in it anyways. There are far more important things to care about going on right now but, with your IQ being as low as it is I’m sure you know nothing about any of it. Go and cake on the makeup on your ugly vain face and worry about what shoes you’re gonna riot in tomorrow because your worthless ass doesn’t have a job to go to or friends to spend time with. If I had to bet you’re one of the people that got made fun of in high school and will join any group you can just to have “friends” or just to be a part of something. And it’s so pathetic. Just because people didn’t like you in high school now you’re gonna show them right lol wow what a loser. Unlike me God still loves you and always will. To bad he doesn’t just get rid of all the rioting morons and do this country a big favor. It would help out not having hundreds and hundreds of idiots on welfare and food stamps draining our economy every chance they get. Do us all a favor and go find a neck accessory that you can wear all different ways

  4. “BLM? You are Cannon Fodder, GOD”.

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