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Investigating Anti-Christ: The "Jester-Jesus" Approaches! | Is Barack Obama Also Maitreya Too

The “Jester Jesus” Approaches (VIDEO)

I was floored to learn that on the day Maitreya made his very first public appearance in Nairobi Kenya, Barack Obama happened to also be in Kenya at the time. We know all about their alleged ability to jump around from vessel to vessel. Was Barry in Kenya to make an appearance as Maitreya? Jumping back into his B.O. meat suit once the appearance was over? I don’t know man, but it’s damn fascinating to speculate about.

And how creepy was that possession of Benjamin Creme? At first I thought he had to be playing a recording, but he’s not. He is either a highly skilled ventriloquist or that was one of the most terrifying instances of demonic possession/translation that I have ever seen. The blank infinitely evil glare that he gave as he slowly panned his eyes around the room was haunting.

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