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The "White Wedding" Revealed | Cardi B & Many Other Celebs PLEAD With You to Believe They Are The Gender They Claim | EGI: Elite Gender Inversion

There is even terminology for this now. EGI: Elite Gender Inversion

There had always suspected something was amiss with certain celebrities regarding their publicly claimed gender, but Axel Rose was never one on that list. So it was absolutely shocking to see this and learn about the ancient practice of these “White Wedding” gender transformation rituals. Yikes.

Cardi B I had always thought was a blatantly obvious tranny, and not necessarily because of her physical appearance (although after uncovering some of the photos below I’m at bit embarrassed saying that) but more from the fact that her husband Offset seemed like a tranny, and I did the math.

Plus she’s CONSTANTLY talking about her “pussy”. She speaks on her “pussy” every waking hour of every day as if its a fancy new novelty item or toy that she just picked up from the Gucci store. That’s because it literally is a fancy new designer toy from a store. Well, not sure about the “fancy” part but genuine females have had their vaginas since birth and don’t talk about them incessently like Cardi does. What a nasty fucking creature to release out upon the world to promote ratchet hood behavior.

Yet from the looks of the photos of her supposed “vagina” from her red carpet slip-up, even the ultra-rich elites are still unable to find a doctor that can turn a penis into anything other than a mutilated-looking penis when attempting to perform a sex reassignment surgery. (I really went in on this topic in one of my posts from my previous blog).

Ummmm…yeah. That’s a dude bro. 👇👇👇

This was not a pic that was easy to rediscover after my first blog got taken down. I had given up on attempting to find it online and got lucky when I accidentally stumbled upon it in one of my cloud servers. Nice try Cardi.

Aint no baby came out from in between those hips Cardi. And no rational person will ever believe othwerwise. She will never stop with her cringy Instagram pleadings for everyone to just take her word for it and believe that shes a natural woman who’s given birth from her natural vagina (VIDEO BELOW) that her ratchett-ass inexplicably (and uncharacteristically for a real women) won’t ever stop talking about in the most non-womanly and grotesque ways imaginable. (I don’t mean non-womanly as in her lack of manners, I mean non-womanly as in her male-wired brain via “her” unstoppable male genetics). And no, I don’t believe they are unstoppable because they are male genes, I mean they are unstoppable BECAUSE THEY’RE GENETICS.

If I have to hear another Berkely student have a meltdown because the University and most other vestiges of general medicine are still (for the most part) forced to concede that there is in fact many very apparent and meaningful differences between a physiological male and woman, I’m gonna have my own meltdown. This assertion will make many-a snowflake across the country spontaneously combust. You think that’s bad? I dare any libtard snowflake dumbass from the left to read my opine on gender reassignment surgery. If you haven’t gotten your daily dose of being offended by something then I recommend you take a peak. Having your therapist loaded up on speed dial would be prudent if your an easily offended millennial. Most of y’all can’t handle even speculating on the existence ideologies outside of your own demented little purview. Nevermind actually hearing one out.

I still can’t believe there are people out there who want fame that badly that they are willing to do this kind of crap. Crap being slicing up your penis or vagina. Why they would agree to mutilate their genitalia while also selling off their soul and much of their free will in order to allow for the demonic possession necessary for their transformation, all for earthly riches and occult powers, is beyond me. Seems like a really crappy deal in the end like Yeezy said.

You are forced to both marry a tranny and in some cases possibly made to invert your own gender and join the Baphomet club? I’m good with that. These people must hate having to make appearances with their spouses.

Take George Clooney. He has been seen repeatedly pulling away from and refusing to even kiss his wife “the tranny” when he’s forced to bring “her” out onto the red carpet for movie premieres or other high profile public appearances.

These arranged Baphometic spouses are literally paired with each respective celebrity after they have been officially initiated into the occult and pledge their loyalty to HaSatan, along with their soul. Why the heck do you think someone like Donald Trump is married to a very obviously apparent transexual in Melania?

If the rich and famous were truly able to do what they actually wanted, wouldn’t you expect a real estate tycoon like Trump of all people to choose an attractive natural female with an equally attractive natural vagina? Not a wide-jawed, long-armed and narrow-hipped skyscraper of a “runway model” in Melania.

Until recently I had never realized all the things that everyday people have and are able to indulge in that celebrities must be intensely envious of. Having sexual intercourse with your wife and her natural vagina is apparently one of these luxuries afforded to us heterosexual male commoners that isn’t extended to an occultist. Its as if HaSatan is publically humiliating these people every time they attend a red carpet event or go out into public with their spouse. Its been one big Satanic inside joke. Unfortunately for them, there are more than just a very select few who are in-on the running joke anymore. There are quite a few of us now, like it or not. That was a good one Satan, I’ll give you that. That was funny. What’s NOT funny is that these people force gender inversion upon their children as well. That’s really fucked up.



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    Almost had me at the Melania part except someone leaked the pics of her at 19 showing everything. Nothing was left to the imagination.

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      Comment by post author

      Do you have link for? I’m going by the opinion from “Wake up Before Christ Comes” where she outlines all the reasons with their corresponding photographic citations as to why Melania MUST be a tranny. But obviously unless we go check for ourselves, we can only speculate. Additionally, who knows how advanced the surgical capabilites are for the elites behind the scenes and their ability to make a designer vagina, although I just made the point that it appears they still can’t do anything better than a mutilated-looking penis for reassignment surgery, so perhaps I jumped the gun and am wrong about Melania, but I’m still leaning towards tranny.

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