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Tom Hanks[Hanx] Tweet From Guantanamo Bay, Cuba is FAKE. He was Executed on a Naval ship off the Coast of Australia in late March

Hanx still hasn’t tweeted since May. What’s the excuse for that? No internet over in Greece? Yeah right.

Anyone else notice that internet search engine results seem to have deemed Hanks as “Hanx” officially now? It’s as if they’ve officialized the name change from “Tom Hanks: America’s Dad” to the evil “Hanx” alter-ego.

GITMO?! I thought Hanx was in Greece because Rita’s mother was from Greece and because they produced “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”? Toolbags….

UPDATE 8/28: OK. Sorry. NPC show thought it was fake. I respect his opinion enough not to take this any further. But that tool over at “Popcorned Planet” is not off the hook. I’m still having trouble explaining why that guy irks me so much. He just does. Seems like a hired hand from Hollywood with fake YouTube numbers.

How did I miss this? The tweet is no longer there. In fact the last tweet I see on his timeline is from May. They probably told him he could make a tweet if he wanted, but it would have to be from Gitmo without use of a VPN to hide where he really was. Haaa… That boy has been D.E.A.D. DEAD for a while now. Not sure who made the tweet but they appear to be trolling the others by putting this tweet out there. If he is still alive it would make sense that it would get sent around that time during their lunch hour which is likely the only time they would be allowed to use the computer. IDK. That’s a wild speculation, but either way, no he’s not in Greece like ass-wipes over at Popcorned Planet would have you believe. I’m not talking about this kid at the NPC show. He’s cool. He’s really grown on me. The 2nd video down is what I’m talking about.

OK pathetic fans of Hanx and Hollywood shills. What’s the explanation for this one? *OK, so since I’ve admitted I think that the tweet was fake, why don’t you take the opportunity to explain his lack of tweets since late May? I’d really like to hear what the shrieking chode at “Popcorned Planet” has to say about this. Dude keeps deleting my comments where I light his dumb-ass content up. This was the video. 👇👇👇

Here is some more of the same (not same as “Popcorned Planet” same as in Qanon gossip. I still love you Anons!) about pedo-Hanx. Used this post as an excuse to plaster more content about this sick fuck all over the web. I wouldn’t still be doing so if I wasn’t thoroughly convinced that this guy was one of the evilest occultists in Hollywood.

Hanx DeCoded . . .

#FactsMatter #ASKTHEQUESTIONWHY #WhereIsHanx #HollywoodSickos

Click here to enjoy the video: https://youtu.be/JcOlUpOb-o4

Sometimes, I think the only way we will ever get rid of any of these evil people is to indeed, put them on a rocket and send them into another Universe. Q2584 YOU ARE WATCHING FAKE NEWS FAKE POLITICIANS FAKE HOLLYWOOD ALL PLAY TO THEIR ‘DESTROY AMERICA’ BASE. #FactsMatter.

On May 19th, one of those such creatures who goes by the name of Tom Hanks or someone on his behalf tweeted this: Look! I hit on a King and a Deuce! 21!

Then there is an image of an upside-down card of a 9 of clubs and an upside-down bottom of a SOLO coffee cup. Although I hate to give this character much credit for anything, it is worth noting when these cryptic posts happen, tragedy follows. This is a person who even exploits his own children.

In the year 2011, Hanks had an unusual interview on the Jimmy Kimmel show. In this interview, he and his daughter were going over an event his daughter was in for a Miss Ultimate Sexy Baby Nevada Pageant Contest. At the 4:32 mark he tells his child to go make him love her. 

At the 4:50 mark, the child starts dancing to a song with the words: “I like it, and I know you like it too…” At the 5:18 mark, the child says, “Talk dirty to me.” ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING DISPLAY of an innocent child. [1]

There were many theory’s circulating on his board, so it’s worth looking into in order to hopefully be prepared for what may be coming next. Remember, this character Tom Hanks is indeed an offspring of one of the worlds ruling Illuminati families who wishes only death and destruction for each of us.  When Hanks writes: I hit on a King and a Deuce! 21!

We are reminded of the last season of ‘The Deuce’ in the Recap of a Bitter End, the character ends up committing suicide. [2]

CeeCee-Billy Fitzs  These posts indicate the upside-down 9 of clubs being stomped on is part of the coded effect. Then, we are reminded of Hanks previous coded message on the Corona Typewriter saying he was losing in cards by 201 points. Remove the “0” and you have 21.

Remember though, many people believe Hanks is incarcerated or perhaps even deceased. Some think his son Chet has taken over Tom’s twitter feed. Dark 2 Light Clothing proposed this theory:

That lid looks like something. 69? Each suit has 13 cards. The King is the 12th card. deuce means 2. Add them together 12+2 equals 14. 1+4 equals 5. He also mentions 21……. 05/21. Chef hanks, Toms son has a public beef with tekashi 69 which Tom apparently has gotten involved. Tekashi Six Nine was arrested in 2018.

