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AntiChrist Revealed Documentary (2020) | The Name "Jesus" is the Name of the AntiChrist, NOT the TRUE NAME of the Messiah: "Yahusha"

This is about sharing truth, NOT to act as the name police and go around villifying those who may not have been privy to these specific truths. Everyone has their own procedure for digesting new information like this. The same goes for similar deceptions that have been revealed about the Messiah that I have attempted to bring to light. Charging the messengers as “Sacred-Namers” or “Torah Terrorists” is the kind of knee jerk reaction that misses the point.

Yeezys “Jesus is King” record is starting to make a lot more sense now. At first I thought it was some form of “Grey Magick”, now I see it as the blatant blasphemy it is.

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