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Top US General Exposes Deep State Coup Against the President | +Katie Hill Tranny Alert 📢

Intel-agency scum strike again. These seditious MK-ultra mind controlled losers are EVERYWHERE. Mika Brzezinski seems to be top dog in that world. A position she inherited from her diabolically evil father, Zbigniew Brzezinski. Who might as well be the Anti-Christ.

Yeah, this guy…


Even Osama Bin Ladin appeared alarmed by the aura of evil emanating from this Globalist savage.

MORE: Zbigniew Brzezinski: Legacy of a Monster

Meet Americas most current traitors. Elissa Slotkin & Mikie Sherrill.👇

I’m sure their parents are proud of what they have decided to do with their Congressional victories. Positions of power that they surely did not deserve nor earn on their own.

This current ensemble of treasonous leftist biological waste who have been brazenly attempting a coup on President Trump, immediately reminded me of the tactics and demeanor of now disgraced ex-Congresswoman Katie Hill. Total puppet-shills.

👈(PICTURED): Ex-Congresswoman Katie Hill with members of her staff whom she was allegedly having sex with. Katie was ironically “Me-Too’d” by the very same faction she was shilling for. READ MORE

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She was nothing more than an ex-CIA goon who had been tasked with pushing the impeachment hoax. An impeachment effort that we know was based upon a blatantly dishonest Russian collusion narrative that she was likely instrumental in helping to develop along with other treasonous assets like Evelyn Farkas 👇 and others like her.

Stop electing these people office you fucking libtarded sheeple.

BTW, total tranny alert on Katie Hill. Not that any of you will be shocked by this if you’ve been following my posts on EGI: (Elite Gender Conversion). Throw in a Satanic tattoo for good measure.

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