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Pelosi BUSTED Slinking Through Hair Salon, Breaking Countless Koronavirus Safety Mandates That She Routinely Castigates Others For Failing to Abide By

No Nancy. Your NOT getting away with shit like this. You’re NOT going to get away with deleting videos of you in Chinatown telling everybody how safe it is and not to worry about the Koronavirus.

You’re NOT gonna get away with carousing around town, flagrantly breaking all these Orwellian Koronavirus rules that you put in place to begin with. Rules that you routinely shame others for not following and then suddenly try to act like YOU’RE the victim and send your lamestream servents out into the Twitterverse to squawk about “two party consent” laws in California, questioning the legality of releasing this surveillance footage. It’s NOT gonna happen. Your going to get SKEWERED for this. Social media is gonna fuck your wretched ass up today. I’m making my contribution now.


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