Here is the article supporting this theory: Tom Hanks’ son Chet has joined the long list of celebrities who are referring to Tekashi 6ix9ine as a “rat” after he was released four months early from prison — and now his dad has been dragged into it. Six-Nine was sentenced in December after he testified against members of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods gang.

The deal earned him leniency from charges that could have subjected him to a mandatory minimum of 37 years in prison for crimes that included orchestrating a shooting in which an innocent bystander was wounded. Yikes! Will Six-Nine end up like Kappy? If this theory is true, then Hanks Sr. Is still alive and calling the shots. …or is he? [3]

Abel Cain has this to add: It seems the message is that he is telling people they are “on their own”, now. It is not about the lid, but the word “solo” printed on the lid and combines with the worn 9 of clubs (or wands, in Tarot). Also, “the king has fallen”… reduced to weakest card in the deck.

Abel Cain follows up with this: 21 also equates to blackjack. A King and a Deuce would not be a good hand for the player as it only equates to 12. By posting 21, the message can be interpreted as “the house won”. Immediate defeat.

At 4 Winds 10 dot com, this person has put a lot of thought into it. Here’s a possible explanation of Tom Hanks latest Social Media Post “Look! I hit on a King and a Deuce! 21!” THE NON-CONSPIRACY VIEW – Tom hanks finds random things on the ground and takes a picture of it. He then makes an interesting comment about the objects.

THE CONSPIRACY THEORY VIEW – Someone is posting for Tom hanks because he is no longer able to do it for himself – He died at Guantanamo Bay after being unexpectedly being arrested in Australia for crimes against humanity.

This current post is a message being sent out to those who know the how to decipher the post to confirm his capture by betrayal, where he got caught, he faces trail and choose now to die, when he died, and that it was devastating.

POSSIBLE EXPLANATION 1. “LOOK!” Post = “Pay attention to what I am showing you! This is what happened!”

Defined – Intransitive verb – to direct one’s attention https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/look 

An intransitive verb is not used with a direct object. If something comes after an intransitive verb, that is, in the position usually inhabited by the direct object, it doesn’t answer what? or whom?; instead it answers a question like where?, when?, how?, or how long?

USAGE OF EXCLAMATION POINT – A mark used especially after an interjection or exclamation to indicate forceful utterance or strong feeling: indication of major significance, interest, or contrast https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/exclamation%20point

2. “I HIT ON A KING” Post = “Tom was taken down unexpectedly, traitorously in Australia.” “King Hit” – A term widely used in AUSTRALIA. An extremely hard punch, usually delivered to the head, that is COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED. Most often results in KNOCK OUT or KNOCK DOWN. Viewed upon by most as an act of cowardice. Similar in meaning to sucker punch. 


3. “AND A DEUCE! 21! HANX” Post = “Tom died by self-induced gun wound – He felt there was no other option” “The Deuce – “That’s A Wrap” (Season 3 Episode 7 = 21) Oct 21 premiered.

Story about New York’s Times Square 70’s-80’s, exploring the rough-and-tumble world of what would become the billion-dollar American sex industry. One of the main beloved characters (Lori) dies by suicide with a handgun. Lori’s devastating death is tragic and it’s an episode largely about the characters feeling trapped. https://tv.avclub.com/on-the-deuce-s-penultimate-episode-the-life-claims-a-1839233649

A ROMMEL DEATH – Tom’s death may have been one. What is it? On October 14, 1944, German Gen. Erwin Rommel, nicknamed “the Desert Fox,” is given the option of facing a public trial for treason, as a co-conspirator in the plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler, or taking cyanide. He chooses the latter. https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/the-desert-fox-commits-suicide

4. What I’m about to explain, I warn each of you to avoid at all costs. This next explanation is pure witchcraft. “THE UPSIDE-DOWN SOLO CUP LID and 9 OF CLUBS” Post = “It’s not how He planned it to all end – tragically between March 1-10” Nine of Cups

Reversed Tarot Card Meaning – In a general context, the Nine of Cups reversed is not a great omen as it can represent shattered dreams or wishes turning into nightmares. – Key dates: March 1 to March 10 https://www.thetarotguide.com/nine-of-cups [4]

TheNewsNow2 added this: Wow I’m pretty sure we are getting them, and Hollywood is going down Tom Hanks, The Ellen Show, & Bradly Cooper. We are taking them out I picked up the magazine today from a friend on Facebook. Wow!

