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Brennan says he’s not under investigation. That may not be so.

I’m pretty sure pumpkin-head has been chained up at Gitmo for a while now.

Source: By Brad Johnson | Americans For Intelligence Reform | August 26, 2020

Brennan says he’s not under investigation. That may not be so.

Not commonly known, but the DOJ can tell an interviewee he is or isn’t under investigation but they can legally lie about it. After a meeting with the DOJ in CIA headquarters, Brennan is publicly squawking he’s free and it’s all political anyway. (Ironic, huh?) The DOJ is saying nothing though. While still with his security clearance, Haskell, now head of CIA, told Brennan he cannot examine his own papers regarding the Russian investigation. Interesting, says Brad Johnson. But his 25 years as a CIA Operative and Station Chief give him inside knowledge you won’t hear in mainstream media. His analysis ties many threads together.

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After retiring from the CIA, Brad founded his non-profit Americans for Intelligence Reform with the mission of moving our intel resources away from politics and re-establishing espionage responsibilities. He serves as President of AIR.

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