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GET A LOAD OF THIS: Deranged MSNBC Diagnoses Trump with Dementia, Claiming his "Escalating Racist Rhetoric" is a Side Effect of the Onset of Alztiemers

ARMCHAIR DOC MSNBC host John Heilemann shockingly claims Trump is ‘showing signs of advanced dementia’ and is ‘paranoid and racist’

It’s no secret that the pundits over at MSNBC operate within their own deranged and delusional echo chamber and can always be counted on to spew bewildering assertions about Trump on a minute by minute basis. Whether it was Joe & Mikas claims this morning that Biden has this huge lead on Trump in the polls and is a virtual shoe-in for the Presidency come November or their immediate dismissal of the story put out by the CDC admitting that 94% of the Coronavirus death tally were in fact not directly attributable to Corona as the cause of the death, they are constantly narrating storylines of hatred and lies to their brain-dead audience.

But this latest series of audacious and downright shocking statements made by John Heilemann takes the cake. His absolutely despicable claim that the onset of Dementia is the cause of what they claim is Trumps increasingly blatant racist tone, had steam shooting out from my ears as loud circus music started blaring in my head as I struggled to process what I had just heard.

That’s how insane MSNBC has become. That’s how desperate and downright scurred they apparently must be in order to stoop to these depths and use that kind of innuendo to paint Trump as a psychotic racist, all to try to stave off what they, and everyone else clearly see as a looming landslide victory for Trump come November.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Mika Brzezinskis diabolical Globalist cornerstone father, Zbigniew Brzezinski. This will give you an idea of the type of person who raised Mika and what she’s really all about.

Joe, Mika, Nicole Wallace, Stephanie Ruhle, Donnie Deutsche, John Heilemann and the rest of the intel-agency scum posing as journalists who work there need to be dragged out of MSNBC studios in straight jackets and kept away from the public until they pass away at whatever Gitmo-like facility they choose to toss them into.

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