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New Epstein Docs Expose Hollywood Celebs in Bombshell Case! Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum, Matt Groening, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, orgies with minors. | More Coded-Comms From Ellen While on House Arrest | +Updated Arrest List #HollywoodPedos #EpsteinFiles

(Warning) Hollywood on House Arrest: Ellen’s Coded Message | New Epstein Docs Expose Hollywood Celebs in Bombshell Case! #HollywoodPedos #EpsteinFiles

If you’ve been following me since I semi-accidentally started this public weblog back at the very end of March(1st official ‘Adrenogate’ post was on McCain execution on March 28), then you have likely heard about the #PedoWood arrest drama to an almost annoying extent by now.

READ:Online Detective Shares ‘Proof’ That Ellen DeGeneres is Under House Arrest

Alas, I know how much everyones natural human curiosity craves to follow this story, and rightly so, which is why I’m still keeping up with it despite my change of heart over the perceived benevolence of Trump, Q & the Golden Dawn. Plus, its all very much true(the Hollywood arrests & military tribunals), so following this is still very much neccesary. Truth above all else. Its up to you to use discernment. LIST AS OF AUG 24👉 DOWNLOAD PDF or check the Conspiracydailyupdate.com post.

Most everyone has spent some segment of our lives looking up to at least some of these people as bonafide celebrity talent who, albeit temporarily, were genuinely admired or even idolized at one point. We all had at least a few artists we would consider as a favorite and looked up to before thankfully waking up to what was really going on here (“The Esoteric Agenda“).

So to see this all unfold is as fascinating as it is twisted and mind-blowing and I understand why it’s hard to look away. It might be a tad vain to continue to posture ourselves as the superiors to all these evil child-murdering #PedoWood celebrities as we continue to gawk at and magnify this Shakespearean drama through our gossip while squealing with delight when picturing someone like Ellen being ritualistically executed by a rival bloodline. But we deserve it once and a while. Its a-ok with me. Im not going to pretentiously chastise those who consume tabloidal-like content relating to this story. This is one of the few times it’s justfied. Hence my part in contributing to the creation of such content. I’m glad your still here and haven’t grown to hate me yet!

Source: Josiah Rises on YouTube| New Epstein Documents Expose Hollywood Celebrities in Bombshell Case! | (VIDEO) BELOW 👇 | Published on Jul 31, 2020

Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum, Matt Groening, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, orgies with minors.

So no one is gonna talk about this?


  1. LeegleBeegle

    yup. John Travolta & Kelly Preston, executed. Don’t know about Kirstie Alley. These celebs are not who you think they are. Pure evil.

  2. Barb

    Kirstie Alley has been with John Travolta and Kelly Preston for the past 2 1/2 years while Kelly got cancer treatment. Kelly fought to live to the very end. Kirstie was with her when Kelly took her last breath.

    • Comment by post author

      Awww. That’s a touching story, and I’m sure whoever made it up and relayed it to you had good intentions, but Travolta is a Reptilian overlord and both of them were rabbid Scientologists. 2 pretty big strikes right there. We’re going to have to start accepting that these Hollywood fixtures we’ve fawned over our entire lives were really nothing more than soulless occultists who murder children as a ritual sacrifice for breakfast, force the gender inversion of their children for lunch and then proceed to purchase a few more Wayfair trafficked children for Dinner in order to restock their Adrenochrome supply. These are bad people and they prey on peoples emotions and pull on heart strings to try to appear relatable, but you don’t want to be like them. Trust. And it’s so cute that you believe an elite like her could ever die from cancer. They have all cancers cured behind the scenes.

  3. azeeza

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