Check out these headlines: Stars in debt & out of work, A-listers’ begging for $800 paychecks, Hollywood studios cancels 500 movies, Cruel greedy control freak; Is Ellen a monster, …and here we go:

Just prior to Hanks arrival in Australia, by just a day or so, Disney posted this: Woody, we have a situation – PLAYTIME IS OVER. Guessing this was a “heads-up” from Disney to Hanks saying, “They’re coming for you”. Tom Hanks was arrested in Australia upon arrival at the airport where he and Rita Wilson were due to switch planes headed for New Zealand, where they do not extradite criminals.

As a former serviceman in the US Marine Corp, I 100% validate that is an FBI insignia for an elite group for capturing high-level targets. #ASKTHEQUESTIONWHY

I don’t know if Hanks is dead or alive or incarcerated. But one thing I do know is this: Q2559 What happens when they lose control and the TRUTH is exposed? What happens when PEOPLE no longer believe or listen to the FAKE NEWS CONTROLLED MEDIA, CONTROLLED HOLLYWOOD, CONTROLLED BLUE CHECK-MARK TWIT SHILLS, ETC, ETC???




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  1. Wondering if people ever went to school? when they post saying “prolly” instead of Probably! I resent it. I watched all the exterminated high profile people and in prison for life, then why act if they are still alive? To catch more pedos? if that it not the reason? then it is wrong, not to expose their rotten deaths!.

    • Jack

      1. As an avid reader and writer, I’m with you on “prolly.” Although it’s not nearly as bad as those who start sentences with, “Ok, so..,” not to mention abbreviations and letters for words. “RU here?” I shudder to think of how official and professional communication will be printed in the future.
      2. Regarding those who’ve been arrested and/or executed, you have to remember a couple of things. You’ve been trained (brainwashed) from childhood how to think and reason falsely. Our entire education system has been a lie and propaganda. Add the MSM, Hollywood, music and sports industries, advertising, governments… and you can only conclude that you’ve been programmed. This evil has been in place for more than 200 years. There’s no way that the complete dismantling of it can be made public, especially as it’s playing out. Optics are everything. If certain (many) details were made known now, it would produce intense, dangerous, mass panic and fear and violence. And, when details ARE eventually revealed, we will still only learn about 20-25% of what’s really happened because most people wouldn’t be able to handle it.
      The good news is this: It’s almost over. World War II took five-and-a-half years to resolve and they weren’t fighting nearly the corruption and evil that’s being fought right now in such a short period of time. So, while I encourage you to be aware, also be aware that just because YOU don’t understand the logic or reasoning behind things, doesn’t mean it’s “fake.” (Everyone calling everything “fake” all the time is part of that programming people have been trained to do so the deep state evil can continue to operate openly.) I don’t agree with everything this website puts out. To be honest, at times the owner of it shows himself to be a hypocrite and closed-minded to everything he doesn’t agree with or believe. But I’ve learned to not dismiss (or accept) anything without doing my own research. That’s why I appreciate this blog for at least putting information out there to examine. God bless you.

    • Comment by post author

      Is my writing really indicative of a lack of educational merits? Thats a bit much. I’ll never use “prolly again”.

      • Jack

        Hello Jerry,
        First, and most importantly, it’s your blog. You can, and should, write it however you choose to. Period. I don’t believe in catering to other people’s demands. That’s what BLM, cancel culture, social justice warriors, snowflakes, Antifa, Socialism and Communism are about. It’s your voice, Jerry.
        Secondly, I’m a writer and an English major. People like me tend to come with an unfortunate side effect and self-imposed title: Grammar Police. But, it comes from a place of love for the written word and seeing it respected.
        However, there IS one very important thing to keep in mind as you write: How you express yourself is either going to lend to your credibility, character, and expertise, or it’s going to kill it.
        When you claim to love God and be a Christian, yet you write with all kinds of expletives and hate-filled rants that are the exact opposite of everything Jesus commanded, then you damage the cause of Christ and ruin your witness. You’re seen as Matthew 7:21-23 fake.
        I can wear an orange robe, shave my head, chant and call myself a Hare Krishna all day long. But, unless I’m LIVING OUT the tenets of their beliefs, I would just be a fake and damaging who the Hare Krishna really are. The same thing applies when you write the way Antifa and BLM speak – with vehement anger, snarky, profanity laden rants. It just loses credibility and respect. It’s more powerful to present the facts and let them speak for themselves. You don’t have to defend a lion. We change minds (as Christians and as anti-deep state cabal) by speaking and acting the OPPOSITE of the way they do.
        I want to leave you with some encouragement. I like your blog. I have you bookmarked and I visit you two to three times a day. I think you’re doing important work. I don’t always agree with your views or your stories, but you’ve caused me to keep an open mind and to put things in prayer for the Holy Spirit’s wisdom on certain matters. So, for that, I’m prolly a little more than grateful.